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    Good morning!
    Long time forum lurker, first time poster.

    So, our MILSIM group uses a TADST system with key checker for our servers. In the past we didn't use the key checker and I was able to utilize a half dozen different custom factions using the ORBAT creator. Yesterday I added two to our modpack and assigned keys using the Arma 3 Tools. I load into the server and the this error.

    "21:20:52 Player MAJ Santos: Wrong signature for file B:\Arma\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@1SFG Mod Pack V2.1\addons\DPRV.pbo"

    I verified the keys and reuploaded it several times. So I finally removed the pbo and key from the mod pack.

    Then got the same error after loading in for the next ORBAT faction I created.

    Is there a special way that I was supposed to export the cfg from Alive when making the faction that is somehow corrupted in the key creation process?

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    So both the player and server were running the appropriate keys? Have you generated signed key before and this is the first time you've had issues with it? I've been away from Arma too long to help with key signing, but some additional info might help.

    There should be nothing different from making keys for ORBAT Creator factions than any other mod.

    Edit: May be an issue here, but need to investigate.

  3. All keys are the same as I batch made them with the other mods in our modpack. I uploaded them to our virtual server (NFOServer) and when we try to connect with the pbos for the two factions in our modpack I created on the server it would kick us for an incorrect signature. When I took the two pbos and BIkeys out of the modpack we were able to connect to the server.

    I wasn't sure if there was a special way to export and package the data from Arma 3/Orbat when copying the files into the mod folder if I'm using a key verified server/TADST system.

    Or it could just be that I'm a n00b when it comes to making stuff like this and screwed the pooch somewhere along the way.

    Factions attached here

  4. I haven't seen ".bisign" being mentioned yet. Did you ship the .bisign files with the PBOs?

  5. Yes. I said bikey in the previous post and meant bisign, apologies.

  6. *Bumps for desperation*

  7. uploaded keyed/signed factions here

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