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    Wed Dec 20 10:26:35 2017

    @Guitar18 This would be a random location within the TAOR still right?

    I think it depends on the radius setting. It could be placed outside TAOR though it's TAOR is still there.

  2. Wed Dec 20 04:30:59 2017

    @highhead are you seeing the same, if you wait 2 minutes before engaging the AI?

    What we may be seeing is:

    • The first time the AI fires at you, it is still on the server after you teleported near it
    • AI Distributor switches the AI to HC after an average of a minute after spawn (interval for distribution check is 60 seconds), and the AI then looses all the knowsAbout information and walks away
    • you then get near the AI again, and the knowsabout value is set again, so AI is also firing at you again

    I think that is what it is. We had an op today with the HC and increased the spawn distance to the norm of 1500 to give AI time to switch over. Had a very intense firefight today so I am happy.

  3. Wed Dec 20 04:29:20 2017

    So what exactly occurs if we allow the AI Commander to spawn semi randomly? How does one figure out that area is where the HQ sits?

  4. Tue Dec 19 04:29:30 2017

    @HeroesandvillainsOS The grass thing is a vanilla Arma issue (disgusting I know), nothing to do with your PC.

    That video doesn’t strike me as being that odd. You’re hip firing from a kilometer out in the first section and the second section you’ve just come up a hill with AI looking away from you on a patrol route. I mean I guess in a perfect world the first group would at least hear the gunfire and do something but without a side by side without using an HC or running a similar test it’s hard to say.

    True, but here is another video showing the same thing.

    Go to 1:10 and watch from there.

  5. Mon Dec 18 18:44:09 2017

    Here is the video. Sorry with the artifacts with the grass. Recording ArmA 3 with my grass settings is odd.

  6. Sat Dec 16 20:14:44 2017

    @Friznit Can you reliably repro it with just ALiVE & CBA?

    Just made one with only ALiVE and CBA and still get the same results. I am currently even uploading a video of it atm.

  7. Sat Dec 16 04:59:41 2017
    Mannulus started the conversation Headless Client & ALiVE Performance and AI Issues.

    I just found out that if you have ALiVE on with HC, the AI become "stupid" and your FPS is actually lower than normal. If you don't run ALIVE it does not have the same issues.

    I ran an AI test of 100 units without ALiVE and saw the HC was properly assigned and everything went great.

    Afterwards, I ran the same test with ALiVE and the AI went dumb and FPS was down by 10-15 fps.

    Mod List:

    • CBA_A3
    • ACE3
    • All RHS's
    • Task Force Arrowhead
    • CUP Terrains (Core, CWA, Maps)
    • HLC MP5 w/ Core
    • Kimi's HMD
    • klpq Music Radio
    • BackPackonChest
    • SpyderAddons
    • 3denEnhanced
    • Immursion Cigs
    • ACE Extension
    • Scripts
    • ATM Airdrop
    • VCOM

    Any idea what is wrong?

  8. Wed Dec 13 02:38:12 2017
    Mannulus posted in ALiVE Performance.

    @Opendome Thanks so much! Here's the file

    Having issues getting it from this site. Could you upload it to google drive possibly?

    Also, add me on Steam:

    This way I can ask questions to narrow stuff down and get responses faster than every few hours.

  9. Tue Dec 12 19:44:13 2017
    Mannulus posted in ALiVE Performance.

    @Opendome Im really stuck and dont understand why or what I can do to fix it :( Ive always had this sort of problem even on other missions I made with lower settings than recommended on Isla Duala for instance. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated

    Send me the mission file and I will look it over. ^-^

  10. Tue Dec 12 19:08:01 2017

    If I recall, the force readiness is how much of that group is patrolling while the rest is garrisoned (in buildings). So if you got 100 units with a force readiness of 75% then 25 of those units are going to be garrisoned in buildings (Simulating off duty). @HeroesandvillainsOS can probably clarify that better than me though unless I nailed it.

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