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  1. 4 weeks ago
    Fri Oct 19 19:21:56 2018
    J johnny0964 posted in Anizay Indexed.

    Yeah, the author of this map is still not quite finished and is adding things in on a regular basis. Indexing this map again wouldnt be wise until he's done with all that.

  2. Fri Oct 19 19:21:14 2018
    J johnny0964 posted in Prevent UAVs Spawning AI?.

    I'll try it out!

  3. Tue Oct 16 15:47:05 2018
    J johnny0964 posted in Prevent UAVs Spawning AI?.

    Tried that but it seems the virtualization module removes the AI inside of it. As in it goes from being blue in zeus to being yellow and doesn't work afterwords.

  4. Tue Oct 16 01:06:35 2018
    J johnny0964 started the conversation Prevent UAVs Spawning AI?.

    So, I recently downloaded the ITC ground systems mod to utilize the CRAMs they provide. We use VCOM AI with ALiVE and our base constantly gets mortared by the enemy, so we decided to set up these CRAMs on base to shoot down any incoming mortars instead of disabling the feature in VCOM. Since the Praetorian turret is classified as a UAV, it keeps all the friendly units around the base on the physical layer and we have hundreds of AI on base, even when we're no where near it. This causes our game to lag big time. Is there any way to prevent UAVs from spawning virtualized units around it?

  5. Tue Oct 16 01:03:30 2018
    J johnny0964 posted in Anizay Indexed.

    Go inside the folder and find the "x" folder. Copy and paste that into your mission folder. That should work until the ALiVE devs include it in the update.

  6. Mon Oct 15 17:49:59 2018
    J johnny0964 started the conversation Anizay Indexed.

    I've indexed the new Anizay map that was released only yesterday. This is my first index and it was a real headache trying to get it to work, but I made it. If there are mistakes, it is because, again, this is my first time ever trying it. Here it is; tell me how it works for you!

  7. Mon Oct 15 17:21:17 2018
    J johnny0964 posted in Map Indexer not working.

    I've managed to fix my issue; just had to restart my computer.

  8. 5 weeks ago
    Sun Oct 14 22:33:46 2018
    J johnny0964 posted in Map Indexer not working.

    I am attempting to index the new map Anizay and I am getting the exact same issue.

  9. 3 years ago
    Mon Nov 16 16:06:22 2015
    J johnny0964 posted in Asymmetric Objectives not saving .

    Because I'm connected to the war room and it says everything is working smoothly?

    Everything BUT objectives and installations saved. If I knew why, I wouldn't really be here. I'll be posting the RPT and everything once I am home from school, but I was hoping if a basic issue that I missed might be causing it.

  10. Mon Nov 16 14:27:21 2015
    J johnny0964 started the conversation Asymmetric Objectives not saving .

    The problem I'm encountering with ALiVE Persistence is the fact that whenever I save and exit the server by hitting the appropriate button, I'll reload the mission at a different time and my position, player state, and even the positions of enemies will save, but Asymmetric installations and objectives don't. Everything even is registered perfectly on the War Room, but the installations just disappear when I use the admin debug to find them whenever I reload the mission without restarting its progress.

    I use TADST to run my dedicated server. I have insured that all modules are set to persistent and replaced the ALiVE data module, and I can't seem to find anyone else with a problem such as mine, though I may just have not looked hard enough, which I will continue to do.

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