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    Tue Jan 21 04:20:03 2020

    Well, that's why it's called a local dedicated server; it's on your machine. There's no 'benefit' other than that's the only way for persistence to work on ALiVE single player AFAIK. I'm not really sure if you'd be able to if you're travelling since you have to port forward to get a local dedicated server to work IIRC.

  2. Tue Jan 21 01:09:46 2020

    Pretty sure you can't just do this via LAN; you have to set up a local dedicated server

  3. Mon Jan 20 21:44:17 2020

    Hey, we believe fixed our issue. Our custom faction mod was spitting out tons of issue errors every single second. The moment it was removed ACRE2 has been working flawlessly. I'm not sure why this would be the case; we made it using the ALiVE ORBAT functionality.

    Weird to say the least. We will confirm this when we play tonight. Thanks for helping out and looking into this for me the past few days. OP may want to try identifying if any of their mods does the same thing. You can see the constant errors and what I'm talking about in the RPTs I added.

  4. Mon Jan 20 19:00:00 2020

    Yeah, it's very odd. It's great to know that ALiVE isn't doing it so our gameplay will still be essentially the same.

    I'm wondering if ACRE2 is not playing nice with another mod we have loaded. I haven't been able to find *any* reports about this particular issue regarding ACRE2 anywhere. You'd think if this was a widespread issue people would be complaining about it on the forums and the steam workshop.

  5. Mon Jan 20 01:58:27 2020
    johnny0964 started the conversation Mine Persistence.

    Do mines, claymores, and mines launched from the APERS Mine Dispenser save on server save and exit with persistence enabled? Our FOB in one game was constantly being attacked and we decided to mine the surrounding area and we're not quite sure if there's a way to make sure those save with persistence.

  6. Mon Jan 20 01:48:54 2020

    We reneabled ACRE2 and once again we crashed with the same error. OP the only way we fixed the issue was switch from ACRE2 to Tfar unfortunately

  7. Sat Jan 18 05:21:45 2020

    We ran our test. We could not reproduce the error with Task Force Radio instead of ACRE2 after many attempts and playing for quite a few hours. We had players leave and try to rejoin, which usually causes the crash to happen, and no joy. Very odd.

    I can't imagine ACRE2 is fully to blame because so many groups use it and don't report this problem. I haven't found any bug reports about this that mention ACRE2 other than this thread.

  8. Sat Jan 18 00:44:46 2020

    We never used alive pathfinding.

    We do have that much memory; we pay extra for it

    I'll try out the memory allocater soon

    We're checking our mods now and hopefully we'll find the issue

  9. Fri Jan 17 18:17:26 2020

    I'll post two for comparisons sake. I will have to link them to a google drive since they're too big for pastebin.

    Here is the RPT for the ALiVE mission

    Here it is for the Evannex mission

    We're thinking it could be ACRE2 and are testing out TFAR Beta later tonight and will try to force our server to reproduce the issue.

  10. Fri Jan 17 07:44:56 2020

    That is blastcore, yes.

    Aliveserver was ran as a server mod today. Crash happened once again.

    ACEAdvCPR and the other medical mods are 100% compatible because we do not use the newest version of ACE because of its butchering of the medical system and we will not use it until it is fixed.

    We don't know if this issue is even ALiVE related anymore. Earlier today we ran a different mission (a modified Evannex scenario) and the error happened again; player joined the game and we received the same crash at the end. It could be ACRE, VCOM, or any other mod at this point.

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