Player Combat Support Broken on USS Freedom

  1. 5 years ago

    So I tried setting up a new Insurgency mission on Altis where BLUFOR starts on the new USS Freedom. However, I have found that the combat support and transport helos I put on the carrier refuse to take off. The tablet seems to think they are combat ineffective, and also there is no option to talk to the pilot when getting in.

    Anybody else having issues regarding combat support and the USS Freedom?

  2. @Tupolov

  3. Maybe you have to set up the height? Just a thought as this is the way to do it on the Nimitz ...

  4. Yep, there's a good chance they are being spawned in the water..

  5. I did some time testing this out and I think the carriers are still a bit glitch. I was walking on it and all of a sudden I was stuck half way in the tarmac. Now I know I could lose a few pounds but that was scary lol

    As well as the new CAS jet when I get in that thing, on the carrier, the whole jet sinks. Changed the height too. AAaaannd also made sure the carrier was at the right level. Have to be careful the sea is NOT level. :)

  6. @SpyderBlack723 Yep, there's a good chance they are being spawned in the water..

    No they're being spawned on the deck of the carrier where I placed them in the 3D editor. I spawned on the carrier too when I was testing the mission. Saw the helicopters sitting on the deck with their crew inside. Opened the combat support menu and I saw the helicopters in the menu, however they were being registered as combat ineffective even though they were sitting on the deck, undamaged. I could get in them and everything too, but once inside there was also no option to talk to the pilot (because once again it thinks they're combat ineffective for some reason).

    At first I figured it could've been one of the many mods, but even when running just CBA and ALiVE the issue happens. Keep I was using just the Player Combat Support Module and syncing it to the helos that had the combat support code in their init fields, I wasn't using the other module that spawns them by itself.

  7. Friznit

    23 May 2017 Administrator

    Does it work if you put them on the land?

  8. working ok here Freedoms spawn height is around 23.4.

  9. @Friznit Does it work if you put them on the land?

    Yeah it works alright when they're placed on land. I gotta figure out a way to get it working.

  10. GLOBAL WRAITH is right :). Depending on the aircraft and the placement"direction" of the module on the carrier you NEED to set the right spawn height. On certain aircraft I needed to set from 23.5-24.2.depending on the size. Test test test. ;)

  11. Yeah but I'm not using the module to spawn the Player Combat Support craft. I'm manually placing the helicopters on the deck of the freedom and then putting in the proper init code from the wiki on the helicopters and then syncing them to the module.

    From the wiki: "It is possible to place crewed vehicles in the editor and sync them directly to the CS module, allowing editors to sync additional editor modules to them (such as medical modules). Put the following in the init line of the synced vehicle:...etc"

    It works fine on land. But on the freedom (and the Nimitz mod before the freedom) this happened.

  12. I don't mean to necro, but I just had a simliar problem. global wraith is right, but i can see why Onearmy was confused by this. It looks ridiculous because when i use "getPosATL player" it returns my Z value as 60+. Yet, when I set the height of a helo spawn in the 3d editor (and then add the init lines as he described above) at that height they explode before I load in. However, when I manually set their Z value to 23.5-24.2 (actually, I had to play a little bit outside of this range also) the helos spawned on the deck!

  13. 3 years ago

    Hi sorry to bring that post up, but I assume I've got the same issu :
    Helicopter (full) place on the desk of USS Liberty.
    Put AliveCombatSupport code in the init. of the vehicule box : this setvariable ["CS_TYPE","TRANSPORT"]; this setvariable ["CS_CALLSIGN","Seagull"];
    Seagull show on the Combat Support menu as "Unit is combat ineffective" in red text.
    Did try to put it a little bit higher with the Z-AXE of editor. But nothing ...


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