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    Sun Dec 3 17:54:20 2017
    T tourist posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.


    when I had the same problems with my ORBAT factions, I found out it's because I forgot to export the cfg Patches data and paste this into the respective file in my pre-PBO folder.

    In there, you need autogen.hpp, configPatches.hpp and config.cpp and if you press "Export Full Faction" in ORBAT, you'll receive only the data for autogen.hpp, but are still missing the data you NEED to paste into configPatches.hpp!

    So if you have isssues with a PBO version of your ORBAT faction, try this and report back if it did help you! :-)

  2. 2 months ago
    Sat Oct 14 22:04:07 2017
    T tourist posted in ORBAT Issues.

    Hi folks,

    14th of October now and I have the exact same problem as Opendome, but with an entirely different modset as base for my faction.

    I want to build a custom faction out of the OPTRE units and have no problems with the infantrymen. After I have created new units by letting them inherit the base class from a BIS NATO soldier, I apply my custom loadouts. Then export Full Faction, make a PBO - all good, these infantry groups appear with that gear ingame and spawn correctly if called by ALiVE Modules.

    The vehicles in my groups, however, although the original OPTRE units by themselves work absolutely fine, show the errors which Opendome describes above. Only the driver slot can be occupied at all; the rest is inaccessible. If I place one of these vehicles in editor and drag units onto it, the symbols shows that the slot "driver" is occupied and then what unit is in that slot - but for the gunner slot and all other slots, the word "gunner" does NOT appear at all; instead it reads just "" and then the classname of the unit I have dragged in.

    Hope you can help with this problem; ORBAT is such an awesome tool!

  3. Sat Sep 30 01:01:40 2017
    T tourist started the conversation Local Saving - Easteregg found?.

    Hello to all Persistence Lovers here!

    Dunno if it's intentional, but I found out that if you

    1. have a properly set up WarRoom Account and
    2. are logged in at the WR and
    3. have your dedicated server external IP correctly updated...

    Your feat of arms get properly recorded even if you play a mission that uses local saving while you are thusly logged in to the WR!!!


  4. 3 months ago
    Tue Sep 12 19:29:45 2017

    It all comes down to individual setups. I run large modsets as well on IFA3 Maps and Esseker atm after installing LOW DLC, but not once did I experience a CTD. Your best bet really is to provide some .rpt's - the guys here in the ALiVE forum are a super helpful bunch if you show them more exactly where it hurts... ;-)

  5. 4 months ago
    Sat Aug 12 12:37:13 2017
    T tourist posted in A3 wounding system with ALIVE.

    Can confirm it works perfectly and as desired in the above suggested way. All the individual AIS difficulty settings made by mission designer are considered correctly for all BLUFOR units Editor placed or spawned (tested it with IFA3 playing on Wehrmacht side as medic with First Aid/Revive being only possible at certain Field Hospitals).

    THX for collecting the info here in the thread; AIS is by far my favourite Revive System!

  6. 6 months ago
    Sun May 28 19:52:17 2017
    T tourist posted in New SP Local Save.

    THX Brawler for pointing out this mod. Might check it out as an alternative - modules are something I always like very much; never been much of a scripter and only do it if I absolutely have no "easy" alternative in .pbo form, LOL ;-)

    But for now I'm very happy with AIS or A3Wounding System by Psychobastard. Yes, it's a script, but I'd say it was worth the effort to build it in my INIT.sqf:

    - It works in SP and MP

    - It also allows AI in SP and MP to revive players and each other

    - And the lil' buggers finally do it by themselves independently OR if you order them!

    You can ofc put yourself on top of the "casualty priority list" by pressing "H" for help... then they rush to help you first in SP and MP. You can determine in the script's settings if all units of your side should be part of the revive system, all playables or just the actual player slots occupied by a human player.

    It is, on the other hand, more detailed than the BIS system - but still much easier to use than ACE Wounding system. And, well, if you want a good wounding system with configurable level of realism, but don't like ACE because you want to avoid having to play around with all the other settings needed to tailor ACE to your liking, this script is for you!

  7. Fri May 26 23:49:02 2017
    T tourist posted in New SP Local Save.

    First things First:

    BIG THX to the ALiVE devs for the SP save system!!!

    Like TNScout, I couldn't get the regular WarRoom saving and loading to work reliably with my modded missions. Used to have it working fine, but somewhere around the build 1.30 it started to fail always for me. Now, the very same missions that in some cases I didn't even manage to load for starting a session with traditional WarRoom setup, they work so smooth!

    And I checked this AI Teammate script snippet today and it worked fine. Only thing I'm not sure is what happens when one of them dies. I had the impression that he respawned on one of the respawn zones I had defined for players. Didn't find him, though...

