How do you guys add immersion/detail to missions?

  1. 5 years ago

    Ive got Spyders addons, and the ALiVE modules in place. Mission works great! But how do you all add that extra layer of realism/immersion to maps? Any specific othet mods that play well? Any scripts or things you use? Interested in seeing what others do with this.

  2. I'm not sure if it's still maintained but TPW mods was a good one:

  3. TPW is amazing. I haven’t used it with ALiVE in great detail but definitely worth a shot (though I’d probably not use some of his features with ALiVE or Spyder Addons, such as ambient fighters, traffic, or civs).

    I also almost always use Advanced Rappelling, Advanced Towing and Enhanced Movement (not really the kind of immersion I think you’re after though but good quality of life stuff).

    i haven’t tried this yet but here is an undercover script made with ALiVE in mind:

    And there’s this too which also had ALiVE integration in mind though I’m not sure how it turned out:

  4. That UCW mod looks really cool. Would be really neat if they had a military version of it. Where Corps of Engineers or something are building firebases, FOBs, defenses, etc and you can provide overwatch.

  5. VCOMAI is also good and any the ambient battle effects script is great too if you wanna use that although so far VCOM has been the hardest AI I've messed with not from shot accuracy but just because they are intelligent.

  6. UCW works just fine. it's also possible to save the state of your construction with Alive together if you play with persistence on. We used it on the Clafghan map.

  7. The incognito script is iffy; You have to be very particular with it and even then it doesn't always function properly.

  8. Ouch... if it makes it any better I have a PC again now and can probably work on suggestions

  9. @incontinenetia Ouch... if it makes it any better I have a PC again now and can probably work on suggestions

    Well I think you’re cool and am glad you have a PC again. :)

  10. Haha cheers mate


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