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  1. 3 years ago
    Mon Dec 21 21:31:52 2020
    JD_Wang posted in ace advanced medical needed.

    There's an update being pushed in the next couple of days I believe, or you could just use the Dev Version

  2. Mon Aug 17 21:04:03 2020

    Github is probably the best place. Just scroll through the static data.

    Of course you'll need to know the worldname eg Sagin is actually hellkitchen

  3. 4 years ago
    Sun May 10 22:14:09 2020
    JD_Wang posted in Civilian TAOR drama.

    @KiloRomeo The issue with the Lythium index was fixed and it works perfectly now.

    In fact the only problem I have with Lythium + ALiVE now is that the map is too good and every time I start to make another mission I end up wanting to make yet another Lythium Insurgency. :)

  4. Sun May 10 01:38:23 2020
    JD_Wang posted in Civilian TAOR drama.


    It's been like this since the big civilian rework and I think it might have something to do with some civs being spawned as agents for performance reasons.

    I just explain it away as locals on base being paid to keep the place clean, or they're there selling bootleg copies of Jarhead to all the soldiers :)

  5. Sun May 3 11:31:14 2020

    Awesome thank you so much, I just realised the index was FUBAR and was hoping someone had made a new one <3

  6. Sun Apr 19 02:29:09 2020

    @DrDetroit you don't need to use ALiVE supports at all if you use SSS. It provides transport, CAS, (even the blackfish gunship if you like to play with those guns) artillery and even resupply airdrops that you can configure to your hearts content. Unlike ALiVE some of it's supports (Gunship, drone, fixed wing CAS) are virtual, so they spawn a ways off, do their thing and despawn. But you can set up cool down timers etc so they can't be over used.

    What makes SSS so good is how flexible it is and how easy it is to set up.
    Make sure to check out the wiki on github as it explains what you need to set things up.

  7. Wed Apr 15 02:51:56 2020

    Bringing this thread back from the dead as we've changed a few things over time and I'm always interested in what others add to their missions.

    We dropped VCOM and now roll with a combination of LAMBS_danger.fsm (already mentioned in this thread and in my opinion the #1 AI mod currently) and CF_BAI which is a really cool AI mod focused mainly on the AI vision. Now when it's dark or foggy (or we're in a forest) it's much easier to stay low, concealed and avoid contact. AI also seem to engage from longer ranges which can lead to some nice long firefights. It also has a suppression mechanic which allows you to drop the accuracy etc of the AI when they're suppressed. So far it's proven to be a good combo.

    Simplex Support Services I use this in just about every mission, be it an ALiVE mission, Zeus or simple objective based missions. Originally I started using it for ALiVE for CAS aircraft on maps with no airfields but now I've replaced ALiVE's supports with Simplex. You have a basic mode were supports are called via map click, and then you have "milsim" mode which requires a 10 digit grid to call in that airstrike or artillery. Interestingly you can assign any vehicle as a transport, meaning you could technically set up a taxi to drive you around. It's easy to set up and very flexible when it comes to who can/can't call supports. One idea I had which Sceptre was cool enough to implement for me was the ability to blacklist support areas. Eg you can place markers 100m wide over all the mosques on the map and then set it up so players can't call arty/airstrikes into that area.

    Finally KP Ranks > We don't use this as much as we used to but it's a cool ranking system that can be setup so the admin awards ranks or (in my opinion the better option) you can set it to automagically award points towards rank up for playtime, kills etc while subtracting points for civilian and BLUFOR kills. Notifications pop up when a player ranks up and the mod will also change your sleeve insignia to show that rank.
    For a while I use this mod to limit arsenal gear based on rank, eg you couldn't use a marksman or sniper rifle until you hit a certain rank. This in conjunction with a huge penalty for civ kills suddenly had my playerbase being a lot more careful PID'ing their targets :)
    I would also add a small passive bonus to certain underplayed roles such as TL or medic which incentivised their use.

  8. Mon Apr 13 09:23:17 2020
    JD_Wang posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    Honestly this is half the reason I stopped using VCOM and now run a combination of LAMBS Danger fsm and CF_BAI as neither mod generate waypoints so you don't have helicopters all flying off, or any of the other funky stuff that happens with VCOM.

    The only thing I miss is VCOM's ability to deployable static weapons (something nkenny has talked about for LAMBS) but that's just a small niche case

  9. Wed Mar 25 21:40:20 2020

    This has been a bugbear of mine for a while, and I believe it was a design choice so that people would have units in houses for CQB which I get, but I still hate the fact they will stand there doing nothing while players make their way through compounds.

    I did have a clunky script that would ungarrison units around the player and then either use the CBA defend function (which gives a percentage chance that units release from their garrison) or because we used VCOM I also tried using the VCOM "find cover" function which in testing worked really well, and seemed realistic enough.

    But because I'm a terrible scripter it wasn't a great solution, was rather performance heavy and was just too clunky to be made practical.

    I did have an issue open on Github, but the idea of using the CBA garrison function instead of the ALiVE one didn't pan out due to blacklisting etc


    I still think it can be greatly improved, it just needs someone with the coding skills to pick it up and run with it.

  10. Sun Feb 23 21:53:55 2020

    If you're running an AI mod like VCOM make sure it's turned off on all the crews.

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