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    Sat Oct 7 03:46:36 2017

    Thanks dude

  2. Fri Oct 6 01:42:09 2017
    JD_Wang started the conversation How much does Real Weather take into account?.

    Obviously things like rain, but what about things like fog or more importantly wind?

    If it was a particularly windy day IRL will we see that in game?
    I'm playing around with a dust/sandstorm script and if Real Weather varies the wind enough then it may be worth me trying to tie this script into the wind conditions.

  3. Wed Oct 4 19:40:43 2017

    I'd prefer something that allows you to trigger a script so I can teleport the offending player to a "detainment centre". Unfortunately I think showing the number of civilian kills would just end up making it a scoreboard for some of my guys who don't quite get into the immersion side of things.

  4. 2 weeks ago
    Sun Oct 1 19:34:45 2017
    JD_Wang posted in ALiVE and UCM.

    Well the wiki has this to say about detecting profiled units in a trigger

    Will be true if there are virtualized AI groups of side EAST (string) within 50 mtrs of the triggers position EAST

    ((count ([getposATL thisTrigger, 50, ["EAST","entity"]] call ALIVE_fnc_getNearProfiles)) > 0);

    Will be true if there are virtualized vehicles of side EAST (string) within 500 mtrs of trigger position EAST

    ((count ([getposATL thisTrigger, 500, ["EAST","vehicle"]] call ALIVE_fnc_getNearProfiles)) > 0);

    Example: Place this line of code in the condition field of an end mission (f.e. lose) trigger, optionally with timeout. It will fire when there are virtualized groups in the selected area (for a certain amount of time). It doesnt matter if they are spawned or not.

    Now copy and pasting is where my specialty skills end so I'm not sure how you would work this into the situation, but hopefully it's a starting spot.

  5. Sat Sep 30 23:39:55 2017
    JD_Wang posted in ALiVE and UCM.

    @SCAR This is a good idea, but what if mission makers add defense AI in the area too?

    Basically I'd say if the bad guys win then all the workers are killed, if the good guys win then maybe a random number (including zero) of workers are killed in the firefight?

  6. Sat Sep 30 21:21:25 2017
    JD_Wang posted in ALiVE and UCM.

    I know this sounds a bit "gamey" but I'm pretty sure you can set triggers to be triggered by virtual units. Couldn't you just say when ever insurgents get within a certain distance of the current workspace all workers are killed?

    I mean they're unarmed and vulnerable, nothing says the insurgents wouldn't just slaughter them?

  7. Fri Sep 29 04:31:09 2017

    My guys are a little to... liberal with their ordinance shall we say, and the simple fact of civilians hating us doesn't seem to bother them too much, so I'm hoping someone already has a plug and play script that will count civ casualties caused by each person and allow me to punish them once they hit say 5 war crimes.

    At that point I might just teleport them off map to a rehabilitation facility.

  8. Thu Sep 28 09:54:25 2017

    Awesome, that's exactly how I was hoping it would work.
    Thank you sir.

  9. Thu Sep 28 01:29:22 2017
    JD_Wang started the conversation Anyone use the Simulation Manager alongside ALiVE?.

    I like to add detail. Sometimes too much detail. Be it soldiers patrolling the base, villagers manning stalls at the market, or mechanics working on a broken down vehicle in the motorpool. I like the details.

    Problem is if I virtualize them with ALiVE (for performance) they never come back in the same spot. So I'm going to try the Sim Manager and was wondering if anyone else has tried it and does it cause any issues with ALiVE? I figure if I have my virtualization range set to 2000, and the sim manager set a little further then I should be good?

    Anyone have any experience with this?

  10. 3 weeks ago
    Tue Sep 26 02:33:42 2017
    JD_Wang posted in Smooth spawn question?.

    I don't see any reason to change it at all

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