Chernarus 2020 CIVs

  1. 2 years ago

    Hello together.
    i´m try to set up a chernarus 2020 Server mission.
    It seems that everything is working well. But i have no CIVs on.

    I´ve tried the stable ALiVE Version and the ALiVE DEV Version.
    With both Version there are no CIVs available. I also try to set with or without Whitelist taor.

    Anyone have an idea? Or an actual index of chernarus 2020?

    Best regards

  2. i guess you may should check the console output of the server

  3. I'm having a different issue. Military objectives are spawned correctly. Civilian objectives put me in an endless loading loop.

  4. Is Chernarus 2020 indexed? I'll have to try it out again.

    Last time I checked, prob back in the spring, it was not indexed...or very poorly indexed. Couldn't get civs to spawn, as I remember it, due to no civ objectives, even though modules were placed.


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