Profiling Units During Mission

  1. 2 years ago

    I'm looking for a possible way to profile specific groups during a mission, either via a script, trigger, or set of actions. At first I decided I would just use the admin menu to profile all non profiled units once their task was complete; but in doing this I immediately noticed it caused the Air Commander units to suddenly appear over head before fantastically falling from the sky.

    Reason for them not being synced to the Virtual AI in the first place is to allow the groups to first accomplish a set of specific waypoints and actions that if Profiled would be impossible. Then once their goal is completed, to have them then get profiled and "join the fight" properly. Specifically I'm trying to have a landing craft perform an amphibious landing with a group of infantry, and multiple vehicles - have them unload and secure the beachfront, and then be profiled by ALiVE.

    I've read through the Script Snippets page on the wiki and found the post "Spawn & Profile Group Script" by Jman, but with my limited scripting and syntax knowledge I'm not sure how to make it work with units that are already placed in, or even if its possible.

    Any help with Profiling them or even coming up with a roundabout solution would be much appreciated!


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