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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Thu Sep 6 14:44:56 2018

    Haven't played in a whe thx to work, just getting back to it so warning: memory fuzzy :)

    declaring factions at mission level work(ed) with the limitation that it must use existing units. I made my own RHS "Russian" faction I would include within desired missions. It consisted of all hand made groups populated by RHS, CUP etc soldiers, vehicles etc.

  2. 11 months ago
    Sat Sep 30 09:40:14 2017

    I'd like to know as well. Had been thinking along the lines of using it as a device to spawn extra insurgent gear, like some technicals or a heavy weapons (mortar, SPG) team or two to model increased support/cooperation with the baddies.

  3. last year
    Wed Sep 13 14:34:33 2017

    Static weapons wont typically be seen. Exceptions would be Arty support module, AA spawned by Aur Controller, and static weapons by CQB module.

    A few options of carying complexity:
    -can manually place some in the editor, and virtualize or not as you see fit

    -you can place empty ones set to respawn w/ vehicle respaw module and VCOM AI so Inf groups in yhe area will man them

    -you can define some groups via description.ext that include static weapons. These will be luck of the draw as far as where they spawn and are thus stuck.

    -define some units carrying static weapons components, groups including theae units, a replacement config so desired static MGs, AT etc replace vanilla ones (if not wanting vanilla ones of course), and use VCOM. This will have roving AI that will deploy HMGs, recoiless rifles, mortars etc.

  4. Sat Sep 2 15:46:27 2017
    B BvB posted in New Lythium Map.

    The Southern airbase has to be "fixed" by the mapmakers. The defined (as the AI travels) taxiways don't match up with the physical/in game tarmac. An easy fix would be to remove the concrete barriers along the way, as the aircraft will move over the grass/dirt OK, but they get hung up for a while on the barriers and either eventually power over or crash n burn.

  5. Tue Aug 15 15:31:57 2017
    B BvB posted in Module Placement & Invasion.

    Oops didn't even look at your screenshot.. So with 8 OPFOR objectives they'll 20 ish (16 + any reserves) for what they hold. They will then use 4 groups per attack order. What force size are you using for the mil objectives? Rough guide divide the number by 10 for # of groups it will spawn. The custom objectives IS # of groups though, so you might use that too, spawning more where you want the attack to occur.

  6. Tue Aug 15 15:18:16 2017
    B BvB posted in Module Placement & Invasion.

    Occupation/Invasion influences proportional tasking rather than direct behavior/strategy. Occupation commanders will task more groups to defensive tasks.

    So Invasion should be better for your purpose as it will have fewer units being held back to hold what is taken. Must ensure they have enough units to hold what they begin with (2 groups/ objective IIRC) and take more. Can also play with max simultaneous if there are a lot of objectives/units in the mission. Manually placing some groups at the front lines and synching them to the AI module might also help get things going as you want. :)

  7. Tue Aug 15 15:09:20 2017
    B BvB posted in IED threat level .

    Not often that one can say they are looking forward to getting blown up... :)

  8. Sat Aug 5 21:35:29 2017
    B BvB posted in IED threat level .

    Believe it is OPCOM debug. I've also found them to be extremely rare. "Most" I ever saw was 2 got placed after the server ran for 6ish hours, starting installations were extreme, they started with a lot of troops and was before the update that slowed down progression.

    Hopefully a bug, or the threat level could be used to make the OPCOM order more placed.

  9. Tue Jul 25 18:42:06 2017

    Yep, tested clear, clearish and not so clear (ends of runways, closer to hangers, out in the field. Will try and get a repro this weekend. Modwise was first with mods but had it happen vanilla too once I started trying to find a cause. (RHS and VCOM, though through editor was working fine with all mods)

    Understand theres about a trillion potential variables, and some form of user induced issue is probably the top half of that list :) .

  10. Mon Jul 24 15:52:59 2017
    B BvB started the conversation Combat logistics dedi server issue.

    Haven't climbed too far down the rabbit hole yet looking for specific cause, figured I'd check if there are any known issues in the mean time.

    Having issue where player called logistics helos are not landing to be unloaded/release slung load. They hover in place for a bit and then fly off after a while, as they would do had they landed.

    So far I've narrowed down to only happening on dedicated server, regardless of mods, but only in "real mission" conditions. If setting up a very simple single side w/ no opfor mission they will land on dedi server. If running full mission from editor, they also land normally. Running a real mission, even with placement modules to objective only to remove hostile fire from equation, they failed to land. Also of note, called UNITS will land and unload, it's only cargo loads that are afraid of the ground.

    Will test more variables, but thanks in advance for any tips or known issue knowledge. :)

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