Are there any real differences in how the OPCOM uses groups?

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    Currently when you create a faction you get to choose from the following group, Infantry, Special Forces, Motorized Infantry, Motorized Infantry (MTP), Support Infantry, Mechanized Infantry, Armor, Artillery, Naval and Air.

    Now most of those seem fairly straight forward, but Special Forces? Support Infantry? Does the OPCOM do anything different with these groups as opposed to standard infantry? How about Artillery? If I make a mortar team and place it in the Artillery group will the OPCOM actually spawn it and will it use it any differently, maybe hold them back from the front lines? This would be great for VCOM mortar teams for instance.

    What would be awesome would be if say the Support Infantry groups were given say a garrison command or some sort of function to strongpoint areas, that way you could put all your VCOM controlled static weapons into the Support Infantry groups and have them sit maybe slightly back from the front lines as actual support groups?

    So is it worth while using these other groups when building a faction?

    I suppose the next question is, if I have a faction that doesn't use armor, can I for instance classify say my sniper team as "armor" and then use the override fields in the placement modules to specify that I want 4 sniper teams in this AO??

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    OPCOM does nothing different. The only variation is on the rarity of the spawns. The profiles are (should be) balanced vs vanilla factions so you get a reasonably combined arms mix depending on the weighting you choose in the module settings. For example, Light Infantry predominantly spawns dismounted inf, but as in reality they rarely operated completely unsupported, so you will still get some HQ units, a few offensive support (MG, AT, Mortars, Sniper groups etc), and maybe a little armour as well. If I recall right, the rarity values for a Light Inf weighting are something like 0.8 for inf groups, 0.5 for support, 0.2 for SF/Sniper/armour/air. Obviously switched around if you select armoured weighting.

    The AI Comd Enhancement feature (Ticket #6 on github) was intended to use different groups in a more meaningful way but this never got implemented.

    To answer your last question specifically - yes, you could.

  4. Awesome, thanks, that could actually make things much easier to balance going forward

  5. @JD_Wang Saw your request re: CFP. I'll probably move all of the static groups to support instead of SF as, based on Friz's explanation above, they are more rare than infantry groups. Won't get it in this release, but I'll make the switch for the following release.

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    Cool, thanks dude, the reason I suggested SF was because that's the most rare group, plus there's an override field in the placement modules so you can actually put the hard limit on it.


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