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    Thu Jan 30 01:18:53 2020
    Mannulus posted in Setting for spawn.

    I am pretty sure someone here will correct me but if I recall you can use two of the same modules to get this effect (though I think it doubles up on objectives.)

    1. One module is set to spawn units in a TAOR
    2. Another is set to Objectives Only for another TAOR.
    3. Sync to AI Commander and then to enemy AI Commander.
  2. Mon Nov 11 21:55:30 2019

    @Constant_Corpse @Mannulus Did you ever find an answer to the servermod question?

    I ended up stop using VCOM and switched to our groups own custom AI.

  3. Mon Nov 11 21:42:11 2019
    Mannulus posted in Ruha Index 07/11/2019.

    I got a error. Not sure what the issue could be:


    Civilians are not spawning as well.

    The specific error line number it references is:

    [_sectorData,"clustersMil",_clustersMil] call ALIVE_fnc_hashSet;

  4. 4 years ago
    Sun Aug 5 23:41:39 2018
    Mannulus posted in Removing Persistence on items.

    So our group is running an Insurgency on Tanoa currently and we came across an issue.

    For some reason, a crate I spawned in using Zeus is somehow being saved without it being picked up with ALiVE's Player Logistics. So on server restarts, the box remains but the arsenal I added to it (again using Zeus) is removed. The box was meant to be a temporary thing so player's can fill up the boxes kept at their COP for later use but now I got this crate just sitting here.

    To make matters worse, the items the player's pulled out using the ACE Arsenal and put into the boxes I made for them (in editor) are not saving within them.

    The boxes are synced to the Disable Logistics module (to prevent from being picked up). Is this causing this behavior or is it something else?

    Most importantly, is there a code I can run on the crates to make them save / remove their persistence on next restart or something?

  5. Sat Aug 4 01:15:13 2018
    Mannulus started the conversation Time Acceleration Question.

    Is there any issues using Time Acceleration with ALiVE? I wanted to know if it's okay to use it or not as I don't want my guys be in the dark for a long ass time IRL but still have to deal with the night.

  6. Thu Aug 2 20:20:47 2018
    Mannulus started the conversation ALiVE with Encore Update.

    A few questions with the update:

    - Can we somehow use the new VLS and Hammer on the USS Liberty as a Combat Support option?

    - Is there a method to save assault boats on Boat Racks?

  7. Wed Aug 1 00:02:17 2018

    @YonV Are you using the latest version of VCOM, civilian AI's were removed from VCOM's interactions by default a few releases back.

    Pretty sure I am on. I went straight to the VCOM thread on Bistudio and was sure to get the updated one. It's odd.

  8. Tue Jul 31 16:05:32 2018

    Is there anyway to disable VCOM AI for Civilians? For some reason, all the civilians run to one spot near the players after a player has shot. This is the script version. I seen the same thing happening with the mod.

  9. Mon Jul 30 02:35:00 2018
    Mannulus started the conversation Questions! [VCOM, Multiple Assym OPCOM, Etc.].

    Hello everyone again! I been confused on some aspects due to how out of date some information is so I would ask here:

    - In terms of VCOM, should it be run on everyone's game or can I just have it be on the -servermod= only?

    - Can you have multiple Assymetric Commanders? I noticed that I had a INDEP and a OPFOR Insurgency going (they were allies) and for some reason, the INDEP were switched to the OPFOR side. Is this normal? It was the faction I want and everything but they went from INDEP to OPFOR in side.

    - I want to remove people's ability to pick up certain objects with ALiVE Logistics but still allow the players to use the pick up aspects of the ALiVE Logistics on other objects. (Ex. I don't want them to be able to move around objects from a Editor built FOB but still move ammo boxes around and whatnot).

    - Any recommended settings for Tanoa? Like I said, we are doing an insurgency and to help keep objectives down per commander, we are doing two separate Asymmetric AI Commander's (One is a CFP Boko Haram and the other is a CFP Islamic State). IS holds the big island with Boko Haram holding the others except the most top left island (which is the player's main base).

    - Is there a way to have more patrolling insurgents?

    Sorry if some of the questions are in the wrong place, just trying to figure out some headaches.

  10. Mon Jul 9 03:45:04 2018

    If you are referring to players being able to call for logistics (reinforcements, vehicles, etc.) check to see if you put down the Player Combat Logistics Module and change what you need to call Log. Support with (it's the first box)

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