Alive Issues

  1. 4 years ago
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    Is this not the most frustrating mod to use? Nothing I do seems to be working as intended.
    Trying to set up a mission on Tanoa and getting multiple bugs.

    Firstly, I have put a MACC module down at the main airport, and for whatever reason my pilots keep spawning on top of the large hanger roof. I have tried placing a Military cargo house down for them, but they still spawn on the roof.

    I put down some empty Kajmin and synced to Virtual AI for MACC to use but they refuse to get in the helicopters. I am also getting random composition spawns of like helipads in the middle of runways and stuff, and I have everything turned off.

    Then there is other issues of vehicles spawning in and they are on their roof and blow up. Getting really frustrated

  2. For some reason my Imgur photos wont imbed

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    Virtual AI shouldn’t be synced to MACC. It should only be synced to the Commander module for the respective side.

    If that doesn’t help, post the mission here and I will take a peek though please, either use no additional mods or only just a really small amount.

    That is odd in the photos so hopefully fixing the syncing helps. I’m not too too famialr with the Air Commander stuff myself but since you seem frustrated I’ll try my best to help and see if anything jumps out.

    For the vehicles exploding on spawn, yeah that can happen sometimes. It’s not as bad with vanilla but some mods like RHS from what I’ve seen can make the issue worse. Personally I always blacklist any ambient or friendly vehicle spawns from my own base.

    Do you know offhand what module is spawning the vehicles and where on the map they are exploding (I’m assuming it’s your main base)?

    What mods are you using?


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