Problem with player combat logistics [Sup_player_ressuply]]

  1. 9 months ago

    So im working on a counter insurgency operations style mission. And I want the commander of the operation to be able to call in limited supply from the AI faction controlling the local area. But no matter how I seem to configure the player combat logistics module it seems to not work. it disregards blacklist and makes generic blu_f units available no matter Blu_F faction I make the players be. Aswell as allowing us to call in civilian units using the "Indevidual" reinforcment tab.

    Suspected it might be a problem with the mission in generall and set up a quick vanilla testbed on Malden. same issue persisted. This time I made the playable faction Blu_F but was still able to call in civilian indeviduals. photo evidence. Will uppload the mission somewhere if people want to take a look at it themselves. Currently just requires Cba and alive.


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