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  1. 6 weeks ago
    Wed Feb 7 22:18:43 2018

    The incognito script is iffy; You have to be very particular with it and even then it doesn't always function properly.

  2. 2 months ago
    Tue Jan 2 16:09:21 2018
    N Nichols started the conversation Anyway to block these spam threads?.

    Just curious as I am seeing these things pop up more and more now. I use the ignore feature but more come in each day.

  3. Fri Dec 29 22:20:40 2017

    Yeah I will have to grab some screen shots, the RPT and as for errors on the screen when testing...there are none. When I load into a town via Zeus and start looking around I see all those guys roaming around in CQB areas. It's a real PITA for me and it truly sucks when the guys are trying to play like you would want to and a freaking pilot steps out of a house in the middle of the damn jungle and starts shooting at you and the airfield is 15 klicks away.

  4. Thu Dec 28 05:11:00 2017
    N Nichols started the conversation Custom Blacklist not working for CQB module.

    OK I am seriously confused by this; I used the wiki and created a customized blacklist to remove specific units from being spawned into the mission by ALiVE and they are still being spawned in regardless of where it is placed in the different modules. I have tried all the areas listed in the ALiVE CQB wiki

    ALiVE_MIL_CQB_CUSTOM_UNITBLACKLIST = ["O_45thAirborne_Assault_Diver_01","O_45thAirborne_Diver_Explosive_Specialist_01","O_45thAirborne_PLAAF_Officer_01","O_45thAirborne_PLAAF_Team_Leader_01","O_45thAirborne_PLAAF_Sentry_01","O_45thAirborne_PLAAF_Helo_Pilot_01","O_45thAirborne_PLAAF_Blue_Pilot_01","O_45thAirborne_PLAAF_Squad_Leader_01","O_45thAirborne_PLAAF_Green_Pilot_01","O_45thAirborne_PLAAF_Rifleman_01","O_45thAirborne_PLAAF_Rifleman_Unarmed_01","O_45thAirborne_PLA_Para_Trooper_01","O_45thAirborne_PLARF_Para_Trooper_01"];

    I have even attempted to put the unit names into the text field of the CQB module itself that says "Blacklist Units:" and when you hover over that test in the module it says "Blacklist Units from this CQB Module (Optional)".

    To say the least none of it works at all. I still have pilots and Paratroopers spawning in the CQB areas and when I put them into the code I have divers and officers and AA manpad units spawning in as well.

    Anyone have any ideas or help on what you have done and where specifically you have placed your custom blacklist code in which module init field to keep this stuff from happening. Otherwise I am going to completely pull CQB from the mission and do without going forward.

  5. 3 months ago
    Tue Dec 12 03:09:06 2017

    @Friznit @highhead @Tupolov @SpyderBlack723

    OK so quick question...

    Does ALiVE despawn the vehicles that are in the back of other vehicles? Example is the EQ2050 Cargo from VME spawns in with an ATV in the back of it. But does ALiVE despawn the ATV at the same time that the EQ2050 would despawn?

  6. Mon Dec 11 15:59:19 2017
    N Nichols posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    Has anyone else noticed that squad/team leaders for the AI now stay in place at the cycle point area instead of following the patrol route with their teams? I can't pin it down to VCOM but it seems that might be the culprit.

  7. Mon Dec 11 14:33:35 2017
    N Nichols posted in State of RHS.

    I haven't noticed any major errors showing up but I have begun to realize that they don't always work well with ALiVE and that is a problem. Especially when they have some really good things in their toolbox but you might have to force the tool to fit the job.

  8. Mon Dec 11 14:30:09 2017
    N Nichols posted in R3F Logistics and ALiVE?.

    Might be worth a run to go back and see if I can get R3F logistics working in my missions again since someone figured out what to do to get it to work.

  9. Mon Dec 11 14:25:02 2017

    I may not be smart enough to understand what you just said but you mentioned doing this "without" redistributing a pbo or even opening Arma? How would someone go about doing that and would it be a simple copy and paste of classnames, unit names, etc... in the code? If so then I am super interested in learning how that might be done.

  10. Fri Dec 8 14:34:40 2017

    OK wondering because the VME mod has a ZUBR LCAC that bugs out the players in Zeus. So I need to find a way to stop it from being used as a sea transport. I already killed it by removing Sea Patrols from the mission and will be manually spawning in as Zeus the boats that do not cause this problem. So can someone give a brother a hand with this one?

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