RHS and LOP factions not working

  1. 5 years ago
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    Hello, I get the opcom cannot find any factions/groups error message when I try to use any of the factions or groups. Do I need a description.ext? The base factions work. Also, my zues seems to always get disabled, any way to fix that?

  2. Friznit

    16 Jun 2017 Administrator

    Faction names are case sensitive - hover over the tooltip of the faction override box to see the syntax. You also need to ensure the Placement modules are actually placing something and not set to Objectives only.

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    Also, not every LOP faction is grouped correctly to work with ALiVE. This is supposed to be fixed in the next update, which TBH I expected by now. Hopefully the mod isn't dead.

    Not every RHS group will work either. What factions are you trying to use?

  4. I tried the USARMY - d, MSV, and the insurgents. I have tried the ISTS in LOP. And yes I am doing them case sensitive.

  5. Put the faction name in the Military AI Commander module, and also every Military Objective module synced to the Commander module.

    rhs_faction_usarmy_d would be the correct faction name for the desert US Army. LOP_ISTS for ISIS.

  6. I usually place a unit down from the faction that I want, open it in config viewer find faction, copy and the past directly where I need it, I find it keeps me from mistyping anything while putting it into the modules.

  7. Friznit

    16 Jun 2017 Administrator

    You can right-click and copy faction name to clipboard.

  8. I did all of those things, and the issue still persists. Is it because I am using play with 6? All of the mod versions are correct.

  9. Play with six is terrible. Plain and simple. Their mods are almost never up to date.

    If this doesn't fix your problem, post some screenshots with your modules open please and I'll take a look.

  10. The mods are up to date though... I will post screenshots gimme one sec

  11. http://prntscr.com/fkn32w -- These are the mods I am using.

  12. I actually want you to go in the editor, open your modules, and send me some screenshots so I can see how you have everything set up.

    But regardless, I think I know the issue. It's Maquez's RHS insurgents mod. It's obsolete I'm pretty sure. Try again please without his mod activated.

    One second and I'll get you a list of ALiVE compatible RHS factions. The wiki is out of date.

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    So I try again and now I no longer seeing error message but my zues isn't working so I can't check.


    Those are the modules. I am using the triple threat template.

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    RHS compatible factions:





    rhs_faction_insurgents might work but please test it before you commit to it. Looking at your photos now. One sec....

    EDIT: @SavageCDN pretty please can you add this to the wiki? :)

  15. The photos look fine.

    What's the exact error message?

  16. It was The opcom cannot find correct groups rhs_faction_usarmy_d

  17. Are there any middle east/african custom factions that are supported?

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    Not sure man. Does it work if you put BLU_F in the modules instead? Can you try it please?

    Yes. CUP's Takistani's are compatible (you'll need AuburnAlumni's civ Workshop mod though if you want CUP Taki civs) and LOP's Middle East Militia (OPFOR) is an excellent Taliban and they have Middle East civs too.

    LOP's ISIS should work as well but I don't use them much.

  19. Everything works now

  20. ? What was the issue?

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