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  1. 5 years ago

    I am working on Exile + ACE + ALiVE.

    I need help streamlining the mission, making the AI do what I want while not crushing players spirits, and overall making the experience better.

    I managed to get the OPCOM objectives down to 190-ish. I need the AI to stop spawning all over while still roving about with a predefined HQ. I tried to make the AI use a carrier for an Airbase but I do t think it's working. Also half the planes seem to blow on the deck at mission start.
    Players complain about the AI RPGing them 400m out. Not sure about that one. I had the AI in Occupation mode and then in Invasion. Not seeing the difference.
    Perhaps I need to remove CQB and shrink the TAOR?

    The AI should be a threat but not overbearing. I already have to adjust how many Zed's spawn. I'm trying to keep the AI in check while making the game fun and different. I am including the mission file if anyone wants to help out a bit. The server already takes a good bit of time starting and I'm not sure if it is ALiVE slowing it down.

    Exile Chernarus

  2. ALiVE doesn't touch AI behaviour other than assigning waypoints to group leaders.. might be something in ACE causing the 400m RPG headshots?

    Occupation vs Invasion just determines the # of groups sent to defend/attack each objective

    Slow starts are most likely due to the number of objectives and CQB locations. Fewer of these in the mission the faster it will start.

  3. highhead

    30 Aug 2017 Administrator


    I have downloaded all the dependend mods (took me a while) and took a look at your mission, as I heard that you were working on it for long time.

    I found some things that may have an huge impact on overall performance, and basically some things were just not set up as they are intended to.

    • senseless duplicate Military Placement modules covering the same TAOR
    • senseless duplicate Civilian Placement modules covering the same TAOR
    • --> this is multiplying the same objectives over and over, creating 534 (!) OPCOM objectives, slowing down init, adding needless load on OPCOM, still very few groups created.
    • --> It seems as you are mistaking Military Placement (custom) with regular Mil/Civ placement modules
    • --> Instead of 5 MP modules and 5 CP modules covering the same taor you only need one of them. The custom bases you can add a MP (custom) modules and sync it to OPCOM!
    • CUP_B_USMC was not assigned to any mil/civ placement module, OPCOM therefore giving a warning.
    • --> Put it to Civ placement, and its fine
    • Air vehicles exploding on carrier
    • --> Just place them 0.5 or 1 mtrs above the carrier surface and give them a bit more room (f.e. delete one of them and spread them out a bit). Not an ALiVE issue, createvehicle/setdir on carrier surface seems to make (some) CUP vehicles explode as they clip into something.

    Further things

    • --> Plane Spawn radius was set to 50 (needless), put to 0
    • --> AI skill synced to OPCOM (should be unsynced iirc)
    • --> those 100 "Exile player slots" are present in SP/mission making, creating needless impact when testing too, removing them during mission making will give you a better feeling on performance issues (due to many vAI present in some areas f.e.)
    • --> Id not suggest to make it a 100 players mish with all those mods loaded. I'd suggest to start with 60, and make sure they are not set to AI enabled on server if there is still a setting for it!

    All in all, after I turned on debug on the ALiVE modules and fixed those issues it is running perfectly well. The only onscreen error I get is some .model config error (not an ALiVE issue) and the usual errors like: Warning Message: '/' is not a value, Warning Message: No entry '.maxLeadSpeed'. Warning Message: '/' is not a value spam, which is also not ALiVE related.

    I attached the fixed mission, with debugs on the Placement Modules - on so you can see what has been done and you can adapt your mish, or build from this one and tweak it further - you'll need to remove the playergroup in SP and add back those Exile slot too.

    Download here

    You can also find some more detailed info on our Wiki to esp. about the placement modules and how OPCOM works!

    If you need anything, just ping us!

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    Thank you so much! I did not realize I only needed 1 Module of each. I thought you had to define objectives you wanted them to focus on.
    Did you adjust the TAOR at all? I was thinking about shrinking it and having a couple objectives placed outside the TAOR for the AI to move towards.

    Also, how do I get the AI faction to be both Army and USMC? Everytime I tried adding both, it errored out.

    And, is it possible to setup random paradrops of supplies by AI? Supplies, vehicles etc.


    the RPT says that Chernarus is not indexed for ALiVE.

  5. Edited 5 years ago by HeroesandvillainsOS

    Regarding multiple factions. If these factions are of the same side and controlled by the same commander, put both faction names in the Military AI Commander module, separated by a comma with no spaces. Example:


    Now, the objective modules themselves (MIL/CIV/CUST) can only have ONE faction defined for each, which you would then sync to the Military AI Commander module. So for ease of use, you could just define Army for the Military Placement CIV Objective module and USMC for Military Placement MIL Objective module, then give each their own CUST obj modules.

