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    Mon Jul 3 08:47:31 2017
    O Ovenmit posted in Tablet/Map on addaction.

    I think I found it: http://alivemod.com/forum/1459-alive-command-tablet-as-addaction/0#p5896

  2. Mon Jul 3 08:25:02 2017
    O Ovenmit started the conversation Tablet/Map on addaction.


    Im trying to have either the tablet or a full screen version of the map (with ability to add spotreps etc) open on an addaction set on a standard mapboard game object.

    this addAction ["Show map", "scripts\showalivemap.sqs"]

    I've had limited success with:

    [["openFull"],"ALIVE_fnc_displayMenu",player,false,false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP; 


    [["open"],"ALIVE_fnc_mainTablet",player,false,false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP;

    basically what function is called when someone opens the tablet from the alive menu?

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    Mon May 9 12:25:02 2016
    O Ovenmit posted in Spawned military units behaviour.

    Ah OK. each module is set quite low, Ill try up it

  4. Mon May 9 07:04:53 2016
    O Ovenmit started the conversation Spawned military units behaviour.


    Am I correct in that if you place a military objective module set to spawn units and a civilian one set to objectives only (both synced to a commander of course) that the military units will move out to the civilian objectives?

    That doesn't appear to be happening when I preview in Debug

  5. Tue May 3 07:10:20 2016

    I've used the Chernarus civvies for now.. .close enough proxy I guess... sort of lol

  6. Mon May 2 14:25:27 2016

    OMG lol... duh. I thought they did

  7. Mon May 2 11:17:23 2016

    ah right

  8. Mon May 2 11:14:02 2016

    You see that in the rpt? Didnt see any errors in mine

  9. Mon May 2 10:45:07 2016
    O Ovenmit started the conversation CUP Civilians not spawning? (SOLVED).


    Map is Takistan. I can see through the debug that everything is working fine as far as placement points etc.

    Civs spawn just fine using the default CIV_F faction. If I set it to CUP_C_TK (or even CUP_C_RU) not a single civ spawns. Empty vehicles do however (set to the same faction).

    Everything is updated to the latest version (CBA/CUP/ALIVE). I've triple checked that there are no extra spaces or whatever.


  10. 2 years ago
    Sun Sep 20 14:13:22 2015
    O Ovenmit posted in Trouble with BIS respawn tents.

    Hrmm.. OK I made sure there isn't an alive multispawn module already... maybe I've left one somewhere on the map by accident.

    EDIT: Nope, there is no multispawn module, or an ACE one, or any other possible respawn editing module.

    EDIT2: I think this may be the issue: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=18751

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