TvTvT Assymetric competitive?

  1. 3 years ago


    I am looking into creating a mission for Hostile Takeover to run alongside their King of the Hill mission. Something that is either 2 or 3 factions along with an Assymetric AI that is hostile to all. Perhaps something like insurgency with a win/loss scenario for whichever faction clears the most territory (AI and Enemy faction)? Any suggestions for a good competitive mission?

  2. I'm really confused on what you are asking

  3. @Pyth3rEx I'm really confused on what you are asking

    Im asking about mission suggestions for a PvPvE with good repeatability. Like having an Asymmetric AI enemy. Perhaps like having the AI in the middle of the map splitting 2 factions. like a PvPvE Insurgency where the faction that clears the most territory (both AI and player enemies) wins. The AI faction is in the center of the map. You have to clear the AI enemy as well as keep the other faction away from your cleared areas. If the enemy faction enters and clears your previously cleared area, it changes to "not cleared". That sort of thing.


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