My OPCOMs don't want to do anything! [SOLVED]

  1. 8 weeks ago

    Hello every1... My name is Aris and I am pretty new in Mission Making and Dedicated Server set-ups. I am working on a persistent mission on LYTHIUM with ALiVE (daaa.. of course...). My set-up pretty quickly is like this: I have many TAORs and 99% of them are Civ Objectives (towns mostly... Settlemens!) and only 2 Mil Objectives 1 for each commander to work as a Base-of-Operations (red for OPFOR (North) and blu for BLUFOR (a really small one a bit South and East)). I have 3 OPCOMS, 2 Red (1 Occupation set and 1 Assymetric) both run the same faction (caf_ag_me_t) and the and 1 blu on occupation with BLU_GEN_F as the faction. Initially I had only 1 Civ Objective Module and I synced all commanders there (now I am trying to put another one but actually is a duplicate). What I tried to achieved here is the two occupation commanders to start from a single point and move on the map to conquer it and somewhere in the middle, the fireworks would start. I also set a CQB module with the OPFOR faction as a forced faction, Military Logistics are in infinite . Civilians are enabled too. My problem now is that: Both commanders keep their forces idle! When I check on my C2ISTAR what are their ordes on all objectives, all of them have white color which means unassigned!. I managed to make the blu commander to move some of his forces by setting the initial spawning force (I had to set spawn units = yes on the Mil Objective module that I use as his initial point and HQ!) really high (I would like to keep friendly forces pretty weak!) but couldn't manage to make the red commander move his forces and also I got NO IDEA about the Assymetric commander!! Also, when the blu commander was moving his forces in my C2ISTAR (with full intel coverage) still the orders from him (and the other commanders) where white!

    And my question... WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING WRONG! I really believe that ALiVE is a POWERFULL, COMPLEX yet SIMPLE to set up. So... Definatelly it is me that do something wrong! Can someone help me a bit here?

    Thanks in advance.

    P.s: ArmA as much as you can and always with ALiVE

  2. SavageCDN

    Sep 19 Moderator

    Are your OPCOMs synched to the enemy TAORs? (perhaps that is not your intent... if so please ignore). If not the commander won't recognize those areas and will not send groups to secure objectives.

    The TAOR you are using as the 'fighting arena' - make sure it's set to objectives only and that there are actual objectives within the TAOR (turn on the debug for the placement module). Make sure OPCOMs are synched to this module.

    If you are new to ALiVE I would highly recommend starting with vanilla units to rule out any issues there (we've had problems in the past with certain mods not working with ALiVE).

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    Dear @SavageCDN thank you for your reply. I have only one Civ Objective module and it is synched with all commanders! So, I assume that this means that all OPCOMs are synched with all enemy OPCOMs' TAORs (my setting may be the thing that causes the problem and this is actually part of my initial question!). My "fighting arena" TAORs are objective only and I have debugged it and there are way too many objectives under the areas (at least this is how I understood it! a lot of small dots), I also set the filters to no filter to make sure that IF there is an objective, ALiVE WILL find it!

    I am pretty new to ALiVE and I will follow your instructions.

    Again, thank you for your reply! In case I find any kind of solution or I will pin-point the problem I will let you know immediatelly! Thank you again.

    P.s: I have a CQB module for the same TAORs that fill them with the same faction (forced) with the OPFOR OPCOMs!

  4. SavageCDN

    Sep 19 Moderator

    What I would do is simplify.. set up your 2 opposing TAORs with commanders and sync them with the one fighting area objective. Make sure groups spawn and are given orders before adding more TAORs, objectives, etc. Let's make sure a simple mission will work with the mods you are using.

    The debug dots are not the objectives.. they are structures or other objects (military or civilian). The objectives will have numbers beside them... see the wiki for more info:

  5. @SavageCDN thank you sir. I will do as you suggest. Thank you for everything and especially for your lightning fast answers!

    P.s: I have seen the numbers from the OPCOMs debugging and I believe that the middle number was "0" (zero) for all of my TAORs!

  6. SavageCDN

    Sep 19 Moderator

    If your objective priorities are all zeros then that is why the commander is not sending troops. Try replacing that central civ objective with a custom objective and set the priority to max (which IIRC is 999) )

  7. Can you have more then one AI commander per side. The case above its the red side ?
    If that is the case, change one of.the red sides to indie

  8. @vansailer no, all commanders have the same problem... I believe that SavageCDN gave the solution to my problem but I have to test it!

