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  1. 1 hour ago
    Mon Feb 27 18:53:28 2017

    WTF are you doing standing around posing? Don't you have code to write?!?

    Get back to making my game better for free tia

  2. Mon Feb 27 18:46:26 2017

    I'll dig it out of the mission tonight and post it up for you.

    It's pretty basic from what I remember although a bit messy as I'm more a code "copy paster" than a code writer :P

  3. 19 hours ago
    Mon Feb 27 01:12:30 2017

    @AUTigerGrad 4. Vehicle spawners-I'm starting to become a scrooge when it comes to vehicle spawners for several reasons.

    a. Players on my server are starting to neglect the logistics vehicles I placed in the camps and instead..are using vehicles as "disposable objects" that they drive to a location..then abandon on the battlefield.

    You want to know how I solved that in my Snake Wrangler mission?

    I use Spyders vehicle spawn and have the actual spawn point quite a way off the map, I also have it trigger a script and remove fuel from the vehicle. The script spawns a chinook out at the same location and has will sling load the vehicle and transport it to the base.
    This means from the time you request a vehicle, to the time it is delivered, about 5-8 mins passes. Once the vehicle has been delivered the chinook flies off and despawns out of sight.

    Now the players have a vehicle sitting at the base without fuel (OSHA regs, can't transport fully fuelled :P ) so they need to bring the tanker over and fill up their ride. (we also use a script which increased fuel consumption so refuelling is an actual thing)

    Doing all this takes time, so with no magic respawning vehicles at base (apart from 2 Quad bikes for general duties) the players seem to take more care of their vehicles, try and make them last, and we've even had vehicle recovery missions to head out and tow back a damaged Jackal, or repair and limp home in a HEMTT.

    Plus (at least I think) it adds that little extra layer of immersion. I've even considered doing the same thing but with weapons and ammo, so the players have to keep an eye on supplies at base etc.

  4. yesterday
    Sun Feb 26 19:04:41 2017

    @AUTigerGrad Just rollback one version and spend the next 2 hours explaining to your group how to do it and why.

    There now that more accurately represents my weekend :P

  5. 2 days ago
    Sat Feb 25 08:41:25 2017

    Yeah took me far too long to work that out. I thought my staticdata file was mess up or something. As soon as I rolled back all of a sudden I can get in again.

    Yay for updates I guess

  6. 5 days ago
    Wed Feb 22 18:51:32 2017

    Thanks, downloaded it last night and had a look in the editor. Does it have a very washed out/hazy look for you guys?

  7. Wed Feb 22 01:38:08 2017

    Is this the version of Reshmaan? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=17246
    Does it still require "mad build" ? Or does it work with CUP?

  8. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Feb 13 18:48:58 2017

    Looks great man. I was looking at Clafghan the other night wondering if there's really enough towns and "conflict points" across the map. Will be interesting to take a look at this and see how you handled that.

  9. Tue Feb 7 19:31:51 2017
    JD_Wang posted in Hostility.

    I don't know if it was something that was tweaked in one of the last few updates, but we've been seeing it more often lately. Although I do tend to start the civilians on extreme or very high hostility towards players.

  10. Tue Feb 7 03:19:31 2017
    JD_Wang posted in Hostility.

    The next week our patrol ended when we were heading back to the FOB took random AK fire and turned the HMMWV around to investigate, I was on the gun and saw an insurgent fireteam coming out from the bushes, I managed to put them all down pretty quickly, but then a big blue Ural comes barreling down the road straight towards us. Before anyone could react it exploded instantly kill my other 2 squad members and leaving me horribly injured. I didn't make it back to the FOB.

    Good times :)

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