Copying many factions to one faction

  1. 3 years ago

    Heya! Been fiddling around with this Orbatron here. I created 2 factions called RHS US Military and RHS Russian Federation. I then made the separate RHS factions i.e. msv,tv,vmf, _usarmy.-usmc_wd...etc.factions compatible with ALiVE and now I'm looking to see an easy way to copy, for example, all of the sub-factions for Russia and place them into my new Russian faction.

    The reason I want to do this is if I want to use the MACC I can't put more than one faction in the module. Let's say I want the MACC to use all the jets and helis from RHS with 1 faction name, I wouldn't be able too. Can't have more than 1 faction in MACC. Same with CUP as well they separate their mods USArmy/USMC.

    Just wondering if there was an easy method to copy all those sub-factions to one. I'm dreading having to add them individually lol

    Thanks for any info. :)

  2. Juuust noticed this CUP_B_US faction name...hmmm...wonder if this would work. :)

  3. Nooope :(

  4. Edited 3 years ago by marceldev89

    You should be able to export the faction/group data and merge them all in a single faction with a text editor. At least I think that would work.

  5. Thanks for the reply! Ya my brain hurt so I just let it aside for now and will use your advice later. :) Thx.

  6. I feel like I demoed this in one of my youtube videos. Not entirely sure but you might be able to check the most recent videos my channel.

  7. I'll have to check back again and I am subscribed to your channel. Thanks for doing those vids btw!

  8. If you figure this out can you share it?

  9. Oh you bet. :)

  10. If a person could be able to hold ctrl+left click"select" the original factions in the Factions Editor then click 'copy' it would copy all the units and open up a create new faction page with all 3 units selected below. Currently looks like you can only do this for 1.

  11. it just would be amazing to use everything on both sides.

  12. Oh for sure!


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