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    Thu Oct 12 20:47:26 2017

    I am about to start working on one and wanted to see if some of you guys had a suggestion. Vehicles are going to be difficult to come by but I guess I will have to go with CUP unless Arma has some beat up ass eastern Siberia beater wagons in Arma 3.

  2. Fri Oct 6 13:32:20 2017
    N Nichols posted in Isla Duala.

    Isla Duala does that regardless of whether it was reindexed or not along with Sahrani and some others I can't think of right now.

    Also it hasn't been updated in a while.

  3. Fri Oct 6 13:19:58 2017

    You can beat down an OPCOM to a level where they will toss everything they have at your forces to kill you. Then if you beat that they will significantly slow down to the point where you have effectively beaten them into submission if you are running them set as occupation or invasion. I don't know about Assymetric as we haven't done many of those missions.

    The way I understand TRACE is it is more along the lines of an intelligence gathering system that you can set to update every so often (in minutes). It is more of a tool to use rather than a function of what you have done. While it shows green that means you have eliminated the threats that were there but depending on how you have the OPCOM set they can and will return to the area in an attempt to retake/clear it of you and your forces.

    As for the profiles all over the map many of those are virtualized. Those profiles are not able to be seen until you go drop in either as Zeus or as a player. Go take a look at the link here to see what it means; it is a really well written description on profiled and the Active Limiter.
    Virtual AI System Wiki page

  4. Fri Oct 6 13:03:28 2017
    N Nichols posted in Having Server Lag.

    Take a look at your spawn settings.

    We found that by lowering the helo and jet settings to a significantly lower number allowed our server to keep up better. Also when a player operated aircraft flys over an AI area they aren't spawning in all the CQB, CIV and OPFOR/INDFOR assets all the time. A player in a jet can literally keep most of the AI assets on a map like Isla Duala, Lingor, etc... spawned for nearly their entire time in the air if they are up there flying virtual figure eights waiting on you to bring in CAS for a mission.

    We still haven't figured out how to avoid having things spawn right on top of us in any way other than going super slow with our forces when near objectives.

    Also take a look at your objective filter settings (if they didn't mention it earlier...sorry didn't read all of the replies) and break up your TAOR's into smaller areas with different force sizes within them.

  5. Fri Oct 6 12:56:51 2017

    How about something that would pop up a notification to you as the leader of your unit to arrest the offending player and then you are responsible for transportation of that offender to the detainee area for processing.

    Our real players are a little too liberal with expending ammunition as well and I am keeping up with this question also. Great idea there @JD_Wang

  6. 3 weeks ago
    Wed Sep 27 02:55:23 2017

    AFAIK initialization of ALiVE modules happens on server start. There may be a way to do it but you are probably going to have to do it via Zeus/GM type activity and have that person manually setup the profiles via the ALiVE menu. That way the other force is then going to be active in the server.

    At least that is what I have done; but I have also had that same faction listed as a recruitable faction from the start of the server and once they are moving they can add in new members as needed but it is usually a civilian faction.

  7. Sun Sep 24 14:34:55 2017

    Can you post up your modlist with links to your faction mods and your mission file?

    I wouldn't mind loading it all up on my box and taking a look to see what I can cipher out for you.

  8. Sun Sep 24 13:54:56 2017
    N Nichols posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    @Opendome you cab get the script version by downloading from the BI forum OP post.

    Vcom post

  9. 4 weeks ago
    Wed Sep 20 13:19:20 2017

    So after talking with Jarrad; creator of the SFF factions; it was discovered that the Tanoan Defence Forces mod has a need of working with the Syndikat Overhauled faction. It is not required to run but it tosses an error when starting an ALiVE server that doesn't allow it to initialize fully.

  10. Tue Sep 19 20:57:33 2017

    Nope it's only linked to the SFF faction that Jarrad made for Tanoan Armed Forces. If I remove everything other than ALiVE and CBA in a repro mission it loads perfectly; so I am mainly asking if anyone else here has seen this pop up with the TAF (classname) faction from Jarrad's SFF mods.

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