  9. 7 weeks ago
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    Alright... Dear Sir, @SavageCDN you were right! I did some debugging on an really simple set-up and it seems that my OPCOMs couldn't really find any objectives under my TAORs. So, I set-up a Custom Obj. module and when I synched it to OPCOMs, they immediatelly mobilized there forces! So... Cheers for this!

    But, I encountered another problem. When I set-up more than one Custom Obj. modules (with different priorities too!) I get a message from the OPCOM debugging that says something like No more groups found . I have placed a full 1200 battalion for each of my OPCOMs and I have set the Logistics to infinite So I got many questions here as I couldn't find an answer on the wikis!

    1st: I thought that since there are 1200 "people" under my OPCOM's orders, they would suffice for almost the whole map (Takistan for example!). Am I wrong? Does my OPCOM needs more than that???

    2nd: If I spawn only a small amount of squads (for example 2 platoons (60)) for my OPCOM, is he/it gonna be able to use only these or can request reinforcments?

    3rd (which actually comes as a continuation of the 2nd): Logistics and Reinforcments are only to replenish casualties or OPCOMs can ask reinforcments so they can continue their operations cause, the way I see it is: IF you have many objectives (with many TAORs for example) and not enough forces (especially if OPCOM is set to Occupy OPCOM eventually won't be able to pursue his mission/objectives anymore due to inssufficient human resources! Is that true?

    and 4th (which may be a bit irrelevant): Does the Civilian Placement module always debug the civilian placement with objectives with zero priority? Because I always get many zero priority objective and civilians spawn correctly!

    Again, thank you in advance and I am really sorry for the big posts!

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    Alright! @SavageCDN, Sir, here I am again. I managed to mobilize a big amount of forces by setting down a bif BLUFOR force and by minimizing the number of objectives. After some objectives were captured by the commander and after the OPCOM analysis, the OPCOM ordered the TACOM to attack another objective and TACOM received a message that was saying "no groups available"! So my questions:

    In which cases a message like this may pop? And what it may mean?

    Does the OPCOM "garrisons" troops in any and all the objectives that he captures and secures and if yes, is there a way to change this? (e.g. There is an objective on the edge of the map away from the front lines and it seems that OPCEM has garrisone about 6-10 profiles there and at the same time, he is unable to continue offensive operations!)

    What happens if OPCOM indeed "runs out" of available units due to garrison duty?

    Is there a way to mobilize the garrisoned units depending on the objective's priority (e.g. if there is a small priority objective and an objective with higher priority needs defence or recapture)

    Again, my question from my previous do reinforcments are asked for maintaining ability to continue offensive operations or they are called only for casualties replenishments?

    Again, thanks in advance for your time!

  11. SavageCDN

    Sep 23 Moderator
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    Sorry for the late reply.

    The commander will send groups to all objectives to guard/patrol. If you have too many objectives you may run out of available groups in which case the commander will stop giving new orders and all groups will remain in situ. I would check your placement modules on either side and reduce the number of objectives (there is a filter for this) either by size or priority.

    Objective Filters provide options to restrict objective clusters by size or relative priority, so for example it is possible to identify only large military bases and airfields as objectives, excluding smaller bunkers and watchtowers.

    BCRs are not reinforcements but Battle Casualty Replacements... basically it won't add new groups but will replace destroyed groups depending on the module settings

    Technically speaking, Military Logistics provide replacements and not reinforcements. The AI Commander will only request replacements for units that have been destroyed since mission start. If the AI Commander starts with zero units, it will never request replacements because as far as it's concerned it will never lose any. If you set up a mission this way, the Player can still call in reinforcements using the Player Combat Logistics module.

    Re: OPCOM and attacks:

    The number of groups used by the AI Commander to conduct a recce/attack, reserve or defend operation is determined by the AI Commander's strategy.

    4 Attack, 1 Reserve, 2 Defend

    4 Attack, 1 Reserve, 5 Defend

  12. Dear @SavageCDN , no worries about the "latency" on your reply. You were extremelly helpful with all the info and the advise that you sent to me with your previous replies! My questions were answered on discord server from SpyderBlack723 but your contribution here completed the picture for me. Now I believe that I have a better undestanding of how the OPCOMs and the Logistics work for AI and how to set my missions! I will declare this post as [SOLVED] thanks to you and I will be available to contribute to the forums for your wonderfull mod. Again, thank you for everything.

    ArmA as much as you can and always with ALiVE.

  13. SavageCDN

    Sep 25 Moderator

    Glad to help!


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