AI commander too passive

  1. 7 months ago

    Hello, I've got my setup as a simple invasion vs invasion AI commander. All modules are synced, AIcommander- Mil.obj. etc.
    When I start the scenario the result is: 2-3 squads are advancing on the objective from each side. 5-6 squads are patrolling around TAOR area and maybe 1-2 squads standing idle.
    After I've left it alone for a while, about 20-30 minutes, the first advancing squads are nearly or completely wiped and the remaining few troops are continuing forward.
    The rest of the entire force are doing the same as when I started the scenario, either patrolling around the area or standing idle.
    I don't mind squads patrolling or standing idle in base, the problem is that the commanders seem to passive and only send a small amount of troops to attack the objective.
    Anyone know how I can make the AI more aggressive? Or atleast more willing to take risks since this is invasion vs invasion.
    I am playing at Stratis and using vanilla forces at this point.


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