Factions in a mission

  1. 4 years ago

    First off its been a while since I posted here and I have forgotten the answer and have searched but either am not using the right terms or the questions hasn't been asked before.

    How many factions can one OPCOM control from the same side? May ultimately end up making a Russian faction with assets from both in ORBAT Creator.

    I have a mixed bag of Russian assets both CUP and RHS for some really good reasons but I seem to be having an issue. I attempted something noobish earlier by combining the faction classes into an array and putting it into the force faction over ride field of the OPCOM as well as the Mil Objective and Civilian Objective.

    A result I was getting was in addition to the RHS and CUP Russians (MVS, VDV and VVS); I was also getting OPF_F (generic vanilla arma OPFOR) spawning in. However; they are not listed in the OPFOR fields at all. Looking through the RPT I see some compositions of buildings that are based on OPF_F and was also wondering if those compositions could be spawning OPF_F troops into the mission as well?

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    Pretty sure at least two (never tried more). The thing I think that’s going wrong is ONLY the OPCOM/Commander module supports multiple factions. Objective Placement modules do not. So if you want them both to have, let’s say, CIV objs, you need to give them their own CIV Obj Placement modules then sync both to the OPCOM module.

  3. Thanks @HeroesandvillainsOS I'll give that a shot.


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