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    Thu Dec 13 05:42:28 2018

    @HeroesandvillainsOS this is what I just found in running the test and taking a deep dive into our server files.

    Issue posted on the Alive GitHub.

  2. Thu Dec 13 04:52:57 2018

    So no they didn't save but I think I found the issue. Will know more in about 5 minutes from my time right now.

  3. Wed Dec 12 19:21:56 2018


    Two separate tests done and both with same results.

    First test RPT done with incognito script function which uses the same CfgRemoteExec call in a description.ext file....no persistence save was able to be done when using admin menu and choosing save and exit. Game exited directly to lobby without ALiVE tablet coming up for save procedure.

    Second test RPT done without incognito script and same result as all other times...no persistence save was able to be done when using admin menu and choosing save and exit. Game exited directly to lobby without ALiVE tablet coming up for save procedure.

    So my hypothesis is shot down pretty quickly. I am still left wondering what in the hell is happening that keeps us from being able to have persistence via the War Room.

  4. Wed Dec 12 18:32:57 2018

    Yeah I have done that which is why I am moving into full blown test mode. Incognito runs the same thing that may be triggering the failure in the script in the description.ext file. It was easier to setup the basic repro mission for me than to redo all the other stuff in the regular mission. At least this way I can test my hypothesis before I really go out on a limb further than I already have.

  5. Wed Dec 12 17:59:23 2018

    About to run a quick test with ACE, CBA, ALiVE and TFR Tanoa Takedown Mission ACE3 Files (has a pbo from ACE 3 in it only; nothing else) and using the incognito script function from Incontinea since he uses the CfgRemoteExec function in his description.ext as well.

  6. Wed Dec 12 17:37:06 2018

    Current mission setup when I log in as admin and hit server save and exit it dumps me right back into the lobby and does not go to the ALiVE tablet at all to save the mission. So therefore we get nothing for persistence and we are having to manually adjust our mission each time we want to move it ahead.

    My thought is would there be a way to whitelist ALiVE functions via the description.ext file for a mission to ensure that they are running alongside other mods?

  7. 3 days ago
    Wed Dec 12 17:11:02 2018
    N Nichols posted in Mission not saving.

    @HeroesandvillainsOS or @marceldev89

    Disregard below....my testing shows that neither VCOM or Incognito using the same functions impact our community's ability to have a persistent save with ALiVE. We have something else creating our problem. Time for more testing.

    I hate to bring this up here but I think VCOM might have been the problem. Not 100% sure as this is out of my league for sure but I found an older thread in here that pointed towards a problem with CfgRemoteExec breaking some parts of mods.

    I haven't reached out on the VCOM GitHub yet to get their ideas on possible issues. Since I just discovered this with our dedicated server and trying to save back to the War Room yesterday its been rather hectic searching for a fix. I also haven't spent too much time tracking this down right now as it may necessitate a rewrite of a mission I am currently running.

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    Sat Dec 8 05:52:00 2018
    N Nichols posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    Thanks @cbff33 I got it and I looked it over. Also sent you one of my factions so you can do a comparison while I bang away and see what I can get for you.

  9. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Nov 30 18:02:08 2018
    N Nichols posted in Manually relocate OPCOM HQ.

    Never see a reason to do it that way but we have moved the modules manually to simulate the same thing you have asked about in a mission and then either uploaded a new named mission or just used the same name. I don't think you can link it to move on it's own with anything else. BUT then again I have never tried it either. @HeroesandvillainsOS might have a different look at it as another ALiVE mission maker.

  10. Fri Nov 30 17:52:36 2018
    N Nichols posted in Prevent UAVs Spawning AI?.

    How does ALiVE like working with the ITC modules? I haven't checked it out yet but was thinking it might be a little problematic.

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