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    Sun Feb 11 19:29:25 2018
    I ilikeboom started the conversation fun little trigger for playing air support.

    just screwing around with the alive script snippets I found a fun way of providing player air support. I am using mods (alive, cba, rhs, ace and a good chunk of sound mods with blastcore). I am using Altis with 800 rhs msv soldiers, and 60 rhs tv tank units with the opcom set to invasion. In the mission I fly the rhs apache. I have no profiled west forces yet. The west are manually placed in the editor. I added a platoon of m1 tanks and just gave them a move waypoint across the map. I wanted to be able to provide air support for the m1's but also be able to break off and go hunting like any hungry apache would. here is how it works---
    first I will break down the names of the entities:
    a1=apache group (consisting of s1 and s2)
    s1=me pilot
    s2= apache copilot
    a3= m1 tank platoon group

    next I made a repeatable trigger with the following layout
    on condition box ((count ([getpos leader a3, 300, ["EAST","entity"]] call ALIVE_fnc_getNearProfiles)) > 0);
    on activation box [s1,s2] join a3;
    on deactivation box [s1,s2] join a1;
    thats all there is to it!!

    so when the m1 platoon gets within 300 yards of a entity that has not spawned or has spawned my apache gunner and I become part of the m1's group. Even if I am across the map hunting I will be able to find them with the on screen icons. Once I am in there area I can hit the targets that the m1 platoon commander wants. When the area is clear my apache gunner and I are released from the m1 platoon and free to go our merry way on hunting. This makes for a hell of a fun and challenging alive mission.

  2. Fri Jun 30 01:14:59 2017
    I ilikeboom posted in Military Air Component Commander.

    When I choose to place my own empty aircraft does it have to be the same faction as the opcom? Or will it
    only draw aircraft from the classname of the opcom faction? I tried placing down some empty migs so that the independents could fly but Maac keeps on telling me no aircraft are available.

  3. Mon Jun 12 22:02:51 2017
    I ilikeboom started the conversation ALIVE transport at sea.

    I cannot seem to get picked up at sea after parachuting out of my aircraft by alive transport. I have used the "insertion" option and dropped chopper height to its lowest settings (which is about 2 meters) but cannot seem to board no matter what I do. Does anyone have a solution to this? I have tried vanilla choppers and add on choppers but still no luck.

  4. 2 years ago
    Sun Sep 11 00:42:19 2016
    I ilikeboom started the conversation tough script snippet question.

    I am using the script snippet "Adding Custom Inits to Spawned Units" in the ALIVE wikki to do a custom load out for spawned units using RHS Russian troops (msv). I need to make just the RPG and rocket launching troops way less accurate. Is there a way to add a line into the script using the "aiming accuracy sub skill" settings for just these types of units?

  5. 3 years ago
    Fri Aug 28 23:52:10 2015
    I ilikeboom posted in Australia version 3.0.

    Ok thanks for the fast reply!!!

  6. Fri Aug 28 23:04:31 2015
    I ilikeboom started the conversation Australia version 3.0.

    Hello I am new to the forums but love ALIVE. Can anyone tell me if Australia version 3 is working with ALIVE? I can get admin actions to work, and combat transport but cannot seem to spawn any virtual units. I get the infinite load screen issue. I went all vanilla except for cba and the alive server with alive addon. Is it possible version 3 has not been indexed with the changes?

  7. Fri Aug 28 22:59:12 2015
    I ilikeboom joined the forum.