Intel on dead bodies or in buildings

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  2. 5 years ago

    Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but I've been thinking about adding this into my new mission just to add a little more variety to intel gathering (so it's not just to standard folder of documents on the ground)

    Is there any (simple) way to make these items spawn in the inventory of the guy you just killed?

    I'd really like to have to search a body to get his phone or documents rather than have it appear on the ground nearby. I kind of want my player base to have to go and check bodies rather than just scan with optics to see if there's intel dropped.

  3. Not likely unfortunately. The items themselves aren't actual inventory items (although I'm sure you could mod them to be). Even using inventory items, it's not very simple. The way the engine deals with inventory objects, you can't track them from one unit or container (such as a crate / dead body / vehicle / the ground) to another (such as the player). When taking an item, it's effectively deleted from the original container and then an exact copy is spawned in the receiver's inventory or vice versa. You could do it in theory but it would be pretty complicated and probably not worth the effort for the reward.

  4. Fair enough, thanks for the insight

  5. @incontinenetia had an intel question also. When we are using your script and intel gets dropped by the AI faction we kill the information we are getting is a big circle like what Spyder Addons used to do and it only says "CIV" right in the middle. Is it possible we missed a setting in the script or is it supposed to work with Spyder Addons for intel and AI interaction?


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