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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Thu Nov 7 04:34:58 2019

    Protip: Use the script version of VCOM

    That way you don't have to worry about an extra mod or anything like that

  2. 4 weeks ago
    Mon Oct 21 21:42:08 2019

    I opened a ticket on GitHub a while back to add the ability to adjust the volume from 1-5, maybe make that 0-5 so it can be turned off.

  3. 6 weeks ago
    Sat Oct 5 01:59:06 2019

    Yeah ambient wildlife would be great. It'd be even better if you could spawn say a herd of goats with a goat herder

  4. 7 weeks ago
    Wed Oct 2 19:27:32 2019
    JD_Wang posted in Auto Pause Feature & Clafghan.

    Not sure what's going on then. I use that exact code in my init.sqf and use local save as well and it definitely saves automatically.

  5. Mon Sep 30 22:01:21 2019

    Absolutely agree with INCON's undercover we've used it recently in a non ALiVE mission with great success

  6. Sun Sep 29 19:58:18 2019

    You really don't need any real scripting knowledge to use those.
    Most of them should come with simple instructions. eg the fuel script says

    Example for initPlayerLocal.sqf: player addEventHandler ["GetInMan", {[ _this select 2] execVM "scripts\kp_fuel_consumption.sqf";}];

    So you simply copy and paste that line into your initPlayer.sqf (and if you don't have one of those just make a new file in your mission folder and name it initPlayerLocal.sqf) save and you're done.

  7. Sun Sep 29 09:35:56 2019

    I generally have the traffic set to spawn between 3-5 vehicles and the ambient flyovers are I think set to about every 10-30 mins or something like that so it's very negligible.

    It's just nice to see the odd chopper or jet fly over, although if I'm honest the jets are a little underwhelming because they fly too slow. I might have to have a look and see if I can't fix that at some stage.

  8. Sun Sep 29 09:32:42 2019
    JD_Wang posted in Auto Pause Feature & Clafghan.

    I've never made a mission on CLAfghan, I should give it a go sometime. I know other have added camps with custom objectives just to flesh it out a lot more.

  9. Sun Sep 29 00:37:09 2019
    JD_Wang posted in Auto Pause Feature & Clafghan.

    By default I get a hint pop up saying ALiVE is saving, and then Save Complete or something similar.

    Autopause in the module should be fine yeah

  10. Sat Sep 28 23:46:54 2019

    Engima's Traffic Script is another really great script for providing ambient civilian traffic. There's also an example in that thread where you can have a small percentage of the traffic be OPFOR, which is great if you want more patrolling technicals etc

    I also use KP Fuel Consumption to make fuel consumption actually a thing and make refuelling something the players need to consider.

    I also like to use the tpw_air script from TPW mods While tpw doesn't support multiplayer I've found the tpw_air script runs fine separately and will provide you with some ambient flybys of whichever aircraft you choose.

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