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  1. 6 weeks ago
    Thu Jul 4 21:59:15 2019
    JD_Wang posted in ALIVE and Headless Clients.

    Yes ALiVE does manage HC's but there's an issue where some units (specifically in my experience the 3CB factions mod) appear undressed, or vanilla when you use the ALiVE HC manager.

    The ACEX HC has a workaround for that (which is being applied to the ALiVE version I believe) however it renders the combat supports fairly useless.

  2. 2 months ago
    Mon Jun 17 01:43:21 2019
    JD_Wang posted in Autosave every x minutes.

    I use 10800 call ALiVE_fnc_AutoSave_PNS; in the init.sqf

    That saves the mission every 10800 seconds (3 hours)

  3. Sat Jun 15 00:41:07 2019
    JD_Wang posted in AI Mods.

    @Churlish Church So I was reading that Vcom causes long save times and even longer load times.

    Complete nonsense. We've been using VCOM for years now and have no issue with load or save times.

  4. Fri Jun 7 22:48:14 2019

    Just a quick tip if you have changes that you'd like made.
    I've found the best way is obviously to open a ticket on Github, but also to provide possible solutions.

    Eg the ticket I made for Static weapons suggested a field be added to the module which allows the mission makers to define the static weapon themselves.

    I'm not sure if they went that direction, but as in all facets of life coming with a possible solution to a problem you see is much more likely to see that problem solved than if you just point and say "that's broken".

  5. Thu Jun 6 03:51:31 2019
    JD_Wang posted in ALIVE and Headless Clients.

    Just a word of warning, if you opt to try another HC manager, like the ACEX one, you'll need to find some way to stop combat supports etc from being transferred to the HC, otherwise you'll never get them to land

  6. Thu Jun 6 03:48:41 2019
    JD_Wang posted in Thanks from [NZF].

    Haha be aware our modlist is like 40 something different mods.

    It turned out the issue with Lythium was just the the index was borked so it's never worked properly. That was fixed a couple of updates ago and it works really well now.

    Lythium is very much a close second to Takistan as my all time favourite map for an ALiVE insurgency

  7. Tue Jun 4 21:16:15 2019
    JD_Wang started the conversation Thanks from [NZF].

    We had our first real extended test of the new ALiVE update last night. Wow!

    We were basically doing a performance test on Lythium of the new mission I have, and the guys had a great time.
    The patrol lasted for 4-5 hours and during debrief everyone was really excited about how the new civilians react, and all the new features.

    The first time a crowd gathered and started pelting us with rocks it was met with a lot of "wow! dude that's awesome! We gotta get moving" :)
    All the ambient sounds are great, the interpreter role is cool, and being able to assign all the different long range packs to combat support was icing on the cake.

    You guy's really knocked it out of the park with the latest update, and we in New Zealand Forces really appreciate it

    Thank you.

  8. Thu May 23 04:33:22 2019

    Either the Community Faction Pack (CFP) or 3CB factions

    CFP fits more if you're running CUP etc, whereas if your modlist is built around RHS I think 3CB factions fits better (only because it's RHS dependant)

  9. 3 months ago
    Thu May 2 04:05:39 2019

    Yeah i had a play around with it the other day, the ambient sounds, the crowds forming, and all the civilians, it's awesome. Can't wait for the release, it's almost going to be worth an "ALiVE 2.0 - Rise of the Insurgents"

  10. Wed May 1 21:19:54 2019

    I suggest Sangin over FATA at least until the update is released. FATA has a real issue with civ spawns in the main town.

    We recently finished a Sangin campaign, and it was one of my favourite missions I've made. It's a great map.

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