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  1. yesterday
    Wed Dec 13 19:55:39 2017
    JD_Wang posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    I haven't noticed any issues since I did that fix, but to be fair I haven't done any extensive testing.

  2. 3 days ago
    Mon Dec 11 20:09:07 2017
    JD_Wang posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    Try this

    go to the directory VCOMAI\functions and delete VCOMAI_ClosestAllyWarn.sqf
    rename VCOMAI_ClosestAllyWarnOLD.sqf in VCOMAI_ClosestAllyWarn.sqf

    that's from the VCOM thread on the BI forums. Hopefully it makes sense

  3. 4 days ago
    Sun Dec 10 20:20:55 2017
    JD_Wang posted in Favorite Map for ALiVE?.

    Altis - Everything just works, buildings are all enterable and it's huge

    Takistan - Everything works, buildings are all enterable, it's the perfect setting and performance is amazing.

    Compared to those everything else is subpar :P Lythium looks amazing, but due to a combination of the buildings and the way the map is defined (I assume) the spawns are terrible with huge dead areas and towns that feel empty.

    Gunkizli - is a good map, but like most of Makhno's maps it's just a bit too flat for my liking. I prefer a few hills/valleys etc but that's just personal preference.

    Malden - is great, but has a couple of issues with the carrier (if you use it) and can be a little small for larger groups.

    Tanoa - is cool, but performance isn't great and unenterable buildings just ruin a map in my opinion.

    Diyala - is a good map if you have a small group, it looks amazing and runs/spawns much better since they changed to CUP buildings. Few performance issues around the main town and the AI don't like the water features that divide the map, but other than that it's pretty good.

  4. last week
    Mon Dec 4 20:21:41 2017

    Custom vehicle loadouts are lost, the contents of those vehicles are often more important and have specific ammo settings.

    I've used something like this

    class Extended_Init_EventHandlers {
         class 	B_T_LSV_01_unarmed_F {
    		init = " (_this select 0) call (compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'vehicleLoadout.sqf')";

    in the description.ext before

    What this does is any unarmed prowler (B_T_LSV_01_unarmed_F) spawned will have the script vehicleLoadout.sqf run on it. Doing this you can customize the loadout etc on vehicles etc in your mission.

    I often use it to remove the doors from the prowlers, change their inventory etc etc.

    I know it's not really a solution, but could work as a band aid

  5. Mon Dec 4 03:00:13 2017

    FYI there's even an option in the VCOM config to turn it off if server FPS gets below a certain level.

    It's definitely worth running.

  6. Sun Dec 3 19:56:39 2017
    JD_Wang posted in Insurgent OPCOMs.

    It's the roadblocks that are the issue. We've been able to disable everything but roadblocks.
    We even used ALiVE logistics to move most of the roadblock bits so we could see the charge, but still no hold action.

  7. 2 weeks ago
    Tue Nov 28 03:47:33 2017

    Yeah I think we've just hit the same issue.
    Never really been a problem for us before, but I've added the local auto saving every 12 hours or so and I think the save must have happened when vehicles were on a respawn timer.

  8. 3 weeks ago
    Mon Nov 20 19:50:55 2017

    Cool thanks guys.

    I know we can pause the modules already, I was just wondering if there was some way to add an option to save at the same time is all.

  9. Mon Nov 20 02:42:41 2017

    I assume the 64800 is an 18 hour save period?

  10. Mon Nov 20 01:52:35 2017
    JD_Wang started the conversation Scheduled saving or save on exit.

    There's been a few threads about this, but I haven't seen a definitive conclusion and I remember a conversation in Discord about it.

    We're currently saving locally on the server and I would like to be able either schedule a save every x amount of hours, or better yet if there could be an option to run a local save whenever the last person leaves the server that would be awesome.

    Very much like we can set up so when the last person leaves the modules shut down/pause, an option to do a server save at the same time could be very useful.

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