AI not behaving properly

  1. 3 years ago

    Hello all. Recently I've noticed for whatever reason, AI behavior has been extremely lackluster. I don't think it's ALiVE's fault, but I'm just looking to get some input from other mission makers. I used to use VCOM primarily as my AI mod with a headless client connected, and that worked fine until VCOM became super-heavy on taking resources. Now I use Tactical Combat Link X and LAMB's Danger FSM with the headless and for some reason the AI are terrible. They basically never react to anything unless a squad member dies or they are within 20 meters of the enemy. Any reason for this? Could it be an issue with the server offloading to the headless? Coincidentally everything works relatively okay in a listen server. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks.

  2. Try it without the combat link, there has been a lot of updates to lambs

  3. Ended up trying that and the AI performs better but I still can't seem to utilize the LAMB functions of reinforcement or them hearing gunshots for some odd reason.


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