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    Fri Oct 31 04:24:38 2014
    L ldeverell posted in Server Errors from Rpt file.

    I have the module, I deleted it, saved mission and put it back in with no luck. Also no AIATP, so not sure. I have decided to scrap this one and start a fresh. I will strip back to bare minimum mods and go from there. This mission is not even connecting to war room anymore so I have no idea at all as to what has broken it. Thanks for your help.

  2. Fri Oct 31 02:22:29 2014
    L ldeverell posted in Server Errors from Rpt file.


    What does this mean?

  3. Fri Oct 31 02:06:30 2014
    L ldeverell posted in Server Errors from Rpt file.

    do you know what this error means "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/ALiVE_require/Arguments/debug/Values/No.default'." I get it every time I load up a mission or edit a mission in the editor.

    Removed the weather, renamed but still no luck. I'll keep at it.

  4. Fri Oct 31 01:42:08 2014
    L ldeverell posted in Server Errors from Rpt file.

    ok, will do.

  5. Fri Oct 31 01:20:45 2014
    L ldeverell started the conversation Server Errors from Rpt file.

    Hi can someone please have a look at this report file snippet (original too big for pastebin) and tell me what might be going on? I have having issues with the persistence saving properly and there may be something in here that will explain it. Thanks


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    Sun Aug 17 21:05:23 2014
    L ldeverell posted in ALiVE - 0.70 Player Resupply .

    Hi, I have a problem with resupply. I have tried both heli and convoy and select what I want, both times were just a couple of groups of units to reinforce or fill static weapons. The problem I have is once I select my location on the map in the tablet I get the request in the radio chatter and then the request just sits idle in the tablet with "requesting" and nothing else happens. I have left it like this for quiet a few minutes with no success the resupply never happens. I have placed the module and haven't synced it with anything as per your video. What might I be doing wrong I really don't know. The map is Takistan and the units I am requesting are massi rangers units. Could it be an issue with the vehicles seeing massi units have no vehicles configed for alive?? thanks.

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