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  1. 3 weeks ago
    Sun Aug 26 21:04:18 2018
    JD_Wang posted in Player Persistence Autosave.

    Ok thanks for that, so I should be putting 300 into the module field to get 5 mins right, it's not going to do something like 300 * 5 mins?

  2. Sun Aug 26 09:19:21 2018
    JD_Wang started the conversation Player Persistence Autosave.

    I've never used the player persistence autosave option before. It does come with a performance warning which makes me wonder who's used this and what did you set the autosave interval to? I'll be saving locally to the server, not to the war room, and it's only going to be a 8 player mission.

    Can I get away with saving every 60 seconds? Who's had some experience with this?

  3. 4 weeks ago
    Mon Aug 20 20:35:55 2018

    That's awesome, thanks!
    I look forward to testing that out :)

  4. Sun Aug 19 21:28:08 2018

    @dixon13 now all you need to do is find some way to only make things available with the fortify tool when you're within x meters of a specified container ;)

  5. 6 weeks ago
    Thu Aug 9 20:33:57 2018
    JD_Wang posted in Time Acceleration Question.

    Never played an ALiVE mission without at least 3x time acceleration. Works fine

  6. 2 months ago
    Thu Jul 5 04:50:08 2018
    JD_Wang posted in Mission Templates.

    I've finally gotten around to making something I deemed workshop worthy

    Operation Grindstone is set up for up to 20 players using TFAR, ACE, and CFP
    It's an all out war between Russian Forces and US Marines on the Island of Napf

    It includes TFAR radio jamming scripts with 5 jammers around the island for you to seek out and destroy. VCOM 3.0 + CFP means you'll have enemies deploying static weapons and using them against you.

    Plus a lot of other little scripts for recruiting AI, airburst HE rounds for launchers etc etc

    Feel free to rip it apart and modify it to your heart's content :)

  7. Thu Jul 5 04:42:03 2018
    JD_Wang posted in Favorite Map for ALiVE?.

    For what it's worth we just finished a mission on Napf, it's a big map but we're only a small group and had a ton of fun on it. I did have to reindex it though, but if you search these forums you'll find the index thread.

    I'm kind of in a rut at the moment too when it comes to which map to start a new mission on. I'd give my left nut for Lythium to work properly, but I've just about given up on that dream ever coming true. I'm pretty sure it'll take ALiVE devs sitting down with JBAD devs and FFAA devs to actually work out what's wrong. Alas that just isn't a priority.

  8. Thu Jun 28 02:40:01 2018
    JD_Wang posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    @cbff33 But it clearly is buggy beyond all get out with SP.

    It's not a "bug" that it's doing what it's supposed to ie giving orders to AI.
    If you look in the settings you'll see VCM_SIDEENABLED = [west,east,resistance]; //Sides that will activate Vcom AI Simply remove the side that you're playing as.

    Or you could run the (group this) setVariable ["Vcm_Disable",true]; code on the player (you may have to loop it I'm not sure) which should disable VCOM on any unit in your group.

    And then if that's not enough for you make a request on GitHub for it to automatically disable on a group when the player is group leader. I think there was an option for that before the rewrite.

  9. Wed Jun 27 21:07:50 2018
    JD_Wang posted in Persistence and Combat Support.

    Only time I've had supports disappear has been if they're waiting on respawn when the server saves.

  10. Wed Jun 27 20:52:56 2018
    JD_Wang posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    We've been running VCOM 3.0 in our latest campaign which has been a Vanilla mission on Altis using only ALiVE, TFAR and ACE and not once in about 4 weeks of the mission running have my guys complained about VCOM taking over supports. (and my guys complain about EVERYTHING)

    I had a couple of issues in the last mission we did but that stopped once I added the (group this) setVariable ["Vcm_Disable",true]; into the code line of the support modules.

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