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    Mon Oct 1 20:34:49 2018
    N Nichols posted in Basic Alive Module Question.

    When you say "objective only" do you mean Custom Objective Markers? As for the AI OPCOM it scans the map and based on the information you tell it to use it will assign units and place them at the various objectives it identifies from the indexing that was done on the map and will either attack or defend those areas based on what the opposing forces are doing.

  2. 3 weeks ago
    Fri Sep 21 19:21:11 2018

    All of the above plus bringing back convoys....that is all.

  3. 8 weeks ago
    Tue Aug 21 01:58:44 2018
    N Nichols posted in Can't get civilians to flee.

    @HeroesandvillainsOS and @Bulljump we just started using the civilian function within Arma and guess what...those crazy folks actually run and hide in the areas you designate as safe areas for them. If you start shooting or blowing stuff up around them they tuck their heads and run to cover. You have to designate an area for them and they will go there until its safe to come back out again.

  4. Tue Aug 21 01:56:04 2018
    N Nichols posted in Weather.

    Or you could just not use the weather module...

    We have found that the weather module conflicts with ACE weather (which we use due to the ballistics needed for our snipers) and if we use ALiVE weather we get super CAT12 hurricanes....sustained winds in excess of 300mph. That makes it kinda hard to fly or drive in that type of weather...even CQB doesn't work then because you are getting pushed all over and the bullets don't hit their targets at long range much less short range.

  5. 2 months ago
    Fri Jul 20 11:56:11 2018
    N Nichols posted in Spyder Incognito .

    We attempted to get Icon's script to work on our dedicated box but it breaks after we start getting respawns and players logging back in over the course of a persistent mission. We haven't been able to figure out why it breaks though and we scrapped using it a long time ago. I have been working with the one from Belbo that is linked here and it works on local hosting quite a lot like the incognito in the Antistasi missions which is probably the best I have seen so far. It is a simple copy and paste unless you wish to change up the types of clothing and equipment that is triggering not going incognito.

  6. 3 months ago
    Tue Jul 17 18:27:42 2018

    @DrDetroit for the custom objective that is covered in the wiki for sure. Its a little more complicated but you can either set it to work as part of the invasion or occupation and set the troops to zero. In invasion they will prioritize the objectives based on the information the OPCOM responsible for it has or they will place it at the bottom of their list if it is way down there. On occupation they will get around to covering it WHEN it falls into the list of objectives based on the information you entered.

  7. Mon Jul 16 20:38:04 2018
    N Nichols posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    @SpyderBlack723 so I was playing around with ALiVE ORBAT creator today and I saw a few things that I don't remember from the past...Full Faction Export w/ pictures and those things. I am guessing those are new to the ORBAT creator and do they function the same way when you want to past your faction into the autogen.hpp and get the faction into your pbo?

  8. Sun Jul 15 22:06:55 2018

    I am not sure @Hova I have been out of town since Friday and haven't touched base with my server dudes. I did see a mention in our Discord chat about one of the modules being messed up but I think they still had to do something else or the server itself was messed up. I posted on the ALiVE Discord also. Recommend you post something in there as well. I did tag some of the dev team here so maybe they can comment here also.

    Just found the mention that one of our guys posted in our Discord..."Found it, the mil module was causing the issue."

  9. Fri Jul 13 02:38:00 2018

    Just discovered this same issue on our Milsim server as well.

    @Tupolov @Friznit @marceldev89 have you guys seen this happening? I can provide mission file and modlist if you need it. Until today the mission worked correctly and didn't have any game breaking issues with the ALiVE systems.

    Here is a link to our RPT file that I posted in the ALiVE Discord.


    Here is the mission file:

  10. Thu Jul 12 14:15:51 2018

    @AngusDLX I have found with MACC controlled aircraft that if you put in a vehicle respawn and place down empty vehicles with AI pilots then the appropriate actions will take place. MACC is not an automatic function to determine which aircraft is the correct one for the job in many cases.

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