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    Mon Apr 17 17:14:47 2017
    A AUTigerGrad started the conversation Best Optimized Maps (List for Mission Makers).

    So as a mission maker, a badly optimized map or a map that causes spikes in FPS can tank even the most well thought out campaign.

    That being said...I figured I'd start a thread for folks to post not their "favorite" maps..but the maps they have had the best experiences FPS wise on.


    Song Bin Tanh (APEX version) This map is OUTSTANDING. Our current campaign is running on here and even with dozens of units engaged around us...server FPS rarely dips below 30. Very few spikes or points where the FPS chugs even when driving fast down some of the roads. PLUS...it's gorgeous.

    FATA... Always have great FPS when using this map for missions/campaigns. Even in the highly populated areas....Server FPS stays above 30 in 99% of instances. My second favorite Middle East map behind Sangin (which is not as well optimized).

    Sahrani....A great older map that always does well in big campaigns with our group.

  2. Mon Apr 17 17:09:22 2017
    A AUTigerGrad posted in ORBAT Vehicle Paint not applying.

    Yup, that's correct. RHS based vehicles will overwrite your changes upon spawning. Which is a shame. CUP vehicles work great though.

  3. Fri Apr 14 19:48:05 2017

    Assume I have a campaign that I've already saved at least once.

    What changes can I make to the mission file "midcampaign" that will actually stick once I load up my saved data again?

    Can I blacklist taors?

    Can I tweak what types of reinforcements are available?

    Need to know what mission makers can and can't tweak in their campaigns without having to restart persistence from scratch,

  4. Fri Apr 14 13:50:41 2017

    Folks tend to forget that you can see every faction of every mod you have active by going into the Config Editor in Eden and then open up CfgFactions. There...you will see every single faction as it stands for that particular mod.

  5. 2 weeks ago
    Thu Apr 13 17:15:07 2017

    Welp..I guess that answers it. Good deal.

    This will also work well with the new Arma 3 Aircraft Carrier that's included in the Jets DLC Bohemia just announced!

  6. Thu Apr 13 16:51:47 2017

    I'm pretty sure dynamic reinforcement only means that the logistics can be brought in to multiple locations if the original location is compromised, not necessarily bumping up the number of units provided to hold on to newly captured objectives.

  7. Thu Apr 13 15:00:53 2017

    So here is my question,

    I have several campaigns I'm creating that involve the campaign beginning with a Naval invasion from a fleet or with the players and their allies starting in a very very small area of the map and gradually working their way across the entire map.

    As the inital blufor force will be very small...as they proceed to capture objectives and establish more of a foothold...will the AI commander call in reinforcements to hold the ever increasing objectives held by his forces?

    For example...let's say I have 20 initial units for Blufor with 1-2 starting objectives. As my forces move inland...will the AI commander ONLY call in more troops if my units drop below 20? Or will the AI commander call in troops to hold each future objective we take? Or....would the players need to use the ALiVE logisitics to call in troops manually to hold these new objectives (which would then be taken over by the AI Commander of course).

    FYI, the Mil Obj module/CIv Obj Module for these campaigns is set to 400 per due to the size of the map. But the actual units starting out for the players and their allies (that I virtualize or have at the current objectives spawned) number around 20 or so.

    This is important to note how this works as it will aid me in creating these types of invasion scenarios.

  8. Thu Apr 13 01:05:06 2017

    Beketov. Terrain is great for armored/mechanized warfare as well.

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    Thu Apr 6 04:06:58 2017
    A AUTigerGrad started the conversation Syncing vs Not Syncing IED Module to Assymetric Commander.

    So I spent the better part of 2 hours tonight messing around with various settings in the IED module and I just had some random musings I wanted to put down to see how my thoughts compare to others.

    -I noticed that the Debug IED option was NOT available when I synced the IED module to the Assymetric Commander. I'm assuming as this changes the behavior of the module to where the Commander decides where the IEDs go as the campaign progresses? If so, does this also mean that there will be no IEDs, VBIEDs, or Suicide Bombers at the initial start of the campaign, even if I have the threat levels set to extreme and installations set to extreme? Just curious as I would like to have some campaigns where there are tons of IEDs littering the area but I'd still want it to be synced to the AI Assymetric Commander. Without the Debug option showing up, its hard to see if this is indeed occurring.

    -Unsynced..it's crazy how many IEDs spawn. Even setting IEDs to Medium or High generates as many as 5-6 IEDs in the span of a block..which is great..but I wasn't expecting such a stark difference after playing with a synced module in most of my campaigns.

    -There is a drastic difference in the behavior of suicide bombers when syncing vs unsyncing. Unsynced module = Suicide bombers that do indeed sprint over to you...then blow themselves up. Synced module = lots of guys walking around with suicide vests who will stand next to players, have a conversation with them, and never blow themselves up. Is this intentional? I'd say 8/10 times in our campaigns with synced IED module, the suicide bombers never blow themselves up.

    -I messed around with the use of ACE metal detector and ACE IEDs and it worked great..the only issue was that it seemed like I had to literally be standing 1 foot from the IED for the IED alert audio to go off. VBIEDs would always explode before I could hear the alert on the device as it needed to be too close to give me the alert. So essentially I went back to the standard ALiVE setup for detection as it gave a much better alert time on both IEDs and VBIEDs. *WISHLIST* I'd like to see ALiVE force players to holster their weapon to use the mine detector to add a bit of realism to the vanilla ALiVE IED detection/EOD specialist role.

    Those were the biggest points that jumped out at me as I spent the evening tinkering with the module. It's really in a great state of affairs now with the added ACE and EOD integration..I just wish that ACE gave you a louder alert at a greater distance for VBIEDs and IEDS.

  10. 5 weeks ago
    Tue Mar 21 00:33:38 2017
    A AUTigerGrad posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    FYI, I'm trying to add some more factions to the Orbatron google drive and it says I'm not allowed to create any new folders now.

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