Altis Vehicle Persistence

  1. 5 years ago
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    I am having a problem with getting Vehicles to persist on the Altis map.

    I have a bare bones mission cba and alive (all most current versions) with 1 small TOAR, with 1 military objective, with 1 player slot and 1 single empty vehicle. When the mission starts and I enter the world it takes like 15 seconds for the vehicle to appear. I then drive the vehicle to a new location and exit it and then do a server save and exit.

    I then close the mission down on the server and restart it on the server. I then connect with my client and enter the world and I am put back where I was when the save was done but the vehicle is not there or anywhere else on the map that I can see.

    This also happens on the Takistan map.
    On Utes the vehicle appear and the last saved spot and every previous save spot.

    BUT if I copy the setup onto Stratis everything persists as it should.

    Can someone please test this out on their system .


  2. Do you have "profile all editor object except synced objects" selected in the virtual ai module? That used to stop vehicle persistence working a while back.

  3. Yes I do. But I have it that way on Stratis also and vehicle perstence works fine.

  4. Edited 5 years ago by HeroesandvillainsOS

    If vehicles are profiled they will disappear. You need to:

    1. Make sure they are not profiled, so if you use that setting, you need to sync the vehicles to the Virtual AI module

    2. Physically enter and exit every vehicle that has been moved before server saving and exiting. Meaning, if you have an AI drive a truck, and you don't get in and out of it yourself, the last I checked, you can kiss that vehicle goodbye.

  5. Ok, I guess what's throwing me off is why it works fine on Stratis but not Altis.

  6. OK, re-downloaded dedicated server files and all is good to go now.


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