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    Wed May 20 00:37:46 2015
    D DarkRanger57 posted in Mission Templates.

    Ah, I see. A bit annoying that it takes way too long for objectives to be given (Sat around for literally 20-30 minutes and nothing happened) but hoping that the changes that are planned for a post 1.0 update will make them a bit more active. Having them react to user generated tasks sounds like exactly the thing to do it.

  2. Tue May 19 23:42:12 2015
    D DarkRanger57 posted in Mission Templates.

    I'm most likely in the minority here, but I love the "Select Assault mission" option since I enjoy singleplayer Arma most whenever I'm thrown into an ai led squad. However, I do have a few issues and a few questions about those issues. I'm new to ALiVE in general, so you have to forgive me if these questions seem like they should be common sense.

    Picking an objective and getting there works well enough, but once the squad gets there they just proceed to do nothing but stand in place. Why is this? Are they set to defend the area? I'm not afraid of a little monotony, seeing as this is a sim, but literally standing in place forever is a bit much.

    If they are set to defend the area, and standing in place is their one method of doing so, is there any way to coax an ai led squad you're in to move to a different objective? Generating tasks doesn't seem to affect them.

  3. Tue May 19 23:28:13 2015
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