    Or is the (playable slot) AI buddy dead & gone for good when killed?

    Nevertheless, I got great game going with WW2 Eastern Front, playing as combat medic - so FUCKING intense with all the immersion mods like immerse, AIS Wounding, bloodlust and whatnot!

  8. 7 months ago
    Sat May 13 20:28:54 2017

    If I place several modules as you suggest, it works - thx!

    Also the Baranow map from IFA3 seems to be indexed - in debug I see that the modules find objectives. It's not one of the I44 maps that are not yet indexed. So far so good, but the 1.30 RC didn't let me save the game, neither local nor WarRoom saving worked. I still have to try the most recent RC and, ofc, vanilla units and vanilla maps.

    Since the original problem is solved, plz mark the thread as [solved] - I'm going to make a new thread for the persistence issues once I have tested some more with the new RC.

  9. Mon May 1 13:55:11 2017

    Hi and nice to have an experienced ALiVE mission maker on the thread so fast!

    Well, to rule out any problems related to the new saving, I have chosen to set up the mission for standard WarRoom saving instead of the new SP/local saving.

    Good point you made with the ORBAT tool though; that shed some light onto the problem. All the different russian and german partial factions appear as ALiVE compatible there - BUT: not all factions have actual units or groups defined for all the different service branches. That means that since I wanted to have both sides spawn infantry, tanks and airplanes, I had to set the Military Placement Modules to spawn three factions per side - and THAT doesn't work and produces our beloved "Bug Helmet Friends", as it seems.

    When, on the other hand, I did set the Modules in such fashion that there was only ONE of the respective side's factions set to spawn, it worked.

    So basically there's two options to go for from this point:

    1) Make a new ORBAT faction for each Russians and Germans out of the three or four different partial factions there are now existing per side so the Modules can spawn all kinds of units since they will then have just ONE complete faction with groups defined for ALL kind of assets.

    2) Manually place & then virtualize Tank, Artillery and airplane assets, and set the MIL Placement Modules to spawn just the existing IFA3 infantry factions for each side. Set the MIL Commander Module to command all factions of it's side.

    I tried method 2) already and it works so far - also can be done rather quickly if you have a mission like mine with relatively few playable slots that allows to take the option "virtualize all Editor placed units except synched" and then just synch that lil' band of brothers to the module, leaving you to happily pour a shitload of tanks and airplanes onto the map "place-and-forget" like.

    Disadvantage is ofc as always that I have a fixed and, after a few re-plays, well-known amount of non-infantry assets for the enemy. AFAIK the enemy OPCOM will command those profiles which are non-infantry and pre-placed, on it's side and defined as faction in the MIL Commander Module. But I'm not so sure if it can and will order reinforcements/battle casualty replacements for these non-infantry factions out of it's force pool.

    Will have to test this a bit more to see if the OPCOM can actually use it's force pool to request as reinforcements units & groups from ALL the factions that the MIL Commander supports, even if there was just ONE original faction defined in the placement module.

    Nevertheless I had an intense gameplay experience yesterday when testing Option 2) and saw at least the hand placed units ordered around by their OPCOMs to engage in a fierce combined arms battle over the two bridges crossing the river on the Baranow map. This really was some "Hell on the Eastern Front"!!!

    With 64bit ARMA and almost all of the units virtualized, the performance was stellar as well!

    So all that remains is a word from one of the devs about the MIL Placement modules and the definition of more than one faction per MIL Placement Module - possible or not? Just impossible for IFA3?

    Best regards,


  10. Mon May 1 02:11:13 2017
    T tourist started the conversation IFA3_AIO_LITE units: CSAT spawning.

    When I learned about the RC offering local database support, I was thrilled and grabbed it right away. I wanted to build a mission with WW2 units on the map Baranow. But to keep things tidy, I built my project as traditional WarRoom mission first for testing - and let me clarify that: I can connect to the WarRoom with my mission .

    But nevertheless NONE of the IFA3_AIO_LITE factions work. BLUFOR commander and MIL placement is a mix of all the German factions and OPFOR commander and MIL placement is a mix of all the Russian factions. Alas, both spawn the CSAT...

    Problem is ofc that the mission with music and all is quite big and requires addons - but maybe some hepful guys can look into the file to find problems?

    Here it comes:


    And the .rpt - although that shows just what we already know, and that is, well, the usual message:

    "There are are no groups for OPCOM faction(s) LIB_PANZERWAFFE! Please ensure you have configured a Mil Placement or Mil Placement (Civ Obj) module for this faction (or faction units are synced to Virtual AI module). If so, please check groups are correctly configured for this faction."


    Kind regards & THX in advance for any help!


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