CAS Support Module Blackfish

  1. 3 years ago

    Love alive support modules however currently unable to use the Armed blackfish.

    was looking on the forum and ran across

    has some pretty cool elements that I wish ALIVE implement.

  2. We've started using Drongo's Artillery in the latest mission I made. It takes a little learning, and there's a few things I wish he'd change but overall it works really well.

    I've looked at the Air Support as well just quickly, but honestly I think fixed wing aircraft are best left to players. Rotary wing however, could probably use a little love.

  3. I really just like the way Drogon's gunship handles. You can also take control over the gunners from a tablet.

  4. Friznit

    21 Apr 2019 Administrator

    There are a few similar air & artillery support scripts around. The fundamental difference with the ALiVE approach is that, like Zeus, they all spawn aircraft off map, conduct the attack run then despawn. One of the core principles of ALiVE is "no magic spawns." You can find any assets on the battlefield, interdict and destroy them, removing them from play. This is important to enable a manoeuvre approach to warfare.

  5. Drogon's air power are spawned aircraft as well. Its pathing for taxi ways aren't well. However control over altitude and loiter radius is better done than alive supports. Plus gives you the ability to control from the gunners seat as well.

    I mostly use alive for Transport helo support its the most consistent method using AI pilots. Mostly play with a few 4 to 6 people max.

  6. Edited 3 years ago by YonV

    With both drogon's mods CAS and Artillery, I have found it best to place those resources not using the alive support modules but to place the units and use jebus.


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