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  1. 7 months ago
    Mon Oct 15 18:17:35 2018
    C Cobra posted in Arty trouble..

    Even with V-com turned off, I noticed the arty moving to engage if they are under attack.

  2. Mon Oct 15 18:16:26 2018
    C Cobra posted in Arty trouble..

    I'm using 3.0. I think it is the most current on github.

  3. Fri Oct 5 05:51:18 2018
    C Cobra started the conversation Arty trouble..

    Having a new issue out of the blue. Arty placed on the map and spawned through the module, connected to the player combat support keep driving off and attacking enemies. Never had this issue. tested it with vanilla OPFOR arty and it keeps happening. Using VCOM AI but not for the eastern side.

  4. 8 months ago
    Mon Sep 24 20:00:39 2018
    C Cobra posted in Prei Khmaoch Luong index.

    Yeah I brought this up a few months ago and HeroesandVillians said it probably needed to be reindexed although he didnt have the time to personally do it at the moment.. I was wanting to get around to it. It's a very well made map.

  5. Sat Sep 22 08:04:52 2018
    C Cobra posted in Prei Khmaoch Luong index.

    Can you confirm that civilians are being placed at all indexed civilian map locations?

  6. Fri Sep 21 19:44:12 2018
    C Cobra started the conversation Orbat question.

    I've created a custom Civilian faction with an afghan civilian theme in the Orbat creator. I used a base opfor soldier to start the faction so I can get the persian faces, names, and voice in game. The problem I'm having is that base CSAT soldier classes come equipped with radios. When I edit the units' load out in the Orbat creator, it shows the communication tab as empty with no selectable radios. Although in game all the civilians created with that soldier class has a radio. Ive used a civilian character as a starting unit but ingame the people will have greek names regardless of choosing the persian voice and face. The radio will be gone however.

  7. Fri Sep 21 19:34:51 2018
    C Cobra posted in Can't get civilians to flee.

    How are the safe areas designated?

  8. Fri Sep 21 19:32:34 2018
    C Cobra posted in Prei Khmaoch Luong index.

    The index on this map isnt working correctly. Most of the locations do not actually spawn even though it shows them when a placement module is set to debug.

  9. Fri Sep 21 19:24:52 2018

    I'd like to see improvements to the civilian placement module by way of adding a whitelist for spawnable vehicles. A similar feature for VBIEDs is much needed. Also the last 5 or so Alive scenarios I've made deal with historical time frames like Vietnam War and currently the Soviet Afghan War. It would be nice to have more accessable control over spawnable crates and vehicles for different factions via in-module whitelists. More control and randomization dealing with OPCOM installations using the insurgency feature would be awesome too. For example adding custom crate via whitelist for weapons depots and the option to use crates instead of IED tables ect. It sucks to see an office water dispenser in an afghan or vietnamese hut out in the middle of nowhere. It would be cool to add random intel chances to installations as well. The intel could be used to identify the installation and provide the legacy info as well. It would make a more immersive intel gathering and installation searching process. Last thing the dismantling of installations suck right now, perhaps just a UI change or the ability to destroy and/or collect all relevant intel at site could help. I found it to be more immersive when there wasn't any spacebar action or UI text and we just blew them up hoping that would put an end to it. Anyway a couple of wanted and needed features.

  10. 10 months ago
    Wed Jun 27 20:50:16 2018
    C Cobra posted in Persistence and Combat Support.


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