ALIVE and Headless Clients

  1. 4 years ago

    Hi i would like to know how alive manage AI on HC. Im not sure but i think alive balance AI between connected HC. We are using more than 2 HC in our missions. Alive use all HCs connected or only one?

    If i spawn normal no profiled AI via script in one of HC, when alive balance AI on HC count it??


  2. Edited 4 years ago by Whigital

    The AI distributer affects only server owned AI, and distributes them across all detected HC's in a circular fashion. If you spawn AI on a HC, they will stay there, as there is no loadbalancing between the HC's.

  3. Thanks!!

  4. Just a word of warning, if you opt to try another HC manager, like the ACEX one, you'll need to find some way to stop combat supports etc from being transferred to the HC, otherwise you'll never get them to land

  5. Do you need acex? I thought alive already managed hcs

  6. Yes ALiVE does manage HC's but there's an issue where some units (specifically in my experience the 3CB factions mod) appear undressed, or vanilla when you use the ALiVE HC manager.

    The ACEX HC has a workaround for that (which is being applied to the ALiVE version I believe) however it renders the combat supports fairly useless.


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