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  1. yesterday
    Tue Jan 22 01:06:59 2019

    The basics to check, is the map indexed? Also if using mod factions, try setting up with vanilla/stock factions first, to rule out any issues there.

    IED wise are you using the module synced to the commander or unsynced? If synced and not starting with the insurgency established it can take a while for them to place any. Additionally, even with debug mode on, IEDs will not show up (no marker etc) untill they are in spawn distance to you/another player.

  2. last week
    Fri Jan 11 04:39:03 2019
    B BvB posted in Artillery Ammo Revamp.

    Posting this here and the github forum:
    Any chance of either updating this branch to the current version of Alive? I ran it a lot with RHS, IFA and Unsung without issue. I also tested it quite a bit with CUP & Pook's arty, again no issues, only added functionality from the units that won't work with regular Alive combat support. Now that Alive has progressed several versions since this release, using this requires forfeiting the fixes/features that have come out in the mean time.

    One other feature request (which is a default alive issue, but can't hurt to put here too) would it be possible to use the direction/facing of the module to set the guns? EG: Face module west, all 3 guns face west? This can be an issue for arty units that can't freely rotate 360 degrees, as by default one faces North, one East, on South. Ideally all 3 would face the same direction, those that can rotate 360deg can still fire in any direction, those that cannot could at least be placed such that they can cover a desired segment of the battlefield.

    Thanks again for getting this out, the units it "unlocks" were some I had tried repeatedly without success in the past.

  3. 4 weeks ago
    Sun Dec 23 16:00:34 2018

    Ill try and do some more controlled tests in Anizay,l. I could be wrong, but I believe some of the more extreme cases I saw they were spawning in more distant clusters than the one I was in. It was definitely a more distant objective but with the density of civ structures it may be the civ portion was much larger than the objectibe itself (and it was set to mapwide, unfiltered if that could also play a role).

    Initial impression was it was spawning by a list, but seemed to be based on max spawn range alone (900m or whatever default is). Will also reindex the map, could well be something funky with the index.

  4. 5 weeks ago
    Sun Dec 16 20:36:10 2018

    Is it possible Alive uses order the objects exist within the index files? Eg: checks proximity, then spawns down the list till cap is reached? I've noticed very similar behavior on Anizay, where some areas civs spawn in a cluster quite distant from the player.

    Have seen instances where I am at point A, they spawn at point B. Then later Ill be at point C and they spawn around point A (all within the module set spawn distance of course, but in a blob a fair ways away while many nearer potential spawn locations aren't used.

  5. 6 weeks ago
    Fri Dec 7 20:35:52 2018
    B BvB posted in Indexing problem.

    I'll give you an index. ;) I need to upload it to the github, I just wanted to do another sweep before uploading. Long and the short of it is to index it requires adding items from the map to the indexing blacklist. A lot of them (or a moderate number and then have a gaggle of things to skip in the categorization).

    *it's a ~16kmx16km map, but lots*** of trees/plants made for it and not in the default blacklist.

  6. 7 weeks ago
    Mon Dec 3 03:25:58 2018
    B BvB posted in IED Woes.

    Have you tried teleporting to where the VBIEDs appear? In my tests vbied will show on the map witb debug regardless of your position, but IEDs which will be in the same sector only appear when there is a spawn source (player) around.

  7. Fri Nov 30 01:59:39 2018
    B BvB started the conversation Manually relocate OPCOM HQ.

    Probably a stretch, but is there any way to manually relocate an OPCOM HQ/insertion point, particularly when set to static? What I hope to accomplish is, have a force begin at a central location simulating an airborne landing. They would begin at a limited number of central objectives, be it marker defined or custom placed. reinforcements/replacements could arrive at a static HQ location in that central location for a bit, then have subsequent forces spawn at a static HQ along the map edge, to simulate ground forces that are advancing to secure what the initial airborne force grabbed. With the code Marcel provided I can alter the force structure from only infantry to include armor, mech etc when the spawn point swaps, if it can somehow be swapped. :)

    I can envision a few less than ideal workarounds, having the HQ start there to begin with meaning only manually spawned reinforcements in the airhead would be possible, or having the follow on force be a different force/commander, so the forces don't really cooperate, more performance overhead from an additional commander/force, and having to make a mod of the force to the other side (red + green instead of just redfor) etc.

  8. 2 months ago
    Tue Nov 13 07:08:50 2018
    B BvB started the conversation BCR & spawned/places groups.

    Never tried this and searching the forums and wiki I couldn't find a solid answer. Will manually placed groups, or spawned and profiled during missions, become part of the main force for the OPCOM and thus get replacements as losses accrue?

    If so, does it have to be placed as a group (F2 in editor) and be one recognized by alive? Eg I start OPCOM with placement module with overridr setting for 12 infantry groups. Later I spawn and profile 6 armored groups. Will OPCOM now call replacments on the armor too, or just the original infantry? I was looking at options to change force balance/strength to simulate a light unprepared force being reinforced as time goes on. If this isn't possible, could this eventually become a feature, at the very least allow scripting to alter the OPCOM force strength/balance? EG: ...set OPCOM w/x/y/z... for inf/mot/mech/arm or add x profiles to a given category

  9. Sun Oct 28 14:33:03 2018

    My pc's torn down for cleaning at the moment, once it's back up I'll post what I have. Its worked for me using description.ext defined factions so presumably it will work for you. :)

  10. 3 months ago
    Mon Oct 22 17:37:07 2018
    B BvB started the conversation Get Insurgent facility location?.

    Was curious how/if I might go about pulling an insurgent facility location, either totally randomly or near/within a marker area? Was going to have additional insurgent squads spawn, and if I can have them come in at "real" insurgent facilities, all the better. :) Thanks for any help!

    Also, is it possible to get a count of such facilities, eg recruitment HQs?

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