Is there an end state

  1. 5 years ago

    Hey I'm looking at picking alive up on my Rnr next week, of all the I play footage I've seen I don't seem to see any capturing ... If the two factions are fighting and one storms a base , how do they capture it and will enemy siece to spawn there basically I'm wondering if there is an end state where for example bluefor succesfull takes all of redfors bases , etc etc

  2. ARJay

    6 Nov 2014 Administrator

    Depending on how the mission is setup, yes objectives will be captured and occupied by the forces who capture it. OPCOMS may decide to try to recapture the objective though if they have enough resources to do so.

  3. ARJay

    6 Nov 2014 Administrator

    If you are using military logistics, the battle will continue until logitistics for one side has run out.

  4. Hey thanks and double thanks for speedy reply , I look forward to testing your work I'm really impressed with the outlook of things having not played it I can only imagine the man hours out into all the systems especially the civilian hearts and minds with hostility , suicide bombers etc etc... You sir have made my day :)

  5. And alternatively ruined my wife's XD , with all the ignorant shhhh babe I'm gaming statements

  6. ARJay

    6 Nov 2014 Administrator

    LOL! we all need hobbies for our sanity, that's what I say, anyway :)

  7. We do indeed , although never ever get married, when 75% of your new processor funds are taken away for her needs, which is the equivalent of about 300 bottles of random liquids and lotions in the bathroom I can't name nor understand there use

  8. ARJay

    6 Nov 2014 Administrator

    too late! yeah I'm down to 2 drawers in the cabinets vs wife's 20 or so, ah well :)

  9. You guys still have drawer space? You're lucky. All my clothes are in the garage!

  10. Before I came out to afghan my wife decided to go on a diet,,, apparently that meant I was on a diet aswell and lol Riley I don't even no what to say ha ha

  11. 4 months ago

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