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    Mon Feb 27 17:42:01 2017

    You're the man @highhead. Thanks!

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    Sun Feb 26 21:11:02 2017

    I think I placed all of my camps in the 50 priority level and I made their size about 20-30ish so units didn't patrol too far away from the camps.

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    Sun Feb 26 19:55:35 2017

    @JD_Wang There now that more accurately represents my weekend :P

    Been there. Done that. Lol

  4. Sun Feb 26 17:08:53 2017

    We're playing my mission RESTREPO on our server as we speak.

    Some tips I would give for Clafghan....

    1. Go with High or extreme Civ population as the settlements are sparse so when you DO get to one, you will have plenty of civs to speak to and plenty of civs for insurgents to recruit.

    2. Because about 80% of the map is unpopulated mountain terrain....I spent a great deal of time setting up custom mountain camps for the taliban (insurgents). Then I placed custom objective modules at those locations so the OPFOR Commander would know to protect and secure those camps. Also...if you add sheds or other buildings at these locations..the OPFOR commander WILL create IED factories, HQs, etc at those locations. So you can add many more Assymetric objectives than just in the towns.

    Plus...you can get some epic firefights in these mountain ranges. So there's a bonus.

    3. My philosophy on just about every Insurgency I make is that I make the BLUFOR Commander synced to a Military obj module and a Civ Obj Module but only for larger objectives.

    I make the Assymetric Commander module synced to a Civ Obj Module with no filters and NO Military modules.

    The reason I have this set up is because with ALiVE, I found that syncing an Assymetric commander to a military module eventually had unrealistic IED factories, etc. set up INSIDE my bases, which was an immersion killer. The taliban aren't gonna have weapon caches in the barracks of Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan..ever. Also...I prefer to keep the insurgency within settlements and not attacking fortified bases with well armed and trained soldiers.

    4. Vehicle spawners-I'm starting to become a scrooge when it comes to vehicle spawners for several reasons.

    a. Players on my server are starting to neglect the logistics vehicles I placed in the camps and instead..are using vehicles as "disposable objects" that they drive to a location..then abandon on the battlefield.

    b. If you have 2 Helicopters and 2 MRAPs..and that's it...versus an unlimited supply..suddenly your entire strategy changes in how you approach using them.

    Also...I'd recommend setting friendly reinforcements at 500 or higher for a persistent campaign. I set ours to 200..and after 2 weeks of sessions in this campaign...we are now completely out of logistics reinforcements. The Taliban have been kicking our ass.

  5. Sun Feb 26 17:00:08 2017

    Just rollback one version and you are good to go.

  6. 3 days ago
    Fri Feb 24 19:37:38 2017

    So obviously I've made about eleventy billion (that's a number!) missions with ALiVE, but I still find myself reading the wiki every few months and getting fresh ideas after reading it.

    I had some specific questions re: Insurgency/Assymetric campaigns that I wanted to get clarified.

    From the wiki:
    Sabotage - insurgents will collect explosives from a Weapons Depot and set out to destroy or damage civilian infrastructure targets such as factories and power stations in order to destabilise the security situation. They will attempt to place 3 to 5 explosive charges near the building before moving to safe distance and detonating. If they are successful, this will have a high impact on the hostility level.

    And this:
    Hearts & Minds: Security forces must maintain a patrol presence in towns to reduce hostility levels and ensure critical civilian infrastructure such as power stations, factories and fuel depots are guarded. Damage to civilians and their property must be avoided at all costs to prevent hostility increasing and the situation spiraling out of control, even when those same civilians may be harbouring insurgents! Security Forces can improve the situation by clearing the area of hostile forces, disarming IEDs or by finding and destroying IED factories, roadblocks, weapon depots and recruitment HQs.

    Clarification question:
    In many of my missions, I only use a Civ Obj Module for the Insurgent AI Commander, as it helps to keep (in my view) unrealistic attacks on well armed military FOBs at a minimum and keeps the focus on the insurgents staying in less heavily guarded civilian areas.

    That being said...are factories, power stations, and fuel depots ignored if I do not sync the Insurgent AI Commander to a Mil Obj Module as well? I'd hate to be missing out on this feature if that's the case.

    Second Clarification question:
    If the goal is to prevent Civilian damage to buildings....can the player "eliminate" the insurgent installations within a building by any other means than blowing it up?

    Can we move the ammo boxes, water coolers, etc. out of the building, set some charges, and destroy the assets outside of the building? If so...will ALiVE recognize that that particular insurgent location no longer exists?

    Next...also from the wiki:

    Ambushes - Insurgents will attempt to ambush military patrols and convoys in the open, using a combination of IEDs or hit and run attacks.

    Assaults - Raids on military outposts and patrol bases are one way insurgents can acquire new weapons and equipment.

    First off...Ambushes...these are freaking awesome! I was zeusing around and testing a mission I'm building on Isla Duala and I saw this first hand. A UN convoy got ambushed by some Islamic African terrorists who had planted IEDs in the road then set up fighters on either side of the road hidden behind trees and under a bridge. When the convoy arrived..BOOM!! A TON of explosives went off, destroyed the trucks, and the insurgents swooped out of hiding and took care of the rest.

    VERY VERY cool!!

    Re: Assaults.... Going back to my earlier question about using a Mil OBJ module with an Asymmetric AI commander....does this mean that if I sync that AI OPCOM to the Objective module...and the insurgents attack a friendly military installation..that the Asymmetric commander automatically generates a weapons cache after an assault simulating an influx of stolen arms? How does this work?

    And..if I don't sync a MIL Obj module to the Assymetric Commander..is this another feature that I'm potentially missing out on?

    Even after almost 2 years of using ALiVE....I'm still finding myself asking questions.

  7. Fri Feb 24 14:26:36 2017

    Some of the folks using them say that they have players getting kicked from servers due to unbinarized addons.

  8. Fri Feb 24 13:36:59 2017

    So I've had multiple requests to binarize both my African Factions for CUP and my Takistan Civs for CUP and I'm running into an issue.

    When I binarize the mods....then launch arma and go into the editor...the factions no longer show in the editor.

    When I leave them unbinarized...they show up as normal.

    Any help on this would be appreciated. If I can binarize them, I'd love to.

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    Tue Feb 21 17:42:59 2017
    1. Merderet
    2. Omaha Beach

    4. Battle of the Bulge

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    Sun Feb 19 22:01:46 2017
    A AUTigerGrad started the conversation HUGE Iron Front LITE update today: NEW MAPS!! .

    For those of you who are lucky enough to be able to index.


    I beg you...

    With a cherry on top....

    Someone index these new Iron Front maps and post those lovely indexes.

    I'm dying to get some Iron Front campaigns going on those I44 terrains.

    I'll be your best friend.


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