Problems getting ALiVE Persistence to work (SOLVED)

  1. 4 years ago
    Edited 4 years ago by DirtyMcFlurry

    I have a problem getting ALiVE to work on our ArmA 3 server (running Ubuntu 16.04).

    This is the .rpt log when loading a mission I know has the proper modules:

    From what I can tell (and this is just a hunch) I'm guessing it has to do with either of these two:

    CallExtension 'ALiVEPlugIn' could not be found
    13:29:58 Warning: This version of ALiVE is build for A3 version: 184.144923. The server is running version: 184.144924. Please contact your server administrator and update to the latest ALiVE release version.

    Hoping somebody can help me out. I will try to provide all the necessary information needed if asked.

    Edit: Problem fixed, but I'll be honest I have no clue exactly how. I'm guessing it has to do with the command line, but that is however just a guess...


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