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  1. 4 years ago

    So my problem is I have a vehicle depot at a base and when I save a mission and reload it the vehicle double up I'm unsure on how to fix this problem.

    Also when I leave the base for a patrol and come back the vehicles respawn slightly and clip with each other and on other objects.


  2. I think I can help with this one.

    Anything you spawn or place in the map needs to be synced to the Alive Virtual AI module. The reason is actually rather simple. when you sync something, you are telling Alive to manage it, at which point Alive takes over control and then respawns the object.

    If you don't do this, when the mission starts, Arma places the object itself and then when you save it, Alive creates a copy in its database which it then spawns on reload in addition to Arma placing the original object. If you check inventory you will notice one vehicle always has the original loadout

    This is a big problem if you place a lot of objects though, so sometimes it's easier just to sync the main character to Alive, which you would normally NOT do, then tell Alive to virtualize all non-synced objects instead by editing the module.

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    I’m going to offer a differing opinion. I feel like you should never ever ever virtualize objects you intend to use, such as vehicles you place in the editor.

    Having them non-virtualized will ensure they get placed where you placed them in the editor, and ALiVE will still persist their location if you enable persistence, as long as you have a human get in and get out of the vehicles as driver before you save.

  4. I think there is a problem though that if you move a non-synced vehicle. Save using Alive save. Then quit and reload the mission in Arma, then have Alive load it's save data that Alive wont update the location and Arma will spawn the vehicle in the position it was at the beginning of the game and not where you saved it.

    This would be ridiculous if you wanted to have aircraft for show at a base but had to board each one so they reload properly.

    Is there a page that explains syncing because quite frankly I don't get what it actually does.

  5. @hardly

    Yes; its a pain in the butt to do that with the vehicles; however ALiVE understand what is happening exactly when it is done. When we build a persistent mission we used to do it without placing down any vehicles on the map until the mission was loaded. Now we build the mission with the vehicles in it and just have the admin do a virtualize command and they work as intended. If we have items just for show they are scripted and have no AI allowed to take control of them so it makes life easier.

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    Non-virtualized placed editor objects, such as vehicles, will always load where they were placed in the editor. If you use ALiVE persistence, and if a human enters as driver and exits the vehicle, it will load where it was moved to.

    If no one ever gets in and out of the vehicle as driver, it will load where it was originally placed in the editor.

    Virtualizing these objects, which I don’t recommend, will always ensure they get placed oddly because they are spawning into existence when a player is near. Will it be close to where it was placed? Yeah. But it probably won’t be perfect which definitely sucks when you have things parked in a tight space.


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