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  1. 14 hours ago
    Fri Aug 18 00:23:13 2017
    JD_Wang posted in RPT Diagnostics?.

    Not sure it this is the issue, but you do have @aliveserver and @exileserver loading on both your mod line and server line. I'd remove them from the mod line.

    Also what's the @engima mod?

  2. 17 hours ago
    Thu Aug 17 20:45:40 2017
    JD_Wang posted in ALiVE Insurgency civilians .

    I figured as much. I was kind of hoping there was a function run on their creation which allocated all of these that I could run independently.

  3. yesterday
    Thu Aug 17 08:10:58 2017
    JD_Wang started the conversation ALiVE Insurgency civilians .

    Just curious at the moment are the civilians spawned by ALiVE "special" in any way?

    Like if I was to not use the Civilian placement and Population modules but instead run a separate script for civilians, would the insurgency run as normal? I'm assuming not, I'm assuming there some special sauce going on in the background with civilians, but you never quite know with ALiVE.

    Now if there is something special with ALiVE civilians is there a function you can call which will give the unit it's necessary features?

    I'm mostly thinking about maps like FATA which have large dead spots when you spawn civs with ALiVE, but I can fill the place if I use something like Engima's civilian script. Also Engima's traffic script does such a great job of giving you civilian traffic that does surprisingly well at driving all over the place, it would be great to be able to use these scripts and have ALiVE still use the civilians for those troublesome maps.

  4. 2 days ago
    Tue Aug 15 20:41:21 2017
    JD_Wang posted in Logistics crates .

    Yessss thank you, that's exactly what I needed.
    Appreciate the help

  5. 3 days ago
    Mon Aug 14 23:19:48 2017
    JD_Wang posted in Logistics crates .

    Does that work for bunkers etc though?
    I'm trying to create a crate so they can unload it and build an FOB like you can with supply drops

  6. 5 days ago
    Sun Aug 13 05:41:33 2017
    JD_Wang posted in Laws of War faction IDAP.

    Oh one more thing I'd really like to see when it comes to civilians, there was talk about making them persist, ie when you enter a town you might come across a civ name Abu Nazir, when you come back to that town there will still be the same Abu Nazir there unless he's been shwacked.

    Being able to have a civilian you "know" in the town would be amazing, and certainly would help players see the civs as more than just collateral damage.

    Has there been any progress with this?

  7. 6 days ago
    Sat Aug 12 12:25:32 2017
    JD_Wang started the conversation Logistics crates .

    The logistics side of things is something I've never really played with in any detail until now. In our latest Malden escapade I've given the players a couple of different defensive objects they can request along with a prowler all to be airdropped and it works pretty well for the most part.

    The question is, if I wanted to start a mission with a prepackaged crate as if it has just been dropped off and was ready to unload how would I go about that?
    Basically I want the players to start with a crate, load it into a truck and then drive to a location and build their FOB. I know I can do this with R3F logistics, but I really only want them to have access to a handful of objects and it just seems nice if they could use the ALiVE system they've just gotten used to.

    Is there a fairly simple way to code a crate like that ?

  8. Sat Aug 12 12:18:08 2017

    First off prepare yourself for a little disappointment with Lythium. Due to the use of JBAD buildings (at least that's what I believe to be the issue) you won't see nearly as many civilians as you'd expect and some areas will be dead. Shame because it's a really nice map with tons of potential.

    Secondly I've done something similar in a previous mission. Although I just marked 6 locations around the map and told the players that if they delivered supplies to those spots it would reduce tension in the area.
    When they delivered the crate it would simply respawn back at base so they could use it again. A little "gamey" in that respect, but it encouraged them to drive convoys protecting a HEMTT which was great.
    It's not that difficult to make the trigger activate only when there's a particular crate inside it, then you can use

    [getPos <trigger name>, [side player], -20] call ALIVE_fnc_updateSectorHostility;

    I think to reduce the tension inside the trigger area.

    Your third question I don't know. I've hoped for a long time that someone with the coding skills that I lack would have a go at expanding the EOD side of ALiVE. Having a lot more different types like palm oil containers, gas cylinders etc would be amazing, especially if they could add dickers with mobile phones watching the IED. You take out the dicker, the IED doesn't explode when you drive past. The EOD mod had a bunch of stuff like this but it's a bit of a mess and no one seems to be working on it at the moment.

  9. last week
    Thu Aug 10 23:07:56 2017
    JD_Wang posted in Laws of War faction IDAP.

    I really like the idea of humanitarian/hearts and minds missions with ALiVE so I'm hoping there's one or 2 things we can use. Like Heros I really hope there's some sort of systems there that we don't know about. Even a simple punishment system for civilian casualties would be great.

    One thing I've been thinking about for a while, and might actually try and get to work in my next mission for our group is "building wells". There's a couple of assets in CUP (maybe even in vanilla) I think that represent a well or some sort of water source.

    The idea is that the players can really drop civilian hostility in an area by building a well. I'm thinking maybe I add an action to a truck that runs a script. The script checks to see if we're within range of a town, then makes sure there's no wells nearby (to prevent spamming) if that's all good then the progress bar fills up and after x amount of time it spawns a well on the ground by the truck, and reduces tension in the area.

    Combine something like this with delivering supplies and clearing IED's/Minefields and I think you'd have a good basis for a hearts and minds style mission.

    Now what would make that even better would be if we had more ways to tell the civilians mood towards us. Imagine driving into town and a couple of friendly civilians wave at you as you drive by, or shouting at you because they just want you to leave.

    I really wish I knew how to code properly :P

  10. Sun Aug 6 21:04:40 2017
    JD_Wang posted in IED threat level .

    It would be great if we could have an option (like we do with asymmetric installations) to start a mission with low, medium, or high IED count.

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