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    Sun Sep 1 02:03:20 2019
    N Nichols posted in Help with water crossing!.

    You'll have to manually place it as Zeus or you will have to start the entities in those areas. There is an option for the AI to use boats but not in the manner you wish them to do.

  2. Sun Aug 18 18:34:45 2019
    N Nichols posted in Factions in a mission.

    Thanks @HeroesandvillainsOS I'll give that a shot.

  3. Wed Jul 3 05:15:49 2019
    N Nichols posted in AI Mods.

    The only thing that I have ever run across that creates long load and save times if using a ton of mods. I have found that when using over 15-20 mods is optimal regardless of what AI you have in the background handling things. VCOM is not necessary to be on all clients as it can run server side in script form or you can force it on all clients and have it running as a mod.

  4. Tue Jul 2 20:42:25 2019
    N Nichols started the conversation Factions in a mission.

    First off its been a while since I posted here and I have forgotten the answer and have searched but either am not using the right terms or the questions hasn't been asked before.

    How many factions can one OPCOM control from the same side? May ultimately end up making a Russian faction with assets from both in ORBAT Creator.

    I have a mixed bag of Russian assets both CUP and RHS for some really good reasons but I seem to be having an issue. I attempted something noobish earlier by combining the faction classes into an array and putting it into the force faction over ride field of the OPCOM as well as the Mil Objective and Civilian Objective.

    A result I was getting was in addition to the RHS and CUP Russians (MVS, VDV and VVS); I was also getting OPF_F (generic vanilla arma OPFOR) spawning in. However; they are not listed in the OPFOR fields at all. Looking through the RPT I see some compositions of buildings that are based on OPF_F and was also wondering if those compositions could be spawning OPF_F troops into the mission as well?

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    Sat Feb 16 13:04:45 2019
    N Nichols posted in New faction ammo woes.

    I had the same issue with my original PLA factions I made using the VME mod. I believe it is a BI coding problem because all my original PLA factions were copies of their original mod and I wasn't happy with their structure either. The short version is I ended up having to go into the config after exporting and before packing to ensure that they had enough ammo and even then it wasn't correct and I had to completely redo and make new factions entirely without copying them over from the original.

  6. Sat Feb 16 07:47:28 2019
    N Nichols started the conversation Completely new export options for ORBAT Creator.

    OK I just ran into a thing that might have been creating the problem that @cbff33 is having/had in trying to export a faction. This may be some things to ask @SpyderBlack723 or @Tupolov or any other developer.

    I went through and exported a new faction with the full CfgPatches with pictures and I was able to get the faction to export but the names will not show up in the menu on the right side in the editor.

    However as I exported the faction I found a folder that was created in my Arma 3 installation that was named "ocnpla" which was the faction name of O_CNPLA. Inside the folder are several items that I am going to show here:


    So my question here is how do these files translate into being able to export the faction properly when you export using the images?

    Don't know how I missed this last night/ early this morning other than I just completely whiffed on the search function and I found this thread this morning. Getting images to display properly by 1-506 Ranger

  7. Sat Feb 16 06:30:33 2019

    They probably have the config setup for their classnames wrong or in a manner that isn't cool. I have not used their stuff so I don't know how it works.

  8. Fri Feb 15 16:13:07 2019
    N Nichols posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    Been working with him on that for a while @SavageCDN ; I can't figure out what the issue is and I brought @SpyderBlack723 into a private conversation with him as well. From one of his last posts to the private conversation he mentioned that he was attempting to use items from 2 completely different factions and I think it might be related to that but I am uncertain as I did not get a reply other than him saying on Jan 2nd that he was "officially over it". I am more than willing to work with @cbff33 to hunt down the problem as I want to see what it might be even though I have never had this issue.

  9. Mon Feb 4 05:42:45 2019
    N Nichols started the conversation Limiting visibility of TRACE to non-commander players.

    Is there a way to turn it off for non-commander players in the mission?

  10. Sun Dec 23 13:57:55 2018

    Issue now open on GitHub.

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