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  1. 2 years ago
    Sun Apr 24 15:47:38 2022
    C CDEEKS posted in Status of War Room.

    Works fine for most maps.

  2. Sat Apr 16 15:57:10 2022
    C CDEEKS posted in Player persistence not working.

    I found the reason for this bug. ill write up a guide on steam page as many many days of tinkering i find the perfect way to force load everything as if the game never stopped.

  3. Wed Apr 13 15:33:26 2022

    @KeyCat Tried it but problem persists. Will try with another mission and see if it's related to Operation Landlord, great mission BTW and thanks for sharing!

    Edit: Just tried the "ALiVE | Getting Started" and it works fine in that mission so it must be related to Operation Landlord.

    I unpacked the Getting Started mission and compared with Operation Overlord and couldn't find any real difference. None of them had the "Player Multispawn" module.

    Any ideas?

    A (realy) minor thing I noticed is that the time for "Most Recent Operations" on the Your Group page is off with 24 hours. Just wanted to mention it ;)


    I have this exact same.issue was there a solution?

  4. Wed Apr 13 14:52:26 2022
    C CDEEKS posted in Persistence on dedi.

    Its not working its bugged I think I've been messing with it on all kinds of tests. sometimes it loads sometimes it doesn't far too buggy atm to be reliable.

  5. 8 years ago
    Tue Apr 26 12:32:34 2016

    Thank you, sorry for double post was using that post for missions to be uploaded.

  6. Tue Apr 26 12:23:54 2016

    I may have solved it, it looks like my CBA version may be different from yours. I t seems to be spawning units when i change version.

  7. Tue Apr 26 12:12:17 2016

    Still no luck, i have used same mods(same versions) loaded your mission no problem and as you can see i get same error. The aircraft spawn with crew inside them but that is it no other units will spawn.

    Also when i press the key to bring up alive menu nothing happens. http://imgur.com/a/STbiF

  8. Tue Apr 26 12:00:47 2016

    What version of ALIVE are you using?

  9. Tue Apr 26 11:58:40 2016

    Thank you i will try this.

  10. Tue Apr 26 11:33:56 2016

    I am using minimal mods to try rule out other mods causing the problem. I use CBA_A3,ALIVE,CUP_UNITS,CUP_WEAPONS, AND CUP_VEHICLES. Iam making a tiny mission with a samll area and the modules u see in the picure.

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