Player combat logistics issue

  1. 3 years ago

    Once again, the player combat logistics is resorting to using vanilla helicopters to bring in the troops I am ordering. It is not using the aircraft that comes with the faction.

  2. I have tested with using numerous factions. the only helo being used is the vanilla ghost hawk. totally breaks immersion on missions I am trying to create.

  3. this appears to be a CUP issue.

  4. Community Factions Project (CFP) on the Steam workshop is what you want to be using if you're trying to use CUP assets and compatible factions. In the mod directory, there's PBOs in a folder called 'optionals' that you need to put into the addons folder of the mod or of the server that is the staticdata for the included factions. Which should fix the logistics issue. Mod link:

  5. thanks for the info. will look into it tomorrow.


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