Intel on Map vs. Intel by C2ISTAR

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    I activated the "C2ISTAR" Module option to allow Intel on Map and wonder what is the difference between this intel information and the one I can see within the C2ISTAR Intel menu.

    I can see two different levels on information by every option. What I observed to far:

    Intel option within the C2ISTAR Tablet
    These information are pretty rough but can still tell me where some action is happening

    • Shows all of my friendly units as NATO icon
    • Shows enemy units that have been spotted by friendlies (mybe maps to: TACOM WEST found enemies when scanning for enemies: [["CFP_B_USARMY_WDL-entity_88",[6442.8,6533.85,0]]] ?)
    • Shows sometimes a "Conflict" icon. But sometimes there are combat situations and no marker appears

    Intel on Map by module option
    These infos are pretty much more detailed but also very confusing for me.
    Example Screenshot: -image-

    • Shows events on stuff happening like:
    • If a objective has been occupied by the enemy or friendlies
    • If an insertion happens (saw this on the airfield so tells me a Logistics spawn happened) and its destination position
    • Tells me KIAs. Now this is odd because I see blue KIA marker (which tell me a friendly died) somewhere deeply in enemy territory where, when enabling debug, no blue profiles actually are. Mybe it is a bug
    • Shows actual enemy profiles. They also have the ALiVE number IDs i.e. e34, e101, e12, etc. I find this odd. Will it be replaced by NATO icons in the future?
    • Movement arrows. They tell you where a unit is actually moving

    I find the second options pretty good to be honest because these intel are pretty immersive. But I do not understand why these two ways of giving intel are separated? Is there a future plan to merge them together but at the moment they simply are tested out on their own?

  2. Friznit

    2 Sep 2018 Administrator

    They're for different use cases and play styles. Map intel is approximate location of friendly forces and any enemy seen so players know roughly where the action is and will work for any setup. C2ISTAR simulates a friendly radio net giving detailed sitreps of what the AI Commander is doing. It needs an AI Commander module to work properly.

  3. When you say sitrep - will my custom SitReps that I can produce through C2ISTAR leave a mark on the map as well? So other player squads can see my reports through this "simulated friendly network" ?

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    3 Sep 2018
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    Bot exterminated.

    Sitreps, Patrolreps and Spotreps (the latter added via ALiVE advanced markers) all leave markers on the map or can be cross referenced to existing advanced markers so other players can follow up. A typical scenario is players conducting a recce patrol. They'll place Spotreps at identified targets, fill in a Sitrep every few hours and a patrolrep at the end of the patrol. Typically I get my patrol commanders to leave a sitrep when they're on a multisession patrol (i.e. they're technically still out on patrol even if they've logged for the night). Patrol reports are sent once they've completed the objective and returned to base. As a mission maker, I use the summary of patrol reports to write orders for the next phase, order in resupplies as required and leave a a bunch of Player Tasks in the mission for the next patrol to pick up. I find this works well because it encourages the players to return to base in good order so they "qualify" for resupply and new missions.

  7. @Friznit; thanks for that explanation. I'm going to incorporate that type of intel method on my server Alive campaigns, to give more 'direction' and purpose.

    How do you write and implement orders for the next phase? A simple briefing screen for the follow-up tasks or something?

    Thanks and good day,


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