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    Fri May 18 17:19:27 2018
    K killaway posted in Enemy spawning.

    Sorry I’m slightly confused about how to do that? Also will this mean all the vehicles will reset to where they was originally?
    Also, I don’t have a mission pbo, I just upload the mission folder to the dedicated server but there is only a mission sqf in there.
    So how would I go about this again? Thanks

  2. Fri May 18 11:03:42 2018
    K killaway posted in Enemy spawning.

    Yea QCB is set to persistent already but we don’t use any friendly AI. Just players. I’m not sure the setting is on dominant though to be honest. But I did the test where I teleported to every enemy and killed them but by the time I’ve killed the last lot they are already moving in on the area I first started to clear.

    Like I said in the editor it’s fine and no enemy spawn back there but in the mission it’s kinda like its it’s not registering that I have changed it (added the blacklist marker in the mission) in the editor and re uploaded it to the server.

  3. Thu May 17 12:59:14 2018
    K killaway posted in Enemy spawning.

    Maybe my explanation wasn't clear but what i mean is, the mission is persistent as it is now. And there are the TAOR markers all over the map. We went to an airport and took that over, but the enemies still keep spawning there. We want to move north to the next town but cant because we are constantly attacking the enemy that keeps spawning back at the airport. I went into the editor and deleted the TOAR marker around the airport and even put a blacklist marker around the airport. However, they still keep spawning there.
    In the editor when i test it, it works fine because there is no TAOR marker over that area then enemy dont spawn there, but in the mission on my server they do still spawn there.

    EDIT: I dont have a Military Logistics Module down for the enemy

  4. Wed May 16 22:19:14 2018
    K killaway posted in Infinite Load Screen.

    I had similar issue, no idea what caused it but i just totally remade the mission and it worked fine ever since. The mission must have just bugged out.

  5. Wed May 16 21:00:06 2018
    K killaway started the conversation Enemy spawning.

    Is there any way to stop the enemy spawning once they have been killed?
    My mission is basically to keep taking over towns etc, however the enemies just keep spawning back there. I have deleted the TAOR markers in that area and also black listed the area but they are still spawning there. We cant really progress because everytime we come back there are tons of enemies in the towns we have already cleared.
    Any help would be great, i feel i have tried everything but not sure.

  6. Sun May 6 19:17:43 2018

    Ok thanks, well as i said, it is saving its just not telling me its saving thats all. But yea, thanks for everything and answering "a quick question" haha

  7. Sun May 6 16:52:29 2018

    The players already on. When someone joins the server everyones loadout kinda resets. For example, the loadout we start with is just some basic NVG's so we picked up some better ones that had thermal. Then someone joined late and the thermal NVG's disappeared and we had the ones we started with initially.

  8. Sun May 6 03:11:45 2018

    Ok thanks for all the help anyway. Also, I have found when im playing in the server and someone disconnects or joins late our loadout switches back to what it originally was, if that makes sense? Is that a bug or have i done something wrong there?

  9. Sat May 5 20:46:42 2018

    No sorry I meant I do the server save and exit but it stops at saving logistics. So then i escape out of that and just exit by pressing server exit (admin only) but it must have already saved when i originally pressed server save and exit. Its like it is saving but its not actually telling me its saved or backing me out once it has saved. It doesnt do this all the time though, and its not really a big issue for me anyway as long as it does save.

  10. Sat May 5 18:05:13 2018

    I use all sorts of crap to be honest lol it probably doesnt help. But Ive just been on and tried to save and it hung again saving the logistics. I just left it about 5 minutes, pressed escape and just used the server exit (admin), backed out of the server and rejoined and it appears to have saved.
    So seems like it is saving but the text that runs down the console when saving stops when it gets to saving logistics.

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