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    Tue Jun 11 13:39:26 2019
    A AUTigerGrad posted in Error MainTurret.maxHorizontalRotSpeed.

    That typically occurs when you are using a "copy of a copy" i.e. using an Orbated vehicle for the base instead of an original version.

    We recommend always using a vanilla faction/CUP faction for the base of any orbated vehicle to avoid this.

  2. Wed May 8 16:57:52 2019
    A AUTigerGrad posted in Issue with Civilian/insurgency spawn.

    Yes that is Lythium.

    We've also implemented African regional sounds, etc. as well. If you are using CUP or CFP Civilian factions, it will automatically use the appropriate region specific sounds in game.

  3. Wed May 8 16:53:23 2019
    A AUTigerGrad posted in How can I remove ACE?.

    If you go into the mission.sqf and delete all of the ace lines in the required addons..you should be good to go.

  4. Thu Jan 3 00:30:55 2019

    @JD_Wang Saw your request re: CFP. I'll probably move all of the static groups to support instead of SF as, based on Friz's explanation above, they are more rare than infantry groups. Won't get it in this release, but I'll make the switch for the following release.

  5. Tue Dec 18 18:50:37 2018

    How's that working for you Nichols? I thought about experimenting with using the vanilla module to supplement the ALiVE Civs.

  6. Wed Dec 5 14:56:48 2018
    A AUTigerGrad posted in IED Woes.

    Insurgents absolutely place IEDs. I've seen IEDs, VBIEDs, and I have seen suicide bombers...however I will say that probably 90% of the suicide bombers (when synced to the Assymetric module) DO NOT detonate themselves. That's not the case when unsynced.

    In my last op on my dedi on Kunduz, there were tons of IEDs and VBIEDs on the map after a couple of nights of playing. As Heroes mentioned...it's a slow burn when synced. I do wish the Suicide bombers were more aggressive synced though.

  7. Tue Sep 25 16:01:36 2018

    @Cobra Re: Disabling vs destroying insurgency installations....you can still blow them up if you wish. However, and this is why we introduced the new system, it was getting to the point that half of a village would need to be blown up to disable the installation and there was no way at all to remove a roadblock as you couldn't blow them up.

    I agree that it's more satisfying blowing a building sky high..but at the same time...it's not a very effective way of winning the hearts and minds of the local population if you blow half of their village away.

    If you blow up the building now, there is a cost to it. Yes, you remove the installation, but you also increase hostility as you are destroying the Civilian property in the process, which in my opinion, is a good thing.

    I absolutely agree that Spyder's Civ interaction needs to be in ALiVE. End of statement. It's an absolute necessity for immersion within Assymetric campaigns.

    I would LOVE to see more immersive tasks for Insurgencies as well....have a task that generates a Convoy from point A to point B that needs to be escorted and protected from insurgent ambush....have a task that identifies the local insurgent commander in the region and provide massive bonuses to capturing the target rather than killing them.

    Tapping into more of the actual strategic objectives and using those for the tasks is my biggest wish. There have been improvements, but it can be so much more IMO.

  8. 6 years ago
    Thu Jul 5 17:51:38 2018
    A AUTigerGrad posted in Mission Templates.

    Nice! We love seeing CFP missions on Steam!

  9. Fri Jun 22 01:16:15 2018
    A AUTigerGrad posted in CFP!.

    We actually have a massive..and I do mean massive...update coming Friday. I believe...at last count..after our update tomorrow we will be at a total of 50 new or revamped factions. Of the top of my head update includes:

    US Navy Seals Arid/Desert faction
    US Navy Seals Jungle/Woodland faction
    75th Ranger Regiment
    Israeli Defense Force
    Hamas Al Qassam Brigades
    Islamic Republic of Iran Armed Forces
    Central African Rebels
    Sudan/Darfur conflict factions (5 or 6 different factions)
    Completely revamped/overhauled German CUP KSK (Desert and Woodland factions)
    Plus a ton of newly acquired assets, redone textures, completely redone Crye Uniforms and probably some other stuff I can't remember.

  10. Wed Jun 13 18:09:54 2018
    A AUTigerGrad posted in Limit Combat Support?.

    Yes, if you do not turn off VCom on the placed Arty units, VCOM will use them for fire support.

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