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    I have read some info in the past regarding the best practices in spawning enemy when using ALiVE. Do I focus on more Ai Groups being allowed to Spawn (Default is 144 in the ALiVE Module) versus initial placement of Ai units in the Mil Placement and Civ Placement Modules?

    I have always reduced the default 144 value to between 40 and 60 groups as I thought this would help server strain (I use a HC also). but tased the amount of enemy in the modules to 400 plus. I think I might be missing a trick here and should reverse my thinking :(

    One of my issues is that if I start with fewer units on the map they OPCOM sends countless Helicopters into reinforce etc and the sky is just full of choppers......grrrr.

    If anyone has any suggestions for enemy count and best practices for this...any help is appreciated. I mainly use Altis, Malden or Takistan Maps.

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    One thing I noticed recently, at least on the Lythium map, is that using the 30, 60,100 unit settings don't seem to work properly, as in the actual units spawned is a lot less than the setting would suggest.

    Using manual settings below that seems to work properly; infantry, motorized, armor, ect, unit settings will spawn correct amount of units.

    Don't pay too much attention to the 144 setting - you want to use military placement modules for spawning troops (mil, civ, cust). I use that 144 setting to reduce server/pc loads - I too set mine around 60-80ish, depending on map.

    For the helo issue, turn off helo logistic reinforcement, that should help. Or set your guards to med/high so they are already in place and not needing to move to the objectives (this mostly applies to 'place units').

    I always debug and test while in the editor. Make sure you debug the placement modules to see what's going on with the map as far as number, type and size of objectives. I do this first, as it will determine how the campaign is setup. This will have huge effect troop spawning and movement as well, big time!

    Debugging the placement modules, and alive virtual AI (you can debug this on the fly), allows you to see how many objectives you have set (priority levels, size and type)...too many, not enough, troop movement, ect. This is imperative to figure out what's wrong, or what could be better.

    Also, keep in mind that towns with 0 priority will not be moved on by troops, so in that case use custom objective module and set priority to 999.

    Good luck!

  3. Thanx for the reply and great intel - I will do some more testing in the editor with Debug enabled.

    If 999 is the max priority for a Custom Module, what is the size Value within the Custom it just simple the size area around the module?

    I have also noticed that recently (without CQB Module) the units are 95% spawning either inside of buildings or spawning and then teleporting directly into buildings. I have seen 5-6 enemy in a single building and zero troops on patrol outside.....grrrrr.

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    With custom obj modules, set size and when going to test, set the module to debug so you know how large it is on the map.

    I usually go a bit larger to cover more area, however, I also sometimes use a few smaller sized cust obj modules, which would be anywhere from 1500 to 5000. I typically only use custom objectives when no civ objectives are available on the map, or they are are 0 priority (ie: Lythium is like this for civ objectives...a lot of 0 priority civilian towns).

    Alive is user friendly, but take a lot of testing to balance the forces, movements, and everything else. With a bit of module tweaking, like priority and size filters, you can custom tailor your objectives and get the activity and troop movements you're looking for.

    First thing I do is setup TOARs, then the modules. Leave priority and size filters blank for civ and mil obj modules, this way I know exactly how many objectives are on the map. From there, I start tinkering with the filter settings until I get the objective counts and locations just right.

    Once that is acceptable, I'll start adding modules and units, all the while testing it to make sure no errors pop up.

    Remember, things are a little different when setting up insurgency type campaigns. That's a whole different setup. You also have to have civilians which you can question, assisting in determining locations of insurgency HQs, wep depots, recruitment centers and such. All the while watching for IEDs, and suicide bombers, as well as the actual insurgent troops. IF the civillians are angry with you, they may pickup a AK-47 when you aren't looking and shoot you in the back. This is my preferred campaign style actually.

    Want a real challenge, setup a campaign with three military commanders. One blufor, one opfor and an insurgency commander. Now you have best of both worlds - force on force as well as insurgency to manage.

    EDIT: with the modules settings for static troops (high, med, low, and none) far as I understand it, they will be garrisoned inside buildings for the most part. I notice that they will (usually) start moving out of the building for patrol eventually. Try setting to medium or low and test.

    Right now I'm using Lythium map (the best middle east map out there right now..and huge!) so I only use CQB module with insurgency. If I use it for my force on force campaign, for some reason civilians will not spawn if CQB synced to blufor/opfor, but seems fine if only synced to ind ai commander.

    BTW: include game master module, this way while your in the editor and test playing, you can press Y and you'll enter zeuse mode and you can fly around the map and watch the troops spawn, move, and fight in the 3D space.

    Good luck!


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