My units wont attack, help!?

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    Hey guys! Blufor commander is connected to opfor's military obj with invasion mode but units wont attack they just patrolling! What's the problem

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  3. Can you give some more info? Using any MODS, do you have a big enough FORCE of BLU_F to create groups to attack?
    Maybe upload the mission so we can take a look :)

  4. Nah, I just using blastcore, achilles, jssr sound mod and mcc mod..

    I'm spawning both sides as battalion (400 or 1000) and there is too much units. I've tried it couple hours of ago. My blufor units in stratis air base are just patrolling around and other opfor team was sending 2-3 or groups of car and truck.. ( I set invasion to both sides and connected both side's commander to each other's military obj. )

  5. Does the OPF_F have any Military Objectives for the BLU_F to attack? Are the OPF_F starting at the Straits Airfield?

    IF not you may need to add a Civ_Obj Module for the BLU_F troops to have suitable targets. Hard to tell without seeing the mission - sorry.

    You can enable the Debug for Profiles and see if the BLU_F have any troops moving out (marked with a Blue X on the Map).

  6. The same thing is happening for me on the Lythium map. My insurgency no longer has either blu or opfor doing any attacking unless they just cross paths on patrols. The insurgency used to work great, but now nothing. same mods along with RHS and CFP

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    and this is my video for proff.

  8. Anyone???

  9. I have same issue at times.

    I'll just call in troop reinforcements and/or use the tablet to assign new waypoints for troops on the map.

    TBH, I usually have better results when I do not sync obj modules to enemy commander modules and vise versa. Blufor/Opfor obj modules synced to CQB and allied commander module only.

    Hope that makes sense.

  10. I just watched your video (nice job). May I suggest that you increase the size of your TAOR Markers to cover more of the Map. If you want 800 troops I would have the Map split almost in half to give areas for the BLU_F and OPF_F to spawn.

    Also - the Mil Commander may need time to designate targets of interest. Have you looked at placing some Custom Mil Objective Modules and sync them to the Mil Commander to see if with more Targets the BLU_F move out and attack.

    These are just suggestions as I am no expert - I hope you see some results. Let us know. :)

  11. @Arensnuphra

    and this is my video for proff.

    Hi! Thanks for the video. I’m thinking your TAOR markers are kinda small, which is limiting the amount of group spawns. When groups spawn, the commander on each side will keep some groups back to defend objectives they already hold.

    I don’t think there are enough groups left to really attack each other.

    If you make the TAOR’s bigger, such as splitting the map in half for each side, does this improve?

    Also, you can and should turn “debug” on in the Virtual AI module. This makes it so you can monitor activity on the map screen and not have to use Zeus.


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