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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Sun Oct 28 14:33:03 2018

    My pc's torn down for cleaning at the moment, once it's back up I'll post what I have. Its worked for me using description.ext defined factions so presumably it will work for you. :)

  2. 3 weeks ago
    Mon Oct 22 17:37:07 2018
    B BvB started the conversation Get Insurgent facility location?.

    Was curious how/if I might go about pulling an insurgent facility location, either totally randomly or near/within a marker area? Was going to have additional insurgent squads spawn, and if I can have them come in at "real" insurgent facilities, all the better. :) Thanks for any help!

    Also, is it possible to get a count of such facilities, eg recruitment HQs?

  3. Mon Oct 22 15:56:01 2018
    B BvB posted in Group Size Question.

    I believe they are ignored. I had tried before manually defining profiles and setting objectives only in the hopes they would start at zero but use the numbers as a capacity to fill up to but remained at zero.

    Could be a useful feature, an extra tick box that makes it objectives only BUT let AI call in to the set capacity. A script free way to model more of a meeting engagement, taking a little while to build up to the nain event

  4. Mon Oct 22 04:34:00 2018
    B BvB posted in Group Size Question.

    The max attack option is for any type of commander, setting how many objectives they can move against at one time. The minimum civilians is for insurgent commander, setting how many civilians have to exist at an objective site for them to set up a recruitment center at the location.

  5. Sun Oct 21 18:43:28 2018

    What's best for that setting will depend on how many and how distant objectives are in you're particular mission, how many troops commanders have, and how fluid you want the situation. The more objectives there are the more this setting is dampened at a particular value, and higher value will produce a more volatile battlefield than a lower value. Eg. having it at 10, with 20 objectives each means a commander could lose half their territory in one series of attacks, whereas with 100 objectives each, it would be 10% at risk. Having it at 2 will be a more static scenario in both cases, all the more so with 100 objectives.

    "Easiest" would be try at default with the force size/objective load you want, then see how it plays out and how you might want to see it change. Greater or lesser force density, slower/faster progression by a particular side, etc. Multiple dials that all work together, one or more of which may bring about a desired result through different means. :)

  6. Sun Oct 21 18:34:04 2018
    B BvB posted in Group Size Question.

    Maybe thinking of the min to recruit setting for asymmetric commanders, and max simultaneous attacks?

  7. Sun Oct 21 17:22:34 2018

    That will almost certainly be the issue. Invasion commanders will aim to use 2 groups/profiles to defend each objective. I don't know 100% if all objectives "behind the lines" will do this, but it seems so. So that would be ~250 groups if that 120-140 is for a single commander. Occupation is 5/objective I believe so even more troops just to hold them what they already have.

    Try adjusting # of objectives down and profiles up to get closer to where you want to be.

  8. Sat Oct 20 23:38:12 2018

    Objectives should be fair game so long as the module is synced to the commander. Setting BLUFOR to invasion will reduce the number of groups used to hold territory, freeing some up to take more ground. If that still isn't enough, or if you prefer the stronger defensive strength of occupation, the commander will probably need more troops at its disposal.

  9. Sat Oct 20 01:04:20 2018
    B BvB posted in Group Size Question.

    From looking through the code it appears a sort of points per group system. Contents of group doesn't look to matter (imagine it would make the force creation process mich more difficult to code and more computationally expensive to execute).

    I usually either blacklist or customize orbats to turn the 2 man and fire team groups etc into squad sized elements to bypass this, and also not have these snack size units taking slots for commanders attack/defense ops when the enemy might have full size groups.

  10. Fri Oct 19 21:23:58 2018
    B BvB posted in ALIVE spawn Light Vehicles.

    Yeah blacklists will ler you stop things fron spawning, but as to what does spawn, it must be existing/mod defined groups.

    There are a few ways to define your own, either with a cfg groups in the desceiption.ext file, mod etc. If description.ext method works with RHS now, it would be the easiest. Sometime back it did not but may have changed. I made my own RHS clone factions with that method. Ill send or post an example if I have the chamce this weekend

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