[ORBAT] Import Unit of another Faction?

  1. 3 years ago

    I wonder if this is possible?
    I wanted to create a new Bundeswehr Faction because CUP_GER has Dingos but BWMod Faction has APCs the Pumas. I want to combine both units in one new Faction which also should be compatible with ALIVE but no luck on that because I can not figure out how to do this?

    I think it is not possible right?

  2. That should be possible but no clue how you'd do that. All I can do is point you to http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/ORBAT_Tool .

  3. @xertra11 Yea I'm almost certain it is possible to have units from different factions in your own custom Orbat faction. Once you have created your faction (setting its name and classname and side and such), go into the Unit Editor of Orbat, and click on "new" and a window should appear. What you want to look for in the "create unit" window is the "unit type" part. There you will basically select on which unit your new one is based. You can base your new unit on pretty much every other unit that are in game (be it vanilla ones or units from the mods that you have loaded at that time). Though, in the "Ownership" part of the "create unit" window, make sure you set the correct Side and your new faction, this will define to which Side and faction the new unit will be a part of.
    Not sure if I explained this clearly, but the Orbat is fairly easy to understand how it works, anyhow, here's a tutorial that might help you more (that's also linked in the Orbat pages of the Alive wiki If I recall correctly):

  4. Awesome! When I find time I will look into this. Hopefully it solves my problem. So that Way I can have, like a Bundeswehr Squad and one unit of it is a takistani militant who will act as a translator? Looking forward to it


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