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  1. 3 years ago

    The Unsung Vietnam war mod be used with alive?

  2. Yes, Da Krong and the Prei maps are indexed for Alive campaigns for sure, not sure about the others.

    Although I did take a look at the Song Bin map, which isn't indexed, thus very wonky unless you place units and sync to AI commanders. I think I read that Alive or Unsung were working on indexing it...not positive though.

    Good day!

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    Are the faction names different now since it went from Bravo mod to this one? They don't appear to be the same.

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    @DrDetroit Bin Song Tanh is indexed and should work. I indexed it and have a mission on it and last I checked it works just fine.

  5. You can open the orbat creator to view faction names

  6. Ahh...thanks Heroes! DId you index it recently? Could have sworn I couldn't get it to work with ALive, so I used Da Krong instead.

    I will definitely check it out asap.

  7. @DrDetroit Ahh...thanks Heroes! DId you index it recently? Could have sworn I couldn't get it to work with ALive, so I used Da Krong instead.

    I will definitely check it out asap.

    I can’t find the commit date (easily, I’m lazy) but Makhno has never updated the map so it should be as fine as it can possibly be.

  8. Yeah it works, except for UNSUNG_EV but thank you spyder.

  9. How can I make sure that they only use the unsung choppers to bring reinforcements in instead of vanilla choppers?

  10. @SINS Getting the logisitics module to only use Unsung choppers is a little bit tricky, I had some problem getting it to work correctly.
    You need to whitelist/blacklist the logistics transport vehicles in a "staticData.sqf" file. At least that's how I got it working, I'm using custom Unsung faction made with the Orbat creator though, but I guess it should work with Unsung vanilla faction aswell.

    You should find an exemple of a staticData file in there.

    One thing worthy to note though, I've noticed that on the Unsung transport Hueys (the UH-1H, UH-1D and their slick variants), some of the cargo/passenger seats aren't considered by the game as "passenger seats" but rather "vehicle crew seats". If you look in the Orbat unit creation, you'll see that you can actually assign crew units to those seats (besides the 2 pilots and the 2 gunners seats). I guess the Unsung devs probably had a good reason for this, though it messes a bit with Alive and its logistics modules (both military log. and player log.), as the modules will exclusively use bigger chopper (if available in the transport vehicles list) since they believe that the Hueys don't have enough "real passenger seats" to transport a whole squad.
    I've actually managed to see a Huey bring in reinforcement once or twice, during all of my testing, and even then, only a part of the squad were dropped by the chopper, the rest just spawned on the ground a few miles from the landing zone and moved there on foot.

  11. Thank you Hoot, that worked perfectly!

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    So from the player logistics, I just want the UNSUNG_W list to come up to choose from, whats the best way?
    I see how to blacklist items, but I want to blacklist everything but Unsung, so I guess blacklist all factions except that one. (In the list of things to be called in by you)

  13. The reinforce list on the tablet..

  14. @SINS Personally, I haven't had too much success customizing the Player Logistics with Unsung. The objects blacklist/whitelist option never seemed to work correctly for me, at least with Unsung objects (haven't tested it vanilla to be honest). For exemple I could never get unsung ammo and weapon crates to work with the player log. , even if I whitelist them they are not available in the list (maybe due to how they're configured in Unsung which differs from vanilla crates I guess). Same goes for a lot of the Unsung stuff, the one thing that works the most properly for me I'd say is the infantry reinforcements.
    Though, I can only call in for "infantry" groups, if I try to call in a "SpecOps" group, the reinforcement transport will "get destroyed en route to destination" or so the dialogue in Alive says xD , And as I've said before, if using only Unsung helis for logistics transports, then the chances are you will only see the Chinook or the big choppers being used because of the "passenger seats" configuration of the Unsung Hueys.
    Unsung isn't the most Alive friendly mod out there I reckon, but I don't mind those issues.
    Though if you manage to get set up properly the player logistics with only Unsung stuff I'm all ears.

  15. The struggle is real... lol


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