  6. highhead

    31 Aug 2017 Administrator


    I think the BLU_TAO is fine in your mish! It covers the whole map, which quite effective and you will stumble over quite a few enemies!

    As Savage said, you can place custom objective modules everywhere you want, sync it to opcom and the AI will occupy them!

    You already use Military logistics module (LOGCOM), so as more and more enemies will be killed OPCOM (vAI Commander) will request reinforcements to replenish the losses from LOGCOM, as in vehicles and groups! LOGCOM will detect the best delivery method automatically and if there is no option to deliver by convoy or helicopter insertion it will also use paradrop! We try to avoid randomness as much as possible to stay credibly realistic, so ALiVE does not do a totally "random" Paradrop of "random" supplies! I suggest you set "place supplies" on the MP modules, there will be supply crates places at the MIL/CIV MP objectives that players then can loot (after they attacked and cleared the obj. ofc!

    Chernarus definatly is indexed as its working fine :)


  7. can I place objectives outside the TAOR to give the AI Commander an objective to travel to outside the TAOR?
    I shrank the TAOR to the northern half of the map starting at Novy Sobor. Now though the AI seem very sparse. I did remove the CQB module to reduce the AI amount in towns as players were complaining. I want reduced AI but not sparse. I set the NW AF as the most important Objective (999) so it seems that the AI are choosing not to branch out to other areas of the map. Heck, even the NW AF has so few AI. I set it to not spawn Mechanized or Armor since most players wont have it.

  8. highhead

    1 Sep 2017 Administrator
    Edited 5 years ago by highhead

    yah of course - the size of the custom objective will be determined by the "size" field on the module, it doesnt require any TAOR! It can be placed anywhere!

    • vAI will only be created at objectives
    • objectives will only be created at the defined TAOR by Mil / Civ Placement modules
    • The total amount of vAI groups will be determined by the force strength you define (Platoon 30/60, Batallion 400 or whatever setting you use)
    • if you shrink the TAOR there will be less objectives that will still create the selected group strength (more vAI per objective).

    I think in your mish it was set to Platoon 60 on a whole-map-TAOR. If you wanna have less AI you might want to select Platoon 30. If you want to have more AI at some special objective/location only you can also use a custom objective and set the appropriate fields with the amount of vAI groups you wanna have there (like 3 inf, 2 mot, 1 armored, etc.).

    Afaik you only had a strategic CQB module placed, so in my case there was no civilian CQB present at all. I actually thought of adding a civ CQB and set it very low (desnity low / 2%).

    From what I understand your players want less AI, so you might just dumb it down a bit over all!

    have a great day!

  9. highhead

    1 Sep 2017 Administrator


    You know that you can place AI groups via EDEN manually and if you sync the leader to the Virtual AI module, they will be profiled! so you can put in as many vAI groups as you want at any position you like to!

  10. hmm. ok.

    Can I use the Nimitz with the MACC? Will it still work? Especially if I place planes in the hangar?

  11. highhead

    4 Sep 2017 Administrator

    thats a question for @Tupolov

  12. Tupolov

    4 Sep 2017 Administrator

    Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full.

    Add a ticket for ATO support of Nimitz and I'll take a look.

  13. Well working, playing and enjoining the same amazing mods.. At least trying cuz still noob in arma stuff..

    Anyway if usefull..

    In my mission i am using at the moment 5 different factions... The Exile "Indi" faction as player faction and 4 cup factions. Setting BLU_F enemy to IND_F. Using 2 CUP_O factions 1 CUP_B faction and 1 CUP_I faction. I am trying not to overload it, i use only 4 AI commanders, one IDE+CQB and 2 x Air.Commander. 3 Mill.Obj. 5 Civ.Obj. and CIV placement + SpyderAddons few modules.. No Mill.Logistik, no persistent yet (dunno how to set it up the right way) and no player logistic at all. A bit lagging cuz still no active HC.
    I have only one faction each AI.Commander cuz other wise they shoot each other. Also that is why i can not use vanilla factions.

    Since i have started to build own mission and a server,"month ago xd" i start to understand there is no limit in Arma. Thanks for ALiVE btw, as player you do not always see the great and lovely done but
    also hard work. Also all the guides, without them.. most people like me would be lost trying to make server running xD
    Thanks for this great one!


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