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    Tue Apr 25 23:07:04 2017
    JD_Wang posted in Profiled Warlords = Dead.

    @HeroesandvillainsOS  Why not manually place these groups, and give them creative waypoints, or random spawn markers? That definitely will work because they'll never be virtualized and you won't need to worry tapping into ALiVE's systems.

    They are currently manually placed, but I was hoping to have them controlled by the OPCOM so they would just get involved with the battles like "normal" groups without me having to give them predetermined waypoints. That way I won't really know where they are as I play with the guys.

    Kind of frustrating, but I'll figure something out I guess

  2. 2 days ago
    Tue Apr 25 10:03:27 2017
    JD_Wang started the conversation Profiled Warlords = Dead.

    Currently I have a mission where I've spread 5 unknown "warlords" around the map and want ALiVE to use those groups as normal, but when the player kills them they get a task completion. Sort of an unexpected congratulations for killing someone important.

    Now I have the warlords named (warlord_1 - warlord_5) and have 5 triggers with the condition !alive warlord_1 etc

    That all works fine until I link those groups to the virtual AI module, at which time they all show as being !alive

    I tried switching the Virtual AI module to "Virtualize all editor placed units except synced units" but that causes all my base defenders to appear in different places.

    I just tried putting this setVariable ["ALIVE_profileIgnore", true]; in the init of the warlords but that doesn't seem to do anything and they show as !alive. What did I do wrong there because it seems to be exactly what I need.

    I do want the OPCOM to have control of them so they get used like normal groups, but not get virtualized.

  3. last week
    Tue Apr 18 04:25:53 2017

    Actually G.O.S Gunkizli is a really good map, the terrain itself fit the european theme, but the buildings are more middle eastern so I'm not sure it's perfect for your requirements. Do check it out though.

  4. Tue Apr 18 03:35:12 2017

    Just the CUP version. Seems to work perfectly, we've been having a "3 way" blast the last couple of weeks.

  5. Tue Apr 18 00:18:43 2017

    Sahrani is still one of the best maps for ALiVE in my opinion.

  6. Mon Apr 17 20:46:44 2017

    We ran a mission on Gunkizli a few months back and the guys all said they were getting great frame rates there.
    Also seconding Sahrani as a really smooth performing map.

    Unfortunately 2 of my favourite maps (Sangin and Diyala) suffer from really poor performance

  7. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Apr 10 20:53:23 2017

    Fair enough, thanks for the insight

  8. Sun Apr 9 23:59:01 2017

    Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but I've been thinking about adding this into my new mission just to add a little more variety to intel gathering (so it's not just to standard folder of documents on the ground)

    Is there any (simple) way to make these items spawn in the inventory of the guy you just killed?

    I'd really like to have to search a body to get his phone or documents rather than have it appear on the ground nearby. I kind of want my player base to have to go and check bodies rather than just scan with optics to see if there's intel dropped.

  9. 4 weeks ago
    Thu Mar 23 18:58:49 2017

    I was playing around again with Sahrani last night, and it seems very inconsistent.
    My aircraft is stationed on the little island to the North.

    Last time I tried it, it took off fine landed ok and then stopped in the middle of the runway and wouldn't take off again. However last night it took off/landed fine, taxied back to it's start point just fine and then automatically took off again on it's own.

    I'll keep working on it this weekend and see if I can narrow anything down.

  10. 5 weeks ago
    Tue Mar 21 03:51:34 2017

    Yeah see I had no issue the first time. I'll do some more testing when I get home.
    Would be nice to finally have so dependable air support

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