Roadblocks spawning vanilla FAA units with Massi/RHS factions

  1. 7 years ago

    So I've noticed that when I use both Massi's unit packs and/or RHS Escalation unit packs...any roadblocks that spawn automatically spawn with Vanilla FAA guerillas. Don't know if anyone else has experienced this. Could be a post 1.54 issue.

    Also...and I'm sure this isn't so much ALiVE related as it is 1.54...but calling for ALiVE Transport or Combat Support seems to "expedite" the Out of Memory Crash on our dedicated server that so many folks have experienced since 1.54 Nexus update.

    Just thought I'd mention it.

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    I've had some weird conflicts with RHS and other factions. It resolves only when I use RHS alone, nothing else. I think there's some workaround Alive has to use to deal with the way RHS have set up their faction names so as soon as you introduce another faction into the mission (i.e. Massi's or CAF Ag etc.), it gets confused and spawns random vanilla stuff.

    Edit: by nothing else, I mean no other faction mods. Leights and Sub Insurgents are exceptions as they use RHS I think, but do not run them together either!

  3. No it's definitely ALiVE.

    Roadblocks spawned under 4 different factions...RHS, Leights, Massi's packs, and now CA Aggressors...all of them are spawning vanilla FIA units instead of what they should be.

  4. I noticed something similar, not sure if it's the same issue, but it's worth noting: if civilian hostility is set anywhere higher than low, it seems some roadblocks spawn with hostile FIA (OPF_G_F or BLU_G_F) manning the position. This was happening to me in a mission where there were no OPFOR or OPF_G_F anywhere in the mission or modules, yet those roadblocks were still spawning in based on that civilian hostility value.

  5. Some weirdness going on here... maybe config problems? AUT - when you were testing this did you have all 4 of those mods loaded in Arma during the test? If so... and you get a chance.. can you try with only the mod you are testing loaded? ie: only load @RHS then check the roadblocks.. quit Arma, disable RHS enable LOP, test, etc.

  6. @SavageCDN Some weirdness going on here... maybe config problems? AUT - when you were testing this did you have all 4 of those mods loaded in Arma during the test? If so... and you get a chance.. can you try with only the mod you are testing loaded? ie: only load @RHS then check the roadblocks.. quit Arma, disable RHS enable LOP, test, etc.

    Nope, tested with only the required mods for each mission. Changed hostility to low and still had FIA spawning for roadblocks. I'd say something in 1.54 FUBARED the ALiVE roadblocks.

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    Ok thanks for testing that... I'll pass it along.

    edit: sorry forgot there was a ticket for this already (opened by me no less). I'll update it with your comments/findings.

  8. 6 years ago

    Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, but did anything come of this?
    I've just put together another Takistan mission (just can't get off that map) using EricJ's Taliban, and every roadblock that spawns has vanilla guerillas maning it.

    In fact I can't remember seeing a roadblock that wasn't manned by them. It's a shame you can't turn roadblocks off because that would be better than having vanilla units pop up like that.

  9. I have the same problem with RHS.

    I'm trying to get 3 forces fighting each other (USA, Russia, Syndikate) and the random roadblocks are manned by NATO, CSAT or FIA Units. :/

    I even got a "transport X" mission from High Command with NATO units instead of US Army Troops.

  10. Me too actually. I have an interesting set of photos I'll post later if I think of it.

    Long story short, last week I was debugging a mission. It's 3CB (BLUFOR) versus my ORBAT faction (IND). On mission start, using a profile counter, it's something like 59 BLU vs 71 IND. So the mission initialized just fine.

    After 10-20 minutes or so, I went to check the profiles and it's something like 55 (BLU), 68 (IND) and 1 (OPF).

    So I traveled to the newly spawned OPF profile and it's at a roadblock.

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    @HeroesandvillainsOS have you got a link to the profile counter script? That could be very handy.

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    From Spyderblack723. Put this in the debug console and press local exec. Only works in SP.

    if (isServer) then {
    	_profilesBySide = [ALiVE_profileHandler,"profilesBySide"] call ALIVE_fnc_hashGet;
    	_profilesBySide = _profilesBySide select 2;
    	systemchat format ["Profile Count OPFOR - %1", count (_profilesBySide select 0)];
    	systemchat format ["Profile Count BLUFOR - %1", count (_profilesBySide select 1)];
    	systemchat format ["Profile Count INDEPENDANT - %1", count (_profilesBySide select 2)];

    It's really helped me balance my missions nicely. For instance, I'm finding smaller maps in insurgencies do real well with around 30-45 groups per side if you're looking for a nice slow-burn.

    It also helps a lot catching bugs too.

  13. Awesome, thanks dude

  14. Added to wiki

  15. Can confirm the spawning of vanilla FIA units at roadblocks in my mission using a self-made ORBAT faction for BLUFOR and another ORBAT faction (actually, it's the one Heroesandvillains has created) as Independents.

    Any specific wishes for test setups that might be helpful? Then we all could maybe come closer to find out if there are any mod-related problems that pertain only to some, but not all mods.

    As far as I see, it hasn't been tested with CUP as OPFOR or Idependent - is that correct?

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    It's not just my ORBAT faction that does this. If we could get a vanilla repro I bet they could fix it but until then, I'm doubtful. Do you have any time to see if you can duplicate it with just ALiVE/CBA? Maybe even just to test, replace your current factions with vanilla on whatever map your mission is on. I can't see how the map would matter much for the purposes of testing this but that's just a guess.

  17. Well, I've had no success when trying to replace my HV_Taliban with AAF. Wasn't recognized, said that OPCOM has no groups defined in the categories...bla bla bla u know it...

    So I made CSAT as insurgent force, and they spawned right in the blacklisted markers, but roadblocks? Nah, didn't even see ONE of these.

    This test doesn't say anything other than "You can't just change factions and then have a test mission ready in 5 minutes."

    It just had new bugs that didn't even EXIST in my modded factions OPCOM setup. Basically I should try one of the BIS maps and only BIS assets - else I won't get any valuable results.

  18. UPDATE:

    Whatever the cause for this bug, I could NOT reproduce it with the ALiVE Insurgency Demo mission on Stratis. I made AAF as insurgent force, and it worked, and the roadblocks were manned by AAF, not anyone else like FIA.

    So maybe it IS map related somehow... Did you test it on your map/in your mission?

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    I reported this issue like 6 months ago back when I was using Massi. On loads of different maps too. I went to make a repro and stupidly hurried it and made a major mistake in the mission setup and the topic was rightfully closed. I lost motivation after that. Not gonna lie. I took me over a month to get a reply (the Devs are busy so I totally get it) and I wasted their time with a bad repro mission.

    Honestly, I think it can be done though.And my best guess is easily. Just a vanilla Assymetric mission with roadblocks set to extreme should do it if I had to guess.

    Also note, it's not all roadblocks. Most of the time a bunch will spawn and have the right troops and you won't see the issue for ages. But somewhere down the line, eventually, it will happen.

  20. Fyi: Got roadblocks with Vanilla Opfor and Independent units in my Takistan Mission with roadblocks: none and only RHS factions.

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