Persistence and Custom Variables

  1. 5 years ago
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    Hi guys,

    I made a huge multiplayer mission on Tanoa, featuring Alive, Zombies&Deamons, Heros survive mods (and more). It took me few month to make it perfect. I never ask myself about the persistent problem as i ever used Alive Persistent before, and it work well.

    Launching for the first time the mission online, it appear that the custom variables of Heros Survive mod are not saved in the persistent system. It concern Thirst, Hunger, Body Temperature, Fieber, blood and Money.
    That mean if a player disconnect and connect the server, it will restore all thoses values by default.

    Looking trough the whole internet, no way to found out a solution. The only things that seems to be a good way are those Alive codes :

    ["MyCustomVariable",_value] call ALiVE_fnc_ProfileNameSpaceSave;
    _value = "MyCustomVariable" call ALiVE_fnc_ProfileNameSpaceLoad;
    call ALiVE_fnc_ProfileNameSpaceClear

    I think it should be combined with those Heros Survive ones :

    Her_L_Thirst // Integer
    Her_L_Hunger // Integer
    Her_L_BodyTemp // Integer
    Her_L_Fieber // Boolean, true / false (false = no fever)
    Her_L_FieberRyanZombies // Boolean, true / false (false = no infection)
    Her_L_Money // Integer

    I have zero feeling with writing scripts in Arma, i always created missions with the editor and the scripts i found on internet. I'm able to modify scripts, but not to create one from scratch..

    Does someone can give me some kind of help, what kind of syntax, how to write that script, where to put it..

    Any help is really appreciated, as my brain is actually burning of searching solution about this problem...
    Hope i can find any help here.


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