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    Sat Aug 12 04:08:07 2017

    Also need to make sure that your ALiVE mods are actually in the root folder for Arma 3 instead of just in any folder and "calling it".

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    Thu Aug 10 18:02:06 2017
    N Nichols started the conversation Laws of War faction IDAP.

    Any clues on how we can make them function appropriately?

  3. 3 weeks ago
    Sun Jul 23 14:50:51 2017
    N Nichols posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    @Nablatidis Am I missing something or does the class role not get copied over when I create a new unit in the unit editor?
    Like snipers, explosive specialists and medics don't get their respective role icons even tho they have more or less the same gear from the original faction I copied it from.

    I've created a custom faction by copying the RHS US army and modifying it a bit. I think those work, this seems to be only when I create a new unit.

    Can it be edited in manually somewhere?

    You have to name them appropriately in the ORBAT Editor itself. While you are copying over their loadouts it will not give them the same naming convention; at least in my experience; if you are changing the overall name of the entire group. It will utilize the group name and give them different designations. Without going into Arma 3 and loading up the editor I can't give you a more descriptive area other than it is in the unit creation function within ORBAT.

  4. 6 weeks ago
    Thu Jul 6 02:10:26 2017

    Message inbound @RatedRSnicker

  5. 2 months ago
    Fri Jun 16 14:51:57 2017
    N Nichols posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    @SpyderBlack723 I have done a ton of testing on this from the first time I found this happening and never have I seen the AI have more than 1 magazine that they have access to.

    I have remote controlled several hundred AI troops once I noticed this issue and none of them have more than 1 magazine in their gear; hence the fact that they can't reload any weapons. It makes fire fights really lop sided against them. I have watched them without remotely taking over control of the AI and seen them shoot their one magazine and then run around taking cover, checking dead buddies for extra ammo (we use VCOM for AI control on a tactical level), tossing smoke, frags or placing mines if they have them; but never being able to fire another shot. However if I Zeus in a unit they are able to shoot and reload without any issues.

    BUT when I open the units up in the editor they have the appropriate ammo as it was done via the ORBAT creator.

    I will be glad to record this (unable to stream it due to crappy upload from AT&T) and post it up for someone to view it and see what I am talking about.

  6. Fri Jun 9 15:31:26 2017
    N Nichols posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    @SpyderBlack723 just wanted to ask a quick question about the setunitLoadout issue in ORBAT Creator. Asking because the AI only have 1 magazine in the weapon and they are running out of ammo before the fire fights get going.

  7. Tue May 23 02:35:10 2017

    OK so figured out the problem...when I updated ALiVE to the newest version yesterday; somehow it copied over all items I had placed on the map as exact duplicates in the exact same spot. I noticed that last night but I also noticed that some items didn't duplicate so I didn't think about the TAOR being duplicated. Anyway its been fixed.

  8. Mon May 22 23:51:39 2017

    Weird though everything is spawning normally and not having any issues. Will have another look at the mission file and see what I can see.

  9. Mon May 22 22:56:24 2017

    Just thought I would drop this here in case anyone wanted to take a look at this as well. https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS/issues/349

  10. Mon May 22 22:51:03 2017
    N Nichols posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    Yeah that is a TFAR bug we have been attempting to fix off and on since TFAR was introduced. It does it to my PLA faction as well. You can see backpacks that get dropped by the AI all over their spawn areas from when they come out of being virtualized and then pop back into it.

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