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    Sat Oct 24 09:46:44 2015
    F Feanix posted in 3000 Vehicles (objects).

    Yeah, we had another look today. We had 4200 vehicles, 3000 of which were ace wheels.

  2. Tue Oct 20 14:19:48 2015
    F Feanix posted in Unable to Create Thread.

    I believe so. I'll double check as well.

  3. Tue Oct 20 13:31:30 2015

    One of the more experienced guys might correct me on this but, as far as I know, what you're trying to do is not going to be achievable with re-arranging your modules and tossing in a few script snippets.

    Saying something like "making sure the AI avoid the trading posts or consider them as a non-threat", for example, is a bit like saying "just make my car faster by converting a jet engine to use the petrol in the car's existing tank and welding the jet engine to the roof". You say it as if it's really simple and straight forward but it isn't. You don't know enough about scripting and Alive to know what is easy and what is hard.

    You're trying to make what is essentially a game. There are no short cuts, making games is hard. Go and learn how to do it instead of asking for other people to realise your vision for you so you don't have to struggle.

  4. Tue Oct 20 12:19:48 2015

    Do you mean someone to help you arrange the modules in a way that would give you what you want or that you want the ALiVE devs to make it so that what you want to do is easy to do with the modules?

  5. Tue Oct 20 12:18:39 2015
    F Feanix posted in Unable to Create Thread.

    Okay, here's the output from the console:

    arma2@1tac:~/arma3$ ulimit -u
    arma2@1tac:~/arma3$ ps -elfT | grep -i arma3server | wc -l

    Alive Logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B87ZgsMtCzwhYnZFTlJHR1UtbkU/view?usp=sharing

  6. Tue Oct 20 12:06:20 2015
    F Feanix posted in Tablet not coming up..

    You can change the key to bring up the menu in the mods keybinds.

  7. Tue Oct 20 10:29:16 2015

    Yeah, that's hundreds of hours of coding work. it's pretty unlikely that some passing coder will bang this out for you to get you going. Unless you can find a someone to code this who's as passionate about the idea as you are it'll probably be faster to start learning some scripting yourself (which I recommend, it's not as bad as it sounds)

  8. Tue Oct 20 09:32:35 2015
    F Feanix started the conversation 3000 Vehicles (objects).

    We did a "count vehicles" command in the debug console last night and found out we had 3000 vehicles in our mission. We've been trying to figure out where they all came from and are wondering if there's a chance that when ACE3 vehicles are destroyed / delted their cargo of tracks and wheels are left behind and not garbage collected with their wrecks? Has anyone else found a lot of "vehicles" in their missions?

  9. Mon Oct 19 13:11:57 2015
    F Feanix posted in Unable to Create Thread.

    Perfect, thanks!

  10. Mon Oct 19 10:54:24 2015
    F Feanix posted in Ryan Zombies and Deamons?.

    So you're basically trying to make DayZ from alive?

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