Player near friendly base, makes friendly units despawn

  1. last year

    Hello, I have stumbeled on a issue. When I placed ALIVE modules down first time and set em up propperly. It worked fine.

    Now when I changed first the LaserDesignator to item_Laserdesignator (because the ALIVE tablet didnt come up. Is there a button for this btw?) just to see if that help'ed me get up the tablet, And the Air commander's (one for each side) now has a marker that covers whole map. (marker "Air1" covers the whole map) instead of one had a marker over Blufor base and one for Opfor base. Just so I could "hope" for some air action while fighting on the ground. But still no luck.
    and I changed in the virtual AI module:
    spawn radius for helli, planes and UAV to 4000. (virtual range at 5000)
    spawn limit to 164 instead of 144.
    (yes I have 2 Head Clients. Not rlly sure why. Can delete em if they are no use.)
    I did all thies changes and now for some reason, friendly units despawn when player(me in this case) gets close to friendly base marker.
    I tp myself to enemy base but they did not despawn!. (ouch)
    I can go in zeus and they will be there.. It feels like if my player unit get's closer to 1500m or maybe inside the friendly marker, they despawn.

    I allso synced the Air commander to the Mil. Object module for both friendly base and enemy base. Not quite sure if this makes the air action happen or if that could be the reason for this bug to happen. I will check this out while I post this.

    Regards. If I dont comment due to the air commander sync, that this is fixed within 30 min. That did then not work.

  2. Hey! Found the problem.

    When I take the Virtual range at 5000, this happens..
    I take it back to 3000 and it works fine..
    Why is this happening?


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