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    Sat Aug 5 22:37:34 2017

    Made the test without HC and it worked the whole session. So it must be an issue with the HC.


    Sadly the Server FPS dropped to much lower level (~19FPS). Any idea how to fix the HC?

  2. Fri Aug 4 19:48:10 2017

    Worked a little bit longer then usual but in the end the Insurgent weren't interested in us anymore (sadly).

    server rpt:


    hc log:


    Will test without HC this weekend

    Thx for your time

  3. Fri Aug 4 17:18:27 2017
    F Fugee_Law started the conversation Enemy AI stops shooting at players after respawn.

    we encountered a strange behaviour on our linux dedicated server:
    The AI stops shooting at the players after some time of playing. They are outright ignoring all the players and we can even heal them if they are wounded (don't know if this is always possible - usually AI aren't too fond to let us close). The bug starts after the first or second respawn (using BIS respawn: Respawn position respawn_west). It feels like we are 'ghosting' for the AI, even friendly dudes are verbaly spotted as "enemy soldier 300m" (but they are still blue on the map).

    Server specs:

    • linux dedicated
    • server runs at 40-50FPS
    • only 2 players (one is sometimes conntected as admin)
    • headless client connected (same machine - mission set to spawn AI on headless)
    • mods running: RHS (all four), CBA, alive, CUP (weapons, vehicles, units, core, maps), Iraqi-Syrian Conflict, Takistan Civilians for CUP, NIArms core + (MG3, G3), ASR AI3
    • Bluefor Faction is: all to none; override faction: rhs_faction_usarmy_d
    • Opfor Faction is: all to none; override faction: ISC_IS_O


    The mission is more or less the insurgency demo mission from the alive page (only changed the vehicles to RHS vehicles and changed the factions) copied to CUP Takistan. We tried different versions (AI commander connected to spawn modules or not). But nothing is doing the trick. Also the Alive data module was removed.

    We are pretty much lost with this issue and don't know how to fix it.

    Thanks in advance for your help

  4. 3 years ago
    Wed Nov 12 16:08:01 2014

    DL link is in the private conversation.

  5. Tue Nov 11 13:40:22 2014

    No mods here - apart from cba and alive of course.

  6. Wed Nov 5 16:06:57 2014

    There is a lot going on yes (800 Battalion strength on both sides). I even tried to use the 50% reinforcement threshold for reinforcement request (hoped to see less requests and faster respond times) but that changed nothing.

    or are you only seeing the acknowledged message and then nothing for 20 minutes?

    - Yes for 20 minutes nothing after the acknowledge message. After that the insertions starts (drop/heli/convoy). Also it seems that there is a Problem with despawning helis after heli Insertion - they just hover at the Insertion Point and do not despawn.

  7. Tue Nov 4 12:35:06 2014

    Ok just retested:

    1. I send the request for air drop
    2. some seconds later i get: Request acknowledged, stand by"
    3. Then I have to wait for about 10-20 minutes, sometimes longer.

    I thought about the problems with the insertion point (Nato forces are located in the upper left 1/3 of Altis - so no airfield available for them). With "dynamic" Opcom would use the Harbor of Kavala. I read that higher priority objects lend to a faster Insertion process. So i created a custon Military base "Mil Outpost 1(Huge) with priority 999 and placed the logistics modul ,on "static", right next to it. Insertion from that Point works but, as said before seems slow.

  8. Tue Nov 4 00:17:49 2014
    F Fugee_Law started the conversation Long wait time for AirDrop/Convoi/heli.

    I made a map with two huge TAORs (one for Bluefor and one for Opfor) working good with dedicated Server. The problem is the incredible long wait times for Player Combat Logistics. Is it intentional that I need to wait ~10 minutes for an airdrop or over 20 minutes until an convoy is assembled?

  9. Mon Nov 3 21:03:10 2014
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