Hybrid Helicopters: Anyone actually able to board the helo?

  1. 5 years ago
    Edited 5 years ago by AUTigerGrad

    I have a mission with a CUP MH60 serving as a Hybrid support chopper (Both Transport and CAS). I have everything set up properly and it does indeed show in both the CAS menu and the Transport menu...but I can't board the chopper. No matter where I go around the helo there is no option to "ride in back", etc.

    Anyone else have a helo set up as Hybrid and experienced the same issue?

    I placed the exact same helo type on the map and was able to board it just fine when not synced to the ALiVE Combat Support. Transport only works fine...only when I set it to Hybrid.

  2. Same behavior with hybrid vanilla or is it specific to this heli type?

  3. Same for all from my testing

  4. Highhead found the issue.. shit is fixed, yo!

  5. Outfreakingstanding

  6. @AUTigerGrad can you post a picture of how u did this? I am interested in having this in my maps

  7. It's easy. Just manually place a manned chopper then sync it to the Combat Support module. In the init of the chopper, put this code in:

    this setvariable ["CS_TYPE","HYBRID"];

    That's it. The CUP MH-60s are a perfect chopper to use as hybrid for Special Forces missions.


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