MACC Questions

  1. 3 months ago

    I am making another Alive mission. My main faction is from the mod from grizzlybear that combines all the rhs special forces he made. Primarily I am using one of the Delta teams from that mod. That faction has no air assets. I am also using the RHSUSF mod, but all as AI. I have set up the RHSUSF with Alive and placed a MACC, and synced the unmanned air assets to that MACC. I also have my delta faction set up at an FOB, with an AI commander, a military logistics module and a cqb module for the FOB TAOR. My first question is, can I sync those same aircraft from the RHSUSF MACC to a MACC tied to my Delta faction at the FOB? Can the aircraft be synced to more than one MACC